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 Chapter 460: Absurd Marriage

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In the Xuan Yuan Mound, Mu Rong Qianji was also a well-known figure. Although the Floating Snow House could not compare to the first-rate powerhouses like the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates, they were still a major powerhouse in the upper level of the second-rate.

In the entire Xuan Yuan Mound, they were a major powerhouse that could rank in the top twenty.

Mu Rong Qianji's own skill could rank close to fifty in the entire Xuan Yuan Mound.

Perhaps, being ranked at number fifty might not seem impressive. However, considering the amount of Xuan Yuan Mound powerhouses and the amount of elite warriors, it was enough for one to be the lord of an area ranked above five hundred. And ranking in the top fifty in Xuan Yuan Mound would for sure be an existence that everyone would look up at!

Thus, it appeared understandable when this Xie Sancai tried his best to curry favor with him.

After some social niceties, finally, Mu Rong Qianji acquired a temporary quietness. He rested at the inn arranged by the meticulous Xie Sancai.

Because of his concern of his beloved daughter, Mu Rong Qianji appeared full of worry.

"Master, are you still not sleeping?"

The one that spoke was Mu Rong Qianji's trusted aide who had served him for more than two hundred years. Mu Rong Qianji always called him Wu De. After following Mu Rong Qianji for these many years, regardless of external or internal fear, he had almost become Mu Rong Qianji's shadow and helped him to take care a lot of significant matters.

For a trip like this, naturally Wu De had always to be there to serve him.

"Wu De, look at tonight's alluring moon. I wonder where Xu'Er is right now?" Mu Rong Qianji gave a light sigh.

"Master, Young Miss went out to have some fun. When she has played around enough, she will come back. I don't think that human countries will threaten him."

"I am not worried about her safety..." Mu Rong Qianji shook his head slowly, "I am only worried about the sinister will of the people that Xu'Er would get cheated for her first foray in society. In the world of mortals, the most terrifying part is not the threats of violence, but people's evil hearts."

"Master, I see that Young Miss is intelligent and possesses innate talent, she has always had her own opinions. I am afraid that you have treated her like a little child who has never seen any of the world. Thus, it makes you worried. I see that with Young 's wit, normal people would not be able to cheat her."

All parents worry about their children. Despite being a super elite warrior at the Xuan Yuan Mound, regarding matters of his children, he worried for them like all parents.

He raised his head to look at this night filled with clear moonlight. Then, Mu Rong Qianji said with a slightly melancholy tone: "Wu De, on the surface, I set on this trip to seek Xu'Er. In fact, you know it. I have avoided the continuous urgings from the four great Honored Daoist warriors from the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect."

On this problem, Wu De knew his position and did not make any comment.

Mu Rong Qianji gave a bitter smile: "The power of my Floating Snow House does not lose to the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect. There is no need for me to watch what they are doing. However, Xu'Er's marriage was pre-arranged. Now, Xu'Er has ran away for the past few years. I could still make excuses for the first few years since she was immature. But still, she still refuses to return. In the viewpoint of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, it would seem that the Floating Snow House is not amenable to reason. In the end, it's still a problem regarding reputation."

Wu De gave a sigh: "Master, from my viewpoint, if Young Miss does not wish for this marriage, we cannot force it. Although that Heavenly Luo Daoist sect is on the rise, we don't need to curry favor with them."

"When have I never thought about it?" Mu Rong Qianji gave a light sigh, "For this matter, it appeared out of nowhere, a marriage arranged by the previous generation. Now, both parties' older generation are deceased. Yet, they left this headache-inducing problem."

"By the way, Wu De, regarding the quality of that Luo Ting, do you have any more recent feedback?"

"Regarding that Luo Ting, indeed, he is being cultivated as the next successor in the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect. Many years ago, the strength of this guy was at level of the Transformation Void Martial Stage. Recently, there are rumors saying that say he will enter the Profound stage soon. I don't know whether they are creating a false rumour or if it is true. It's still awaits verification."

"Ha ha, for non-first rate sects like the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates, it should be a secluded genius for a young generation entering the Profound Void Martial Stage, right?"

Wu De nodded: "Indeed, it's rare for someone at his age to enter the Profound Void Martial Stage. His future is endless."

"How come Xu'Er did not like such talented martial artist?" When Mu Rong Qianji said to here, he also felt extremely helpless.

Although he was a heroic figure, he knew that one could not force a relationship. Since at a young age, his daughter had always had her own strong views and was her own person like an iron fist in the velvet glove. Once she was set on her idea, it would be tough for an outsider to make her change her mind.

Wu De laughed: "In fact, that Young Master Luo Ting has kept too much of a high-profile. From his few visits to the Floating Snow House, I also observed him from the side. Although he is deep sophisticated person, he was not good at refraining from revealing his talent. And having a too much of a high-profile meant that he could not put anybody in his eyes. Perhaps, Young Miss disliked his arrogance."

Mu Rong Qianji nodded and sighed: "Too much confidence would count as arrogance. In the Xuan Yuan Mound, unless you are the disciple of the Xuan Yuan Clan, you won't have much capital to be arrogant."

When he said here, suddenly, Mu Rong Qianji revealed a trace of smile: "Last time, the Honored Daoist warrior of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect had written a letter to me. It was written that Xu'Er had went out to deal with people of their sect at human countries. It seemed that she did it to protect a young man from the human countries. Do you remember this matter?"

Wu De said respectfully: "Yes I remember. The thing you instructed me to investigate, I already sent someone to do it."

"Oh? What is the exact situation?"

"From the information, the rumored things are most likely true. Young Miss did become acquainted with a young man from the human countries. However, it seemed they only got interacted due to music."

"What is the name of that young man?" Mu Rong Qianji asked in a low voice.

"It's Qin Wushuang."

"Qin?" Mu Rong Qianji frowned slightly and revealed a curiosity, "Is this Qin related with the Heavenly Emperor Qin?"

"This is unknown at the moment. However, from the information shown that this Qin Wushuang is rather interesting. In the human countries, he is a definite oddball."

"Oddball? How?" Mu Rong Qianji seemed to have become interested.

"In the human countries, this young man had come from a low aristocratic family. His family was in dire straits and in great decline. Before thirteen or fourteen years old, he was ordinary and even somewhat of a good-for-nothing. However-after a duel between the aristocratic offsprings, this young man seemed to have come to understand things properly and things got out of hand! In a few years of time, he had lifted his family that was in dire straits to a Royal position. And for himself, in a few years, he had soared continuously from a tiny martial arts student to the Spiritual Martial Force!"

Mu Rong Qianji said with a smile: "Perhaps this young man had encountered some fortuitous opportunity and swallowed some spiritual object?"

"Master, those human countries are extremely barren. Even those powerful sects would not cultivate some spiritual fruits, not to mention that desolate place. It had been fine to enter the Spiritual Martial Force. However, everything was only this person's starting point. In less than three years of time, this Qin Wushuang had advanced by leaps and bounds. Not only did he helped his sect to resist the invasion from his enemies, he had destroyed the strongest powerhouse in the most powerful human country along with their country and replaced them."

"To the human countries, this could count as a miracle." Mu Rong Qianji naturally knew the poverty-stricken human countries.

"Master, the empire he had destroyed was called the Red Dragon Empire. The most powerful sect of the Red Dragon Empire is called Nine Palace Faction. The supporter behind Nine Palace Faction is the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect!"

"Heavenly Luo Daoist sect?" Finally, Mu Rong Qianji realized the light, "I see, this way, Xu'Er stepped out because of the grudge between the two empires?"

"In fact, Young Miss did not make a move. I heard that Young Miss only scolded that disciple from the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect and used the ten thousand year contract to persuade him to leave."

"Ha ha, no wonder that Honored Daoist sect of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect was vague when he talked and did not talk about the whole sequence of events. They were feeling a bit guilty as well. When sects of the Forbidden Spiritual Zones had publicly sent someone to get involved in the conflicts in the human countries, indeed, this would violate the ten thousand old contract."

Mu Rong Qianji's tone was not carefree: "However, Xu'Er was willing to step out. It seems that she valued the relationship with Qin Wushuang?"

Wu De smiled severely: "Master, from the information, Young Miss does indeed value this relationship. She had travelled a lot through the human countries and went around to the Dispersed Praying Mountain. She seemed to follow Qin Wushuang closely."

Mu Rong Qianji's expression was somewhat embarrassed and fell into a contemplation. Instantly, his expression had become stern.

Suddenly, all sounds had ceased in the yard. In the quiet night, only the insects were emitting a light chirping sound. All living beings seemed to have gradually fallen into sleep in the dark night.

"Wu De, could it be that Xu'Er has fallen in love?" When Mu Rong Qianji spoke these words, his tone was also heavy.

"Master, Young Miss is your daughter, you should know her better than me, right? I don't think she had fallen in love. But there must be some good feelings. That young man understood and appreciated her zither music. Young Miss was always obsessed with music. To such young man, she cannot help but develop extra admiration and good feelings."

Mu Rong Qianji mumbled: "Obsessed, she is truly a passionate one. Her grandfather, and my father is driven by Go. Initially, he arranged this absurd marriage because he lost a round of Go. Whereas I, who has always been obsessed with the art of sword. I didn't expect that my daughter is also the same."

Wu De said with a smile: "Master, perhaps that due to this driven spirit of hers, the Mu Rong Clan has acquired some unique trace of advantage over training."

"However, the person that possesses such obsession is a passionate person. This is a double-edged sword. If used well, everything will go well. If not used well, it will neglect a person's whole life."

Wu De comforted him: "Master, the moonlight is beautiful, what's the use in thinking about these troublesome matters. Let me accompany you for a walk and view the scenery at this border. Since Young Miss appeared in the human countries, perhaps, you would gain something unexpectedly at this Orderly Mountain capital city?"

"Sounds good, let's go for a walk."