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 "oh, shit! what is this suppose to mean?"

"What is that giant thing."

"I never saw."

"Is this a creature or a monster?"

"I never saw this type of beast in my entire life."

(the people on the ship was having a panic attack. they see that kind of monsters they never encountered before. so large so big, about 3X the size of their ship. when looked into it, its eyes were large and looking at the people on the ship, with skull large in size, rough pale skin with fins at the end of the trunk. Mizuki wasn't sure what the creature was until it sounds out loud. everybody in the ship covers their ears to protect themselves from the large screams. unwilling there positions were taken as their head down and bend body posture, and they closed eyes, forcefully tight and making a clinched face total hurt by the sound. in the meantime when the scream stops they all can see a giant tentacle was rise up in the air with lots of suckers attached to it. when the moment they realise it's really a troublesome creature, it was already too close to them. grabbing the ship with his tentacles slowly even they can't predict. the risen up tentacle was not only the distraction but it was the use too. Kazu has already realised that he commanded the party to prepare for the canon inside of the ship.)

(Mizuki POV)

I know this the at most situation we have to take the steps more carefully. the monster in front of our eyes is a giant looking creature. I was continuously looking at it without even blinking. I don't know why? but it somehow feels we can't capable of winning this time, attacks for winning purpose will be completely useless. our ship is old even repairs can't resolve the weak strength. on the other hands, neither escaping is easy. we have to defend ourselves. so I was thinking of planning to avoid damages as much as possible. but wait to look at these characters of body, wait... I knew what is it. a giant squid. but wait, it is having it his this one tentacle where are the others? I asked myself then I looked out, the ship is now in the tentacles of the squid. I turned around at its tentacle in the air. its sudden movement bending towards in backward direction was a signal. and slammed. the whole ship was shaken up with the attack. I saw Kazu straight ahead he asked me to stand. then he shouted.


the firing cannon sound was so intense. I can feel its vibration all over my body. I command the people to listen to Kazu's command. but people over the ship were screaming loud. terror can be seen in their eyes. I want to tell them this bot the Time to be panic, but couldn't speak, on behalf of me Rin understand and shouted to the people to make them calm down. I saw some people still won't listen to him. and screaming in terror and running around on the deck of the ship. the giant tentacle slams the ship's sail and it broke down. when I see that I shouted to the people to avoid them. I ran there for helping them who have received damages. I asked Himoto. for the cover.

(at a sudden glance of time the sail which broke down, turned its wood towards the ship deck. the people were screaming aloud in terror and Mizuki was trying to calm down everyone but her voice might not seem to be helpful.)


"Mizuki, Mizuki..."

"wake up."

I don't what happened, I just saw Mizuki face but it kinda seems like I have been fading my sense when I fall. I wondered if we can make it the escape or not.