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 The emperor looks really upset right now that he even wants to think of a good cuisine with this bird, if not for this bird Yanyu will be with him again and they can spend much more time with each other cultivating their feelings, even though he looks really dignifies and composed his smile shows that he is not.

He then remembered and looked at the letter that the bird sent to him and then pondered if he will leave the little girl or not.

After contemplating he then reluctantly decides that he will look at the letter, he stands up from his seat which caught the attention of He Yanyu who was playing with the bird and looking at it as if she's in love he cannot help but look at the bird furiously and somehow as if he senses that someone was glaring at him the bird flinched and look at emperor who is standing.

"Your Majesty" He Yanyu is quite worried if she did something disrespectful just now since the Emperor looks like he is not satisfied with something and she thought that the emperor is glaring at her which is definitely not the case.

"Wei er" the emperor said while smiling at her warmly which surprised her, she thought that it is quite amazing at how fast this person's facial expression change.

"We... Wei er are already on your way back?" He Yanyu said though she is still feeling awkward since this is the first time he called a male person this intimate before, but if she didn't heed his order he might get infuriated.

"Yes, Yu er I have something urgent that I need to do though I'll come back immediately after it is done. " He is still smiling while saying this and all of a sudden the emperor went near her and pulled her towards him which surprised her.

She then saw the handsome face of the emperor up close which has a different charm as his brother Nangong Jing and somehow she cannot help but be drawn at the eyes that are looking at hers as if looking at her soul and then that face came closer and hold her face which surprised her.

She then saw him getting much and he cannot help but close her eyes because she thought the emperor will do something.

But in the end, the thing that she feared didn't happen and she felt a smooth sensation on her cheeks only to realize that the emperor kissed her cheeks. She was extremely surprised that she hardened and then the emperor pulled away his lips to her cheeks and make their forehead touch each other and then he looked at her dearly and then she gave her a beautiful smile almost make her have a heart attack.

"You've been immersed with Tao Qi that you even forgot this husband" He Yanyu was silenced and she cannot talk back with this person, it seems like he is indeed having a resentment because she ignored him, though she didn't do it on purpose.

Meanwhile outside, Min er is antsy and she cannot help but to feel sorry for her lady that is once again alone with the emperor if the person inside is not the emperor then she will definitely open this door and the He Yanyu away bad sadly she can't.

A Suivre...