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 *** Yna ***

I saw him.

Standing there. Wearing his black jeans and a grey hoody. I ran into his arms, with tears flowing down my cheeks.

He raised his right hand to my face, wiped my tears and stroked my face with his other hand.

He brought our lips together and kissed me. Passionately but gently, until we ran out of breath.

He gently stroked my hair as I broke into another pool of tears.

"Hush now, my angel."

"I miss you too."

"I was always with you. I will always be with you. In your pretty smile, in your glow of tears. I will be there with you. When you wake up and don't see me. Don't cry again. I will be waiting here for you. I will meet you every night, right here. I love you, Yna."


I woke up with the tears still rolling down my cheeks. It was all yet another dream. I heard a soft knock on the door and the sound of the door opening.

"Yna, are you awake? Oh Yna, my dear, stop crying, " she said bringing me into a hug.

"I saw him again, lola. "

"Hush," she replied worriedly, stroking my hair.

"He told me to not cry, he told me he is always with me. He said he will wait for me."

"Oh, Yna, it is all going to be okay."

"I know lola, but it is hard not to cry when I see in my dreams but he is nowhere to be found when I wake up."

"I know dear, but stop crying. Like you said he is always with you. I am sure he won't be happy see you cry all the time," she told me. Her words lifted up my spirits. She was right. I needed to stop crying. For him. For us.

"Good girl, now get ready, your handmaids will be here soon to help you get ready for the coronation."

"Do I really have to wear a dress, lola?"

"Yes, but don't worry like you asked, it will be in black. It took a lot convincing but I got the elders to agree, claiming it has to be because you are in mourning."

"Thanks, lola. I love you so much."

"I love you too, my dear."

"Can I go out tomorrow? ever since we got to Manila months ago with all the preparations for the coronation, I haven't really had a chance to explore."

"Of course, but not tomorrow. How about you take a month's tour of the country just not of the town? It will help with your grieving."

"That's great, lola."

"It is settled then, I will speak to the elders about it. Now get ready."


"You look absolutely gorgeous, dear."

"Thanks, lola," I said looking in the mirror. She was right. I did look gorgeous. The black ballgown fitted around my body perfectly. It wasn't flamboyant; it had no elaborate frills and other decorations. However, it radiated elegance. My hair was neatly styled with a beautiful butterfly hairclip that brought attention to my hair. Big, black beads seamed into a beautiful necklace sat gracefully around my neck accompanied with long, silver earrings. The make-up was simple as I requested but revitalised my facial features, and contrasted with the dark red lipstick I had on.

"Nyx is probably wishing he was here, right now."

"I know, lola. He probably is," I said as I broke in a smile. Something I hadn't done in months.