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 As the Six were traveling to the Realm of Tygar it was starting to get dark so Mariea landed and once camp was set up Jason said " I have not eaten yet. Do you have any thing in that bag of yours?" Ralingar put the bag down and Jason went thought it Adam asked Jason " what are you looking for?" then Jason pulled out a large orange bottle and six medium sized shot glasses as well as a loaf of Palingarien Herbed Bread as well as a small tray table to put all of this on.

Adam was amazed that all of this was in the bag Jason put the bread on the table and Adam asked Jason " What is that?" as Jason poured himself a glass of a orange drink " this is Solar Wine" Jason poured Adam a glass and said " Try one you'll love it." Adam looked at the glass with worry Jason rolled his eyes and said to Adam " don't worry this drink not intensely alcoholic. I promise."

Kai'la seemed to be enjoying herself as she took a third glass " What the hel. l I might as well enjoy myself it is a rare time that I get to enjoy myself."

Adam sat next to Kai'la La'gar and Jason poured Adam a glass once Adam drink the Solar Wine he felt like he was gliding on air as the night went on Jason went to drink half the bottle as he told them stories of his travels

Duing the night all of the events were blurred before he know it did Adam did not know if was because of the amount of Solar Wine he had or his own actions but he found himself kissing Kai'la. She should be upset, she should have slapped him for doing such a foolish thing. But she did not Kai'la closed her eyes and let the kiss last several seconds longer then normal.

Adam walked back and said to her " I love you Kai'la"

There was a long silence after several minutes Adams sense came back to him and realized what he had done all of the color flushed from his face " Kara be Damned"

the whole camp was quite for a monument then Kai'la said " I am, ah, uh." She strummed to speak as she was for the words to say and said after a few minutes

the words came to her " I am going to bed come to bed with me when you are ready."

All Adam could get out was "ok." Adam was still awake racking his brain about what just happened during the night " ever since I kissed her I can't get her out of my head. I just can't stop thinking about her." Kai'la was the same she " he loves me." Kai'la thought

just then a being made of pure light came out of the sky and said in a heavenly voice " Adam I am Bowron The God of Light and I bear good news you have been chosen by the Celestial Court of Celestial Elders to be the next Guardian of Light when Calingar dies his Kingdom will pass down to you and now you will wake up in your tent remembering everything that has happened tonight."

Adam then awoke in his tent with Kai'la La' curled up next to him and the words "when Calingar dies." Were still ringing in Adams head but right now he did not care he was with the person that he loved and hoped loved him back.

As the Six packed up the there site Victor looked at the map and said " the fastest way to the Realm of Tygar is to head though Celestial Forest Mariea looked at Victor and said " if you are planning to have me go with you I am afraid I can't it is one of the few places where Dragon Folk are banished from because of my father and if I go into the Celestial Forest will throw me into the Void.

So I will meet you in the City of Bayso the nearest city to the Realm of Tygar." Victor agreed that was a good plan and Mariea said her goodbyes as she left for Bayso while Ralingar lead them to the Celestial Forest