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 "JASON BLACKHEART you slimy cheater owe me 980 credits! I'm going to send you back to Underhell were you belong!"

A huge man with a long black beard and a demon dragon tattoo on his chest was sreaming at the top of his lungs, as he crashed though the small bar in the town of Kai'vacka on Van'tar 9.

Tables fly though the air the man rampade though the bar.

guest screamed in terror as they dropped the glasses of Solar Beer and Cosmic Wine. the air was filled with Curse words from other races.

" Oh! You break it you buy!" the bar tender said

But the man was not listing as he chased Jason Blackheart though out the bar crying out " when I catch you are going to rip that Blackheart right out of you the and feed it to the sharks" as he chased the man named Jason Blackheart though the bar, glasses crashed to the ground as Jason darted in between tables dodging the massive mans hands that were reaching for his neck to stragll

Jason Blackheart had long jet black hair and penetrating blue eyes you were a dark Dragon skin jacket that held his Calgarion crafted knife, it also housed his Duel Dark Matter Blaster Pistols. At his side he had a long Dark Dragon Skin Blade. He also wore a Buaildeerswith Skin Pants and Buaildeerswith Boots as well as a Gorack Threaded Cloak

Jason Blackheart ran across the tavern as a huge man yelled "I'LL KILL YOU BLACKHEART!" As Jason was leading you turned around and said " I like to see you try." The huge man bounded forward his huge hand extended to grad Jason and kill him.

Jason stood still not moving when in a instet there were screams of terror as blood began sparying from the mans body.

It happened in a blur Jasons Dark Dragon skin blade was drawn all that was that the man saw was streak of white light that seemed to flow seamlessly around his body like a needle theading a quilt.

the mans fell to the ground blood his head rolled onto the floor, his chest chavity was cut open and his arms were sliced into ribbens. Jason walked over to the man, Jason spat in the mans face Jason walked out of the bar where the stunned guest were sitting staring at the man laying on the ground.

Jason left the tavern and into the busy city of Space Docked City of Vagtar and7 got onto his horse Leri who was hitched outside of the tavern. Jason and Leri followed the flow of traffic to the Space Dock.

The city of Vangar seven was not Jason's first pick on his journey. In the times he had traveled across the galaxy he had never seen such a filthy, disgusting rat hole of a planet that is filled to the brim with all of the liars, thugs and thieves, murders, and all who are hatted room throughout the universe.

One would think that Jason would feel at home here but he is not as he went around the unwashed masses of Vangar 7 is still the most hated Space Pirate that this the called out of the depths of Under-Hell. Jason pondered this until they came upon the Space Dock and said " Ah the Space Docks my first stop on my journey to the greatest prize ever, immortly"

The Space Docks is the part of Vagtar 7were most people came and left the city also the most corrupt. As Jason walked towards the ticket person he saw just how corrupt the Space Docks are. A guard took a bribe to look the other way when he saw several men illegally selling alien weapons as well as several unregistered alien children as slaves. Jason walked by several men and guards leaned up against several crates all drunk as fools laughing in carrying on their mind blurred to darkness of the world.

Jason just passed them feeling sorry that men to absorb themselves in alcohol order to find a good time. Jason approached the ticket booth and said to the ticket man was a tall man was light brown hair and light blue eyes. The man asked "what can I do for you?" Jason replied as he reached into his pocket and gave the ticket man a bag of unfairly won credits." yes there is I would like a seat up front and I would my horse to be in the back were no one can find her. "

The Ticket man shifted the Credits in his hand and Jason said sternly to the ticket man "Remember you did not see or hear a thing got it." The Ticket man nodded his head as he stuffed the credits in his pocket and signal for stable boy to get Leri. Jason whispered to the stable boy "Makes no one sees this horse and there is a extra tip in your left pocket." As Jason slipped several credits in the stable boys left pocket as a bribe the stable boy nodded.

Jason walked onto the ship confident in his mind he was going to get what he wants which is the greatest prize ever sought out but never found Jason is one of the few men there has found one of the keys to this prize Jason prize that he sought was immortality and he aimed to achieve it no matter the cost. Jason sat down next to a older man in a seat that had red velvet covering it.

The older man had long grey hair, he wore a black rod that covered his whole body and across his eyes was a worn, torn bandage. "Hello sir, where are you going to?" Jason asked the man.

" I seek that with can't be found in the mortal realm. I seek the one who has the flames of darkness burning deep in there soul." The man said grasped Jasons hand once he did the room melted away into a midnight black. Jason stood atop a spiral cliff overlooking a vast hellish landscape of demons, monsters from the Nothing. Jason looked up and gasped he saw the heavens open from there gapping maw descended The Elder Gods.

Great beings of unholy might and cosmic greatness, The eyes of the Ashen King stared down at Jason with a mencing glare from beyond time and space itself, Jason could feel the intenses of there Kyi pushing down on his body like the weight of the universe was crushing his every bone, mashing his organs and vapersing every single cell in his body, He watched as the massive unholy, monsterius maw of the intersteller beast of untapped and unknown power spoke. Its voice echoed thought all time, shadering planets with the thunderus boom,

Jason awsturk at the cestail creature the stood before, speaking in a launge not known by man for thousand of Eons. The words were soft but echoed loudly thought Jasons mind as they drilled into his subconstue, Jason became to understand what the Great one was telling him, giving him knowledge of all things, events that would be and have yet to pass.

He fell to his knees his face soaked with tears as his mind was full of knowledge no mortal man should carry and cried out "how am I supposed to seek out this divine" Jason asked "he goes by many names Voidheart, Lupine Riddle, Ezra Dra'ghoul but you must seek him out in the form he choses or maybe he will find you." The man said

As the ship started he pondered what will be like to be immortal. Jason was thirty five and know that soon his days of being a Space pirate would be behind him but when he became immortal he would be able to plunder the universes for all time. Jason then returned to reality as he heard the intercom come to life and the captain of the ship say " we are making stops in Terra Prime, Morwrath Salagavar, The Ra dimension and are last stop will be in Tylingariea.

The trip to time to Tylingariea was long and tedious so Jason was able to break up the tedium of the journey by playing many games of chance with his seatmate and when they finally reached their last stop of Tylingariea Jason had increased his bags of credits threefold. Thankfully his seatmate with it was a rich merchant and was not vindictive.

Once the ship arrived the ship docked in Vancoon City a city docked city where all of the ships dock. "Yes immortality in a quest to destroy a great and unknown evil." Jason thought as he got a ship and got his horse from the back of the ship. As Jason was leaving the dock he saw a tall figure wearing a dark brown robe the stranger asked Jason "are you Jason Blackheart?" Jason and replied "Yes I am he, may I ask who are you and why do you ask?" The stranger replied " I am Korein and I have been sent by Victor Silvertounge to bring you to the Lower Room where there the other Six of Legend are waiting for you and the sixth. " After the induction they headed to the lower room where the other four of the Six of Legend were waiting for him and the Sixth of Legend