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 Luosang was surprised, but it wasn't unbelievable.

Although Liao Qiulong doted on Jiang Qifei now, if she cost him his entire fortune, gone were the days of gentle loving care. He might even beat Jiang Qifei to death.

Nian Junting continued, "For a man like Liao Qiulong, a woman is just an embellishment. Do you think he really loves Jiang Qifei? You are wrong. He is old and under no financial stress. He is just looking for a gentle and sweet woman. He might be blinded by someone like her momentarily, but once he loses everything, he won't have the leisurely time to date."

Luosang nodded her head in agreement. "I don't understand something. Why did you wait until he married Jiang Qifei before confronting him? You could have dealt with him much earlier."

"Because...I want Jiang Qifei to suffer for the rest of her life." Nian Junting looked cunning. "Not every man is as forgiving as I am. I don't mind losing a million dollars for you. I'm not going to stop until Qifeng is only worth a couple of dollars. Although Qifeng might not go bankrupt, it would be difficult for them to regain their footing, especially at Liao Qiulong's age. After falling from such a great height, he would vent his furstrations at Jiang Qifei, and she would become an eyesore for the rest of his life. The worst part would be that he had to see all of her now that they were tied together by marriage. Jiang Qifei would never be able to escape this."

Luosang was stunned.

Nian Junting patted her head. "I've looked up Liao Qiulong before. He beat his first wife whenever he got into an argument with her. He was quite harsh on her."

Luosang inhaled sharply. "Are you saying that he might beat Jiang Qifei when he is in a foul mood in the future?"

Nian Junting nodded his head. "A leopard won't change its spots," he said. "He already has a history of beating his wife. He'll continue doing so when things don't go well in the future. That's the reason why I waited for them to get married. If they weren't married, Jiang Qifei could just walk away when things turned ugly. That would have been too easy on her. I didn't force her to marry Liao Qiulong after all. They both did so willingly."

"Aren't you afraid that Liao Qiulong will divorce Jiang Qifei?"

"Even if he does, he'll only do so after venting his frustrations. Do you think Jiang Qifei would really spend the rest of her life with him after he lost all his fortune?"

Nian Junting looked disgusted. "Jiang Qifei spends a million dollars every month," he said. "Liao Qiulong won't have that kind of money for her to spend anymore. She would find another man before long. You must understand that Liao Qiulong is an old man. Do you think that he still has energy in that aspect? She is looking for money. Without money and sex, Jiang Qifei won't be staying with him for long. She could betray her own marriage once. She will continue doing so. I don't think Liao Qiulong is as nice as Uncle Leng though. I want them to be at each other's throats."

Luosang felt good after hearing that. "Liao Qiulong deserved it anyway. He abandoned his own wife. He despised her clothes and looks after he struck gold. He even beat her. If I were his ex-wife, I would have divorced him long ago. I hate men who beat women."

"Don't worry, Luo. Only you are allowed to beat me in the future. I am not allowed to hit you." Nian Junting was grinning from ear to ear and kissed her on her cheeks. "But you can only hit me on my buttocks."