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 "My brother always make fun of me but i need to work hard so i can make fun of him when i was strong"the thought on Dareon mind. But he will think about that later, "i will go to the city to look for something interesting"Dareon say.

The City are divided to 5 section,

In the Center are where rich people lived.

In the North are the soldier place there is such thing like barack, stable and many more.

In the East are the economic district, there is such thing as auction there.

In the west are the place where low level people lived, most of them are fisherman because to the west of the city are the sea.

In the South are the magic district, there is a school there.

Magic in this world are ranked. the rank are Blue, Purple, Brown, Red and Black.

and magician are ranked the same. there is more rank above it. The magic it self divided to stone, water, fire and wind.

On the way to the market district je see a beggar was bullied by other rich people and after the rich people are gone the beggar said to Dareon"My lord, can you please give me some coin" Dareon said "of course" the beggar then said something je didnt understand but my head hurts so much suddenly, and suddenly he have a lot of knowledge.

The beggar then said "all this year, im looking for a good man to serve and you are the one i'm looking for, please make me your servant", Dareon replied "i dont even know you, but considering your condition now i'll let you stick with me", the beggars thank him so much. after that he and the beggar continued my journey to the city

after arrived at the market district Dareon bought clothes for the beggar and take him to a barber shop. after that he go to the auction and participate for something interesting. there are many items interesting but he just cant afford it because Dareon's father only gave him 1 Gold coin for month

1 Gold=10 Silver

1 Silver=10 Copper

but his brother got 15 fold much more than him.

and the last item for the auction is a set of potion named the Green Manthis. the potion rank is a Black rank.the potion rank are the same magician, but there is a higher rank. it is said that the potion only can be made by a Master rank Craftsman. the rank for Craftsman is the same as the Magician rank. after the auction finished, Dareon and the beggar go to home.