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 It took two days to find Zargorwarth but they found him at the northern entrance of the Nowhere Worlds. The rider stopped Zains Kogar and said " my lord what are you doing here the Six have already gotten into the Nowhere World and the General is injected." Zargorwarth turned to them and waved his hand and the earth erupted with dark red lava killing the party as well as the Kogars. General Zain fell to the ground and inched over to Zargorwarth who looked at him with distain " my lord please help me!"

Zargorwarth laughed and said " help you why should I help you?" General Zain replied " I am the leader of the Army of Darkness you need me!" Zargorwarth kicked Zain into a rock and cried out " you little worm! You want to know why I refuse to help you?" Zain nodded Zargorwarth replied " I heard that you claim to be stronger then me! no one is stonger then me!" Zargorwarth lifted up Zain and said " I should kill you here and now." Zain eyes were filling with tears and he cried out " please don't kill me!" Zargorwarth the Demon Lord replied as he throw Zain to the ground " pull yourself together. I am not going to kill you." Zain thanked him Zargorwarth raised his Bloodsword and said darkly " I will just make you wish I had killed you." As Zargorwarth plunged his sword into the earth dark red lighting engulfed Zain. Zain saw that the lighting took the form of winged woman that were slashing and rearranging his body.

Zain would have screamed if the winged woman had not sowed his mouth shut. Zains bladed hand grew to his whole arm now his whole arm, the body parts that Adam had sliced off grew back. Zain then felt more powerful then ever but he could not remember his name all of the memories of his past were wiped away all he could remember was that he was the General of the Army of Darkness ,that he served Zargorwarth the Demon Lord and that he hated Ralingar and the Six of Legend. Zargorwarth the demon lord smiled and said " good you are now a clean slate."

General Zain bowed to his master and Zargorwarth said to General Zain " go and tell your troops to be on the search for the Six. While you and I head for the Jungles of Jargar. I sense that is were the second Dark Ring Fragment is located and that they all ready got the first Dark Ring Fragment. We must stop them before they get the Second Dark Ring Fragment." General Zain nodded as he gattered some me to go and cut the Six off before they could reach the Jungles of Jargar