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 As Zargorwarth was focusing his Kai the sky flashed with red lighting as the dark sky swirled into a huge vortex of red lighting. The Mountains of Valegar shook and broke apart as Zargorwarth screamed as he was transforming his skin became smooth and snake like. Zargorwarths fingers remind claw like but they had poisonous barbs at the ends of them. Zargorwarths tail transformed into a long poisonous stinger

Adam was amazed at the power that Zargorwarth had suppressed Adam turned to the Six and said " I need to transform now!" Adam focused his Kai while the rest of the group put on there Rings of Light once they did Adam was engulfed in a swirling vortex of light Victor looked at the floor of the ruins and they were being ripped apart Victor motioned for the rest of the group to leave the longer that they stayed the more chance they would be hit by Adam on accident or by Zargorwarth on purpose.

Once the Six left the Vortex that Adam was in tore the Ruins of the Seekers to pieces and inside Adams build increased his height grew to seven feet and his hair grew long and wild his hair reached all the way to his back and his sword changed into a sword made of pure light." The tornedo ended and Adam looked at Zargorwarth and said " I will end you Zargorwarth the Demon Lord" as Zargorwarth was also done transforming into his third Transformation his eyes were yellow slits. His horns were gone, Zargorwarths feet were one huge claw like toe that had a poisonous barb on it when Zargorwarth spoke a forked tongue came out of his mouth.

" so you think that you can defeat me you can forget it I am still far stronger then you will ever dream to be!" Adam knew that this was true he could sense Zargorwarths power and it was far stronger then his own but he could sense something else it was a sense of fear.

Adam could not place it but maybe Zargorwarth was afraid of him but why? These were not questions that Adam needed to ask right at the moment all he needed to think about was how to kill Zargorwarth the Demon Lord. Something in the back of Adams head was saying " wait until the final battle lets see his True Form." Zargorwarth the Demon Lord smiled and said " since both you and I want to see each others true forms so we can have a fight to the death how about we do some practice so we can see how are new powers fuction."

Adam liked this idea and said " ok lets not use our sword since this is only a practice battle." Zargorwarth replied " aright no swords." Zargorwarth said as he waved his hand and the Bloodsword went back into his body. Adam and Zargorwarth lunged at each other Adam shoot a beam of pure light at Zargorwarth and Zargorwarth then shoot a beam of dark energy at Adam this went on for a few minutes until Zargorwarth said " it seems that you are stronger then I have expected you to be." As Adams light beam was destroying Zargorwarths Dark Beam it soon destroyed it completely and knocked Zargorwarth backwards then Adam came rushing up to Zargorwarth and puched him in the chest sending him flying into a mountain and knocking the wind out of him.

" no person could move that fast and be able to punch with that much power" as Zargorwarth was falling Zargorwarth thought " this warrior is going to kill me even without his sword I have to find the last Ring of Darkness now." Zargorwarth the Demon Lord caught his breath and extended his wings and said to Adam " you are a great fighter and I look forward to our Final Battler until we meet again on the journey for the last eight Dark Ring Fragments of the Ring of Pure Evil." Zargorwarth cried out as he flew eastward Victor looked at the map and said " we need to go to the Realm of Tyagar and find the Castle of King Taygar that is were the first Dark Ring Fragment of the Ring of Pure Evil is located." Mariea then Transformed into her Dragon Form and the Six headed eastward towards the Realm of Tygar to find the Castle of Taygar so that they can get the first Dark Ring Fragment of the Ring of Pure Evil