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 Madame Liu arrived at the hospital with Liu Cen. Madame Liu had a good relationship with Wang Yazhi, so the Liu Family business was under the care of the Ruan Family. Now that Wang Yazhi's daughter-in-law had given birth, as a good friend, Madame Liu came to visit.

The mother and daughter arrived at the hospital. Madame Liu believed that because she was Wang Yazhi's good friend and often frequented the Ruan Family residence, the guards here would not stop her from entering.

She didn't expect her and Liu Cen's car would be stopped the second it arrived at the front door of the hospital.

Madame Liu didn't understand, and she said to the guard stopping them in an unhappy tone, "Look carefully at who I am! I am your president's wife's good friend. I came to congratulate her!"

The guard's face was cold and his expression strict. "Please leave, Madame Liu."

Madame Liu was shocked. The guard knew her surname, which meant that he recognized her. "Aren't you afraid of offending your president's wife if you make me leave?"

The guard was not affected. "Please return home, Madame Liu. You won't be able to enter the hospital today."

"Why!" Madame Liu didn't understand.

The guard looked at Liu Cen who was sitting beside Madame Liu and said in a cold voice, "You should ask your daughter the reason."

After he was done speaking, the guard stopped paying attention to Madame Liu and did not allow their car to drive into the hospital.

After lingering for a while, Madame Liu angrily left the hospital. However, she felt that there was something off about the situation and she looked at Liu Cen who was beside her. "What did the guard mean just now? What have you done to offend the Ruan Family?"

Liu Cen's body retreated and she began mumbling, but not saying the reason why.

Originally, Madame Liu was quite angry. However, seeing Liu Cen acting like this, she was quickly shocked. "You really did something to offend the Ruan Family? What exactly did you do?"

Liu Cen bit her lip and murmured, "It was me who spread the rumor that Ling Tianya was pregnant with a girl."

Not only did she start the rumor, but she also added a bunch of other false things to it. She said that Ling Tianya was afraid that she would be reprimanded by the Ruan Family, and, therefore, despite knowing that she was pregnant with a girl, she lied and said that she didn't know.

At that time, that was definitely what Liu Cen had believed. Also, she wasn't the only one who thought this way. Didn't everyone who was present that day also think that? However, she was simply the one who spread everyone's thoughts.

Madame Liu listened to Liu Cen's words, so shocked that she almost didn't get angry. "You mean to say that the rumor about Ling Tianya being pregnant with a girl, that has been viral this entire period of time, was spread by you?"

"En." Liu Cen nodded. However, she had not anticipated that Ling Tianya would give birth to a boy, let alone that she would find out that she who spread the rumor. She had been extremely secretive. How did Ling Tianya find out?

Madame Liu was so angry that she had to support her head with her hand. "What can we do now? No wonder the guard was so rude to us just now. It was all because of you! Do you know that because of you, there is now a big problem? How many people have you offended with the rumor? How many mockeries and mistakes you have caused? Even now, your uncle Zheng is saying that he would not let the person who blindly spread the rumor of Ling Tianya being pregnant with a girl go!"

"The other people can easily be taken care of but most importantly, now, even the Ruan Family knows. They didn't even let us enter the hospital. What can we do?!"

Seeing that Madame Liu was angry and anxious, Liu Cen burst into tears. She really hadn't thought that things would turn out like this. She had only wanted to stress out Ling Tianya.

Who would have thought that nothing would happen to Ling Tianya, and she would be the one who would be stressed...