"Isn't this...Qi Lei? It's only been a few years, but you've become more and more handsome and you've got some of your father's charm from his youth."

The person who had spoken was Doris. She was casually sizing Qi Lei up at the moment, her blue eyes containing faint tenderness and admiration.

"Hi Uncle Gu, Aunt Gu! Father!"

Qi Lei was being really respectful of Qi Qiming. He flashed a smile and greeted Gu Qiwu and Doris.

Qi Qiming nodded with satisfaction, performing like a loving father too as he beamed and looked lovingly at Qi Lei. "Thank you for your hard work. Your brother and sister-in-law should be arriving soon with the car, right?"

Upon hearing that, Qi Lei took his phone out from his pocket to take a look, then he responded, "It's almost time. They should be arriving soon. It's almost time now. We're just waiting for our VIPs to make their entrance."

Of course, there were many people from the media present since many famous celebrities and directors from the scene had come to congratulate them. That reason was why those reporters from the media were important!

Qi Kai held a huge role in the local movie industry, so many people from the scene were invited to attend the event.

The interactions between father and son were caught by the cameras from the press.

"Fellow friends and distinguished guests, please settle down. Our banquet is about to begin shortly. Today, we're here to celebrate our..."

As the emcee began, Qi Lei took a seat and the venue quietened down quickly.

The emcee did a simple self-introduction before saying rather emotionally, "Next up, let's welcome our most handsome groom for today, Mr. Qi Feng, and the most beautiful bride, Miss Gu Lingsha!"

When he finished, the band began to play their march-in song. The door that was shut opened slowly. Qi Feng donned a tuxedo in his wheelchair and was wheeled in by another best man while Gu Lingsha wore an elegant wedding dress as she walked by his side.

Gu Lingsha was holding Qi Weier's hand. The little girl wore a pink princess dress, looking exceptionally cute and pretty. However, she looked a little uneasy as she clung on tight to Gu Lingsha's side. Her timid demeanor worried Gu Lingsha.

As they entered, the crowd stood up and offered their best wishes to the pair of newlyweds. The media was capturing every angle of theirs too.

They walked in to the beat of the music and soon reached the center of the stage.

The bride and groom looked exceptional. Even though Qi Feng was in a wheelchair, this did not affect his charm. His devilishly handsome appearance attracted the many women present while Gu Lingsha, of course, received many looks of admiration too.

Mary brought Qi Weier to the newlyweds' side. She was holding onto Mary tightly as she was afraid, especially when she saw the unhappy-looking Doris frowning off-stage. Qi Weier became even more uneasy and held onto Mary's hand tightly.

When Mary saw Doris's glance, she pulled Qi Weier to the side. However, Qi Weier had caught the attention of the crowd. As one of the best men, Qi Lei went upstage and stood beside the six other dashing best men.

"Alright, now let's hear our bride and groom read their vows," the emcee said a little emotionally.

Qi Feng turned to look at Gu Lingsha, his handsome face full of tenderness. His gaze was also unexpectedly brimming with gentleness, and she could help but become bashful at this sight.

Moments after that, Qi Feng took the marriage certificate from the emcee, opened it, and took over the microphone. Upon seeing the vows on it, he did not immediately read it aloud. Instead, he looked up and observed the crowd before his raspy voice began speaking, "I've known Shasha for more than 20 years now. You can say that we grew up together. From what I remember, she's always been a very kind and understanding, considerate and gentle woman. I've watched her grow up from a carefree little girl into a graceful young girl, and now an intellectual woman. I'm honored that I could be by her side for this short yet long time of more than 20 years."

Qi Feng's raspy voice was sentimental and had a strong charm to it. When Gu Lingsha heard this, her blue eyes could not help but tear up from happiness and from being moved.

"I, Qi Feng, have also passed thirty years of age. Throughout these long years, my heart has only ever been concerned about Shasha. Today, I'm grateful that I'm getting married to you, and in the days to come, I look forward to spending them with you. I'm willing to give all my love to you in return for a lifetime with you."

Towards the end, he looked deep into Gu Lingsha's eyes while she was already moved to tears. She nodded hard and lifted a hand to cover her face as she gazed tearfully at him.

Qi Feng smiled dotingly at her and took the pen from the emcee to swiftly sign his name on the marriage certificate. At that moment, thunderous applause came from the crowd below.

Next up was for both parents to give their speech on stage.

Qi Qiming expressed a simple thanks and wished the newlywed' the best before he handed the microphone to Gu Qiwu. On both sides, the large screen captured the joyous expressions of everyone on stage very clearly.

Gu Qiwu took the microphone, falling silent for a moment, and was about to say something to the microphone when suddenly-


Ka ka!

A weird sound was heard before all the lights at the banquet venue were suddenly switched off. The hall fell into bluish darkness. The blue light was coming from a large screen on both sides of the hall...

Someone from the crowd cried out loud!

Soon, the blue light from the large screen faded away before slides of yellowed pictures were put on display. They should be from the last generation, and those pictures showed a woman smiling.

There was a woman playing the piano, playing the violin, and singing on stage...

With the maneuvering of the mouse, a video was played. It was the scene of a woman singing on stage...

Someone was even exclaiming from below that this scene looked terribly familiar!

"Oh my gosh, isn't that Mu Zi?"

"Mu Zi! Yes! It's her..."

"It's her! That's her, alright. I was obsessed with her years ago!"