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 The Six traveled all night on Mariea until they reached a long stretch of desert Mariea landed and had everyone get off then detransformed she then said " it is better for me to be in my regular form due to that when we are in Desert of Time if you are flying it will take longer because the desert will slow you down. This desert is the border to Realm of Fate and all we need to do is cross it and then we will be in the Realm of Fate then we will just need to find the Castle of the Three Fates."

Mariea then lead them into the Desert of Time as they were walking though the Desert of Time Adam could see that it was not corrupted yet for the desert had many different types of animals and several types of plants. The journey though the desert seemed to take forever but Mariea stopped when they reached a large black gate that had a tall skinny man who was wearing a long black teach coat was standing at the front gate.

" Halt speak your name and tell The Keeper of the Gate of the Realm of the Fates why you are worthy to enter." Victor stepped forward and said " we are the Six of Legend as well as Ralingar the Middle son of the Dead King Raz and Mariea Demonstar." The Keeper of the Gate of the Realm of the Fates nodded his head and said " you are worthy you may pass into the Realm of the Fates."

The Six thanked the Gate Keeper as they entered the Realm of the Fates Adam saw that the Realm was huge and it did not have very many people living in it. The Six walked the cobblestone path and saw that everything the shops, homes and bodies were burned alive " this was the first place that the Demon Lord destroyed all those years ago when he first came to power." Ralingar said.

As they approced a huge castle the only thing that was not destroyed it had ancient test written above the door Nina opened her journal and said " this is written in Ancient Dark Fate Script and I can give a loss translation." As she spoke the words changed from Ancient Dark Fate Script to Terrain Speech

" Here stands the Castle of the Three Fates the last standing building of the Realm of the Fates after the arrival of the Demon Lord and the Home of the last three Fates in the known universe Kin the Fate of the Past, Jiyonorea the Fate of the Present and Minki the Fate of the Future" once Nina was done they entered the Castle of the Three Fates so that they could get the Sixth Dark Ring Fragment of the Ring of Wrath before Zargorwarth the Demon Lord could catch up to them.