"F*ck you, bitch!" the man even swore at her.

In fact, Gu Ning had noticed them, but she thought that the man was Gu Anna's friend. However, to her astonishment, he slapped Gu Anna.

If the man slapped a stranger, she wouldn't get involved, but Gu Anna was her friend's friend after all, so she couldn't stand aside. Therefore, Gu Ning stood up at once. She didn't say anything, walking towards them.

Xu Qinyin and the others thought that she was going to the ladies' room, so they didn't pay much attention to her.

"How dare you!" Gu Anna was so mad that she grabbed a bottle on the nearby table and hit the man over the head without hesitation. Although Gu Anna looked weak, she wasn't a weak woman at all. Instead, she would fight back once she was treated unfairly.

Nobody thought that Gu Anna was going to attack the man, and the man was hit right on the head. With a loud crash the bottle broke and the man's head immediately started bleeding.

Everyone was shocked, and the sound also attracted the attention of Xu Qinyin's group.

"Damn it! Anna is in danger!" Xu Qinyin said standing up, then ran to Gu Anna, followed by Jiang Ruiqin and Tang Qingyang.

"Are you alright?" The man's friends ran to him too.

"F*ck! How dare you hit me!" The man was annoyed, and attacked Gu Anna. However, when he had just raised his hand, his hand was grabbed by a slim, beautiful girl. The girl looked very pretty, but was also cold, which scared him. Besides, this girl was so powerful and he couldn't move at all.

Without delay, Gu Ning broke the man's wrist and kicked the back of his knee. The man abruptly knelt down right before Gu Anna.

The scene shocked everyone in the bar again.

"How dare you hit Lord Lin!" Lord Lin's two friends stepped forward, trying to attack Gu Ning but was stopped by Jiang Ruiqin and Tang Qingyang.

"Let me go!" They struggled and argued loudly, but couldn't get rid of the control of Jiang Ruiqin and Tang Qingyang.

"What happened?" Xu Qinyin asked with concern.

"The man tried to force me to drink a shot and I refused, so he slapped me!" Gu Anna said in anger. She was born in the Gu family, and nobody dared to humiliate her like that.

In the capital, there was only one super-rich family called Gu.

Hearing that and seeing the palm mark on Gu Anna's face, Xu Qinyin was in a rage. She didn't hesitate to slap the man several times and said, "Who do you think you are!"

"Stop it! Do you know who he is? He is..." A friend of the man tried to stop Xu Qinyin.

However, Xu Qinyin interrupted him with impatience and said with disdain, "I don't care!" Saying that, she slapped the man once more.

At this moment, Song Nan walked to them after hearing the fight.

"Song Nan, if you don't support Lord Lin today, your bar will be closed!" Another friend of the man who was the so-called Lord Lin said with obvious arrogance, like he was the king.

Song Nan, instead, ignored him. He coldly stared at the man and said, "Lord Lin, don't be so arrogant. Your family could be punished because of you."

Song Nan didn't tell them who Gu Anna was, but it was quite obvious that Gu Anna came from a family that was much more powerful than their families.

Hearing that, Lord Lin's two friends shut their mouths at once. As for Lord Lin, he didn't have the strength to resist now.

"Send him to the hospital. If he wants to get revenge on me, I'm here waiting for him," Song Nan said.

Lord Lin's friends supported him to stand up, then escaped. Gu Anna didn't say anything, but followed her friends, walking back to their seats.

Other customers in the bar also kept on drinking and enjoying the music. In order to comfort them, Song Nan gave everyone 20% off.

Xu Qinyin and her friends, however, left the bar a short while later.

It wasn't early when they walked out of the bar, so they decided that they should go home.

Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna drove their own cars here. Although they drank, they didn't drink a lot, so they drove home on their own.

"Let me send you home!" Xu Qinyin said to Gu Ning. However, before Gu Ning could answer, Jiang Ruiqin said first, "I live in the same community as Miss Gu. If you don't mind, I can drive you home, Miss Gu."

"Of course not, thanks." Gu Ning didn't know that Jiang Ruiqin admired her from afar, so she agreed.

"Great!" Xu Qinyin said.

After that, Gu Ning along with Tang Qingyang got into Jiang Ruiqin's car.

"Miss Gu, which high school are you studying in?" Jiang Ruiqin asked.

Although he still didn't know much about Gu Ning, after reading the news about her, he noticed her age.

"The No.3 High School in City F," Gu Ning said.

"City F? You don't live in the capital?" Hearing that, Jiang Ruiqin felt surprised as well as disappointed. If Gu Ning didn't live in the capital, he wouldn't see her often.

"Yes," Gu Ning answered.

"Which college is your aim?" Jiang Ruiqin asked again.

"The Capital University," Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Jiang Ruiqin relaxed. As long as Gu Ning was going to stay in the capital, he would have more chances to meet her.