Your majesty?what can I do for you at such situation? Ask Kujula

I feel annoyed these days. Come go out of the palace with me says Laura

Well... your majesty, the situation in the capital is still unstable and we have so many affairs on hand. Im afraid... as Kujula continues Laura cuts in between and says

Stop worrying about this I've got it covered . so are you going with me or not? I'll just summon else if not....

Well.... understood says Kujula

After a while...

So have you got any valuable information from the trip grand empress ask Laura

Grand empress how do you know that I went out ask Laura

I know everything says grand empress.

The land enclosure Dhruva mentioned is true. Its bringing suffering to the people.

Huh? Who dares to do that in the capital?have you figured out anything...

It cant be planned by some patrol guy, I found out that Oboi is behind it

Hmm....I knew, it so what are you gonna do with him Oboi has a great power, and he is running wild now I really don't know what to do with him... says Laura

You have just ascended to the throne and you can really use some help. Maybe you draw more ministers to your side first.. says grandmother

Please show me a way grandmother

The land enclosure thing was reported by Dhruva, which means he has issues with Oboi. May be you can marry Dhruva's grand son to draw him to your side

(A forced marriage again, but thats probably the only choice...) you're right grandmother I'll follow your lead says Laura


Wait, what did you say, are you going to marry someone whom you don't even know says Kiara

Yes, thats the best decision for my people, and for to grow my power'

You just ascended the throne ,be yourself ,you have your own life to live, you have your own soul to discover,tune into yourself, try not to feed into external expectations, fall in love with your decision get out of the habit of seeking valuation from others says Kiara

But.. this is not so easy as you say, and I need to leave now as I have my meeting with father and his ministers...


After the meeting

Laura, I want you to stay after, we have some important matter to be discussed

Yes your majesty,says Laura

I know you have more responsibility on your shoulders, but I want you to marry the grandson of Dhruva and they are willing to shift there household, in the kingdom so you can carry your responsibility in a respected manner'!

But father, says Laura,

Its for the kingdom and for the people of this country, says Raj

I need some time to think about this...

Your leisure time shouldn't affect the economy of the kingdom, say Raj

At the night time...

Assassinators some one shouts !!

This is from the kiara room! thought laura

Towards kiara room!! shouts laura

The Assasinator is held captive and laura comes forwards and says reveal yourself

When the assassinator reveals the face laura is in shocked

You'! ask assassinator

Laura keeps quite and kiara just sees the Assasinator eyes and she is taken away....

Laura orders everyone to leave

So you are the son of the king whom I defeated and now you are here to kill me, says Laura'

"Speak the truth, or else you will be condemned to death"

Till then the other assassinators come and fight with Laura and they abscond away...

Laura runs to Kiara rooms and ask is she fine..

She says this is going to sound crazy but... from the moment I first set eyes on him I haven't able to think stop thinking about him says kiara..

And this shocks laura....