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"Are you exes? I'm so sorry for asking though, Shao Liling"

'Tsk, who would even wanna date you? MinFeng ge used to be naive that's why he chose you as a trial. Ugly sl*t'

Xu Shen Qing pressed a bit more pressure in saying the name 'Shao'. Shao Liling understood that Shen Qing knew where she came from, and vice versa. Shao Liling knew it was the Xu family who had given the order of kidnapping her a year ago, she glanced at Ye MinFeng.

He was frozen under her stare, as if he knew what was going though her mind, and just stayed silent. Xu Shen Qing, who observed from the side, smirked, and purposely linked arms with MinFeng in a way her entire chest shoved right into his left arm.

Ye MinFeng let her have her way, and stood up when Shen Qing pulled up a little, clenching her fist loosely around his suit jacket, soiling it a bit as MinFeng bit his bottom lip to stop the urge from frowning, he had a business meeting specifically right after this sudden meal, and now his jacket sleeve looked a bit disheveled from the side. He continued biting his inner cheek. Suppressing his will of pushing the vile creature that was clinging to him, away.

Shao Liling just stayed silent, watching them without saying anything, knowing that Shen Qing was the main devil, as she knew she was the one who had told Mr. Xu about the incident that happened in their school a year ago, probably reversing the characters and making her appear as the victim.

Xu Corp. and Shao Ent. CEOs used to be close, often having business meetings, meet ups, and meals occasionally. But over the years, Shao Luhan went further and further away from Xu Meng Bin, as in came rolling large amounts of success, that he left his past behind. People compared them, making debate bases on whether which one is more reliable than the other, in doing business.

Business offers went to the Shaos, as Xu Corp began decreasing in the amount of income each passing year. Shao Luhan went as far as to directly snatch deals right under Xu Meng Bin's nose as he acquired the deals Xu Meng Bin spent countless of sleep deprived nights to have.

Xu Meng Bin let it be, continuing in giving all his sweats and tears to be able to keep the Xu Corps. name, stable. As Xu grew lower and lower in fame and income, Shao Ent. was the opposite.

Nurturing hundreds of new A-lists stars, getting the business deals as if founding stones on the ground. Rich, foreign sponsors from all over the world, and using other methods, to nourish their wealth even more than before. The rich, young, used to be brat of the Shao family, now one of the wealthiest businessmen throughout City A.

As Shao Luhan basked in glory, Xu Corp was suffering, and so they couldn't do anything, but indulge in illegal businesses in order get their fame and wealth back, as it slowly restored in a year. The same as Xu Meng Bin's hate for Shao Luhan, as he couldn't help but let it grow, even getting to point to break one of his own mottos in life.

'Never act accordingly to your personal grudges in the business industry'








*In the hotel room*


Feng Jiun rolled around her bed, completely ignoring the person who stood beside her bed, watching her carefully so that she would go to dreamland without causing anymore ruckus.

"Pshh, I knew I shouldn't have brought her up with me, now I can't leave her if she falls on the floor, or else the other demon will also throw curses at me"

Liu Shan muttered quietly, arms crossed across his chest, as he waited for Feng Jiu to stop moving around.


Liu Shan was suddenly pulled downwards as he felt a grip on his shirt hem, his eyes showed surprise and shock, as he fell down, but managed balancing his hands at the sleeping girl's sides, nearly saving himself from collapsing on her body, flat.

He heaved out a breath, brushing it slightly against Feng Jiun's cheek, as he blew away some hair strands which were stuck there. His huge pupils taking in the sight before him, before straightening himself up.

Feng Jiun had her chin stuck out, posing confidently, as she faced her side, giving Liu Shan the view of her slightly tanned skin.

Liu Shan snuck in a breath, as he moved downwards into her neck, as he deeply inhaled her scent. Calming, dewy, and the scent of jasmine entered his nose.

'Maybe she uses jasmine body wash?'

Liu Shan thought as his mind wandered. Wandering towards directions, which were slightly inappropriate, and blushed from the images appearing in his mind.

He opened his eyes, they went wide, as he felt his something poking Feng Jiun's thigh who lay beneath him. His gaze caught some sprinkled sand around her hair, as he remembered about her building a sand sculpture of a god, which he wasn't sure who.

Liu Shan was caught in thoughts, forgetting about his position as his strong arms forgetting about the weight it had been put on. As he looked at her face, she moved slightly, and their noses collided. But that wasn't the only thing that connected.

Their lips also, moved into each other.

Feng Jiun, who was unconscious, still felt the impact on her lips, as she moved them, not knowing it wasn't a part of her dream, as she freely kissed someone.

As Liu Shan felt the response, he, who was hesitating, moved slowly, synching soon as they were soon lost into their own worlds. Her kisses were sweet, and wet. As their saliva mixed together, their tongues coming in contact as they swirled them around each other's. Wet noises filling the room as they moved their lips, professionally.

Liu Shan, kisses and kissed endlessly. Taking the huge weight he had in heart, which he didn't knew of. He felt free, as he moved his mouth the way he wanted. Tilting slightly for better control, imitating the way a beggar would when given a scoop of delicious food.

He sucked on her bottom lip, making it red and swell a little, but continued with his actions, while receiving the same back.

Feng Jiun, who didn't had any air, pushed the lips hovering above her, and sucked in huge amounts of oxygen, when she was free from the other pair of lips, her chest heaving up and down. Liu Shan, who was doing the same thing, stood up. Feeling slightly dizzy from the impact of not having air to breath in for a short while, and calmed his breathing sounds.

As he felt a multiple rush of emotions at once, he balanced himself, and thought back to what he did. He kissed his best friend's best friend. It did not sounded that bad, as he shrugged, his eyes dropping slightly, with his tinted cheeks as he did not had any strength to move even a tiny bit, let himself fall on the empty bed space from Feng Jiun's bed as she rolled to the other side, and soon he dozed off, not forgetting to kick off his slippers as he curled up.