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 Two days later, in the central square of the Secret Dragon Temple that can accommodate more than 100,000 people gathered the Warlocks from the Eastern World and the Western World.

On a dais in the square, there are twelve chairs, and on each chair sits a Bright World Warlock rank expert.

The Great Cloud Dynasty, the Bajur Dynasty, the Brest Dynasty, and the Kadred Dynasty are all powerful dynasties of the same level. Even though the Great Cloud Dynasty is much stronger than any one of the other three dynasties, but it still only has three chairs.

Above the dais, there is a palace suspended in the air that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is the Floating Palace of the City of Time. The Floating Palace is where the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses gather.

The Warlock geniuses of numerous forces of the Western World and the Eastern World gather in the City of Time. If all the Warlock geniuses died, it won't be a small blow to the Warlock groups. It is for this reason that both the Western World and the Eastern World have sent Infinity Warlocks to guard them.

No matter how many ordinary Warlock talents die, the Infinity Warlocks won't bat an eye, but if Cresno, Angélico, and other outrageous geniuses died, it will be a huge loss to their respective forces. As long as these outrageous geniuses don't die, they will grow into Glorious Sun Warlocks at the very least.

Every Glorious Sun Warlock expert is a very important and powerful combat force of any given force. In many places, there needs to be enough people standing guard to fully occupy them, and obtain a steady stream of resources. Although Infinity Warlocks and Bright World Warlocks are extremely powerful, but they also have their own things to do. And this is where Glorious Sun Warlocks come into play.

When noon arrived, a Bright World Warlock wearing a green Warlock robe and holding a huge mirror-like secret treasures silently recited an incantation and pointed the secret treasure into the sky, and a black beam of brilliant light shot into the sky from the magic mirror.

When the black beam of light entered the sky, it set off weird ripples in midair.

A huge star suddenly emerged from the void and covered the sun completely.

Yang Feng looked at star in the sky with shock in his heart: "To refine a star into a site where people fight over the keys of time, how extravagant. Those most powerful Warlocks really can pick stars and moons and refine planes!"

The Bright World Warlock wearing a green Warlock robe silently chanted an incantation, and the magic mirror in his hands suddenly radiated a dazzling light that enveloped Yang Feng and them.

Next, Yang Feng and them blurred and disappeared.

Yang Feng's vision swam, and then he found himself in a beautiful landscape that extended without end. There are all kinds of precious extraordinary plants growing everywhere, and the air is rich with life magic energy.

Yang Feng stepped on the ground and exerted a bit of force, leaving a footprint on the ground: "The density of this world is the same as that of the Cangzhi Plane's continent."

Worlds with different densities can bear the power of different experts. The density of a subcontinent like the Turandot Subcontinent is much lower than that of the continent. A fight between Infinity Warlocks is enough to break and sink the Turandot Subcontinent.

In low grade plane such as grade 9 plane, a fight between Glorious Sun Warlocks is enough to smash and sink the mainland.

Because of this, the plane source of low grade planes will restrict the strength of life forms it bears to a certain limit. That's the self-preservation mechanism of the plane origin.

As for the Cangzhi Plane's continent, it can bear Warlock Emperor rank combat.

There was a flesh of regret in Yang Feng's eyes: "Unfortunately, assemble type secret treasures cannot be used. Otherwise, everyone could gather now."

Assemble type secret treasures are secret treasures that can gather people who are randomly teleported when exploring some secret realm. But this kind of secret treasure cannot be used in this secret realm.

If this kind of secret treasure could be used, then the rogue Warlocks would stand no chance. The Warlock geniuses backed by large forces are much stronger to begin with, and if they could gather together and form a force, the rogue Warlocks would have no opportunities.

The Time Lord wanted to cultivate Warlock geniuses of the younger generation and not to train the Warlock geniuses from the big Warlock groups. As such, he set up this restriction.

"Yang Feng, that's Yang Feng!"



When the Warlocks who were randomly teleported not far away from Yang Feng saw him, their faces fell, and they each operated a secret method and fled in different directions.

Inside this secret realm, everyone is enemy. Everyone is shrouded in a magic barrier. Once the magi barrier is broken, they will be teleported out of this secret realm immediately.

The Warlocks who thirst to get a key to time were naturally unwilling to be teleported away right at the star because of Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled, looked up, and, while stepping on air, walked towards the sky.

"So this is the limit. After all, this isn't the real world." When Yang Feng reached a height of 3,000 meters, he felt a powerful magic barrier prevent him from continuing upwards.

Although this world looks no different from an ordinary world, but it's a star that has been refined after all. In here, many phenomena are different to some extent.

Yang Feng operated Transcendent Pupils, and countless seals appeared in his eyes and formed a pair of golden pupils.

Thanks to Transcendent Pupils, all the scenes within a scope of 1,000 kilometres entered Yang Feng's eyes.

Before long, a pillar of light rose into the sky. Within the pillar of light, there is a dazzling brilliance suspended, inside which floats a key secret treasure inscribed with seals containing the mysteries of time.

"A Key of Time!" Yang Feng's eyes brightened, and he took a step forward and stepped into the void. By crossing one spatial gate after the other, he walked towards the Key of Time.

Every time Yang Feng passed through a spatial gate, he crossed a distance of 10 kilometers. As if a god walking through space, he headed towards the Key of Time.

Based on Yang Feng's current comprehension of the law of space, the distance of 10 kilometers using a spatial gate is already his limit. After he advances to an Infinity Warlock, he will able to use the law of space to cross more than 10,000 kilometer with a spatial gate.

"Yang Feng! It's him!"

"It's Yang Feng!"


As soon as the Warlocks around the Key of Time saw Yang Feng, their faces changed dramatically, and many of them clenched their teeth and fled directly. But some were unwilling to give up, and they continued to fly towards the Key of Time.

"Chaotic Space!" Suddenly, spatial disruption fluctuations rose into the sky from a forest.

With the spatial disruption, the surrounding space became chaotic. The space distorted, and Yang Feng was forced out into the open. He scanned the forest down below with his gaze, and a cold light streaked past his eyes. He spread the fingers of his hand, and wind blades formed from Nine Revolutions Divine Wind suddenly erupted and slashed into the forest down below.

"Stop! Yang Feng, I am the Chen Family's Chen Yu. We are both Warlocks of the Great Cloud Dynasty! You can't do this to me!" A shocked and angry roar came from the forest. A quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank expert shot out from the forest, and a level-5 secret treasure golden shield suspended above him and resisted the violent wind blades.

There was a flash of indifference in Yang Feng's eyes, and he pointed with his finger. The wind blades formed from Nine Revolutions Divine Wind instantly formed a large wind blade containing the law of wind that sliced the golden shield into two.

Chen Yu issued a heartbreaking scream: "No, my Gold Brilliant Shield!"

A level-5 secret treasure shield is extremely important to Starry Sky Warlocks. For Chen Yu, Yang Feng destroying his Gold Brilliant Shield is equivalent to cutting off one of his arms.

After the Nine Revolutions Divine Wind sliced through the Gold Brilliant Shield, it chopped at Chen Yu. A transparent membrane suddenly appeared, swept Chen Yu, and teleported him out of the secret realm.

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the remains of the Gold Brilliant Shield entered his hand, which he put into a storage ring. He continued to fly towards the Key of Time.

When the rest of the Warlocks saw Yang Feng's callous action, their faces fell, and they scattered in different directions. not daring to cast spells to obstruct Yang Feng.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation, and Nine Revolutions Divine Wind formed a pair of wings of wind behind him. The wings of wind flapped, and a violent hurricane enveloped him and propelled him towards the Key of Time.

At that time, a dozen Warlocks have already reached the surroundings of the Key of Time. By casting elemental spells, performing bloodline transformation, unleashing extraordinary plants and extraordinary life forms, and conjuring other spells, the dozen Warlocks fought over the Key of Time.

"Yang Feng is here!" A voice suddenly sounded around the Key of Time. The faces of the Warlocks locked in combat suddenly changed, and they looked into the distance and saw Yang Feng rushing towards them.