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 "The test for the craftsmanship school is easy"Dareon thought, the things he didnt know is, there is a lot of people waned to join the school but only the top 100 in the test to join the school. He have to wait until 3 days later for the test, Dareon then go explore the south district of the city with Gael, since Gael can explain thing to him.

After sometime exploring, there is one thing catched Dareon eye. Its a ring made of copper, Gael explained "the copper ring was made by the Dwarves on the far west, the copper ring was sealed but Gael can open the seal". Dareon quickly go to the old woman selling the copper ring and the old woman noticed him, the woman ask if he want to buy the ring and she said it will cost 10 gold coins since the old woman dont know its value. Dareon gave the 10 gold coins to the old womand and he got a copper ring.

he go to his house after exploring for some more time. Gael then tried to break the seal and it broke, inside the ring there is many of craftsmanship technique that the Dwarves have. The Kingdom of the Dwarves was destroyed by the orc tribe in the south of Daria, further south, there is the kingdom where Gael came from. the technique inside the ring include: the Copper crafting technique \u003cRed rank, Dwarf Edition\u003e, Iron crafting technique \u003cRed high rank, Dwarf Edition\u003e, Diamond crafting technique \u003cBlack low rank, Dwarf Edition\u003e, Ruby crafting technique \u003cBlack high rank, Dwarf Edition\u003e and the Magma crafting technique \u003cGrandmaster rank , Dwarf Edition\u003e and there is a paper inside the ring, it say "Magma crafting technique can be upgraded to the \u003cMythic rank, Dwarf Edition\u003ecrafting technique.

There is 3 stage of the Blue, Purple, Brown, Red, Black rank of magic, that is high, middle and low. After getting the technique, Dareon begin to understand about the Copper crafting technique and Iron crafting technique. He can master Copper crafting technique in 2 days and that means Dareon will haveone day free for buying tools he need.

After 2 days of secluded training, he finnaly master Copper crafting technique and a little bit of Iron crafting technique. You rest for an hour and get out to buy tools, you told Gael to keep the techniques with him. You come across a small blacksmith shop when you are at the market district. The tool are in excellent condition but there are not many customer. When Dareon meet with the shop owner named Daniel, he told Dareon that there is a powerful noble owning a blacksmith that located at the other side of the street, since then the owner started to mock at him and he began losing customer. Dareon decided to not do anything but still bought thing from Daniel shop and made a friendship with Daniel. The thing Dareon bought is small anvil hammer and a refining furnace, that cost him 300 of his gold coins, now he only have like 350 gold coins.