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 "hey! so this is why you got them in so cheap.😑"

"ah!😅, I can't say about that."

once I was very impressed with Jimin for having a talent of conversation with people according to the need. I was sure he has a talent for better communication. but when I see what he had done, I was really disappointed with him. what I think was just a fake dream of hope. what can I say to him? I and our whole team were so angry at him that we decide to take him as a hostage and lock him down at the basement for some time. but we dropped that idea. even he was useless this time, it doesn't mean he is worthless. we can take him to do other stuff other than these types of work.

"ah! these workes."

I said in a mood of pity myself for having them on the ship.

the thing was that the worker Jimin takes with him were well in physical working. but not worthy to take as sailor man in the ship. defects of some having motion sickness some can't see clearly and some just, never mind... much disappointing.

ah! I can't believe it we have them with us on the journey, how can we survive. I asked one of the crew members to help me out. but what I asked for I better regretted later for asking for help. he messed up completely.

"Dam I should have done it myself."

I saw him with my fierce eyes in order to scold him. narrowed my eyes and started to give a typical gazing vibe. he was at the deck further away for about 12 steps. I guess he understands the situation was somehow critical for him when turned his head to myself, so he makes an excuse while hesitating and moves to the side of the ship.

"He saved himself from my rage"

I huffed, and looked with the eyes having a fit of anger to kill him is he was in just a step further than me. and back to rearrange the things, that he has done wrong. I was having so much work to do and he just messed up this. ah! my pity self. when I have done with my job I asked Himoto to go to the other side of the ship and loss the rope so the ship sails straight forward.

( While Himoto was loosing up the ropes. she saw something passing near the ship. it was like white in colour and having a large body. Himoto gets quite suspicious that something might be following them, but she reconsiders the thing as a whale. and move to see Rin's status.)

"Hey! Run are don with those food supplies."

"I think so."

he was having a job a lot other but this time, to take care of the things related to the grocery. he checked all the things for making sure they have enough supplies. while having a conversion Rin assured that everything he was checking would be in a proper way.

"Rin, come here a little bit."

that was a call for. the boy up Jimin calling him for help.

"I Should go."

Rin replied to Himoto politely and left to Jimin.


(a few days have passed they were having a regular schedule of taking care of everything cause they have somehow many useless people on the boat.)

(Mizuki Was actually posted with all these.)

"oh! Gosh, it would be better to have only 5 Of us then these useless people. they do nothing much help and eat as much a Buffalo can."

"calm down Mizuki."

"Why? why should I? you can see after they came we had to do much work then we use to do. why they have to do we are doing instead. how am I supposed to call myself down?"

(Huff) we are feeding these useless people. I cried but I think Kazu didn't listen to my shouting. ah! what should I do? we don't have time to shot out these we have to make the plan too we are on the way to find the stone.

(a little more further)

things were going smoothly they had to face sometimes high tides and waves striking. same as morning same as night were passing each day. but they manage them. things were completely fine.


"what? is that thing."