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 Nat and Lucas entered the libray, a vast room with thousands of books that spanned back eons and contained knowladge of times past.

"Al'lee!" Nat cried out once he felt a light smack rubbing the back of his head Nat turned to Lucas " why did you do that?" Lucas looked at Nat and said " rember where you are. you should know that by know Little brother." Lucas said as he walked ahead

Nat nodded and followed him " what do you mean little brother i am only a year younger then you?" Nat said indecnetly

Lucas began walking upstairs " well that is true but i am eighteen the oldest and there for i have a duty to take care of you and your sisters." Lucas said then paused turning and looking at Nat

" so do you. rember that just in case i am not here to take care of them." Lucas said as they reached the second floor and Lucas sighed as the whole room was surrounded in books, tomes and maps as well as hundreds of other research matrail most of with were being suspened in midair by Kyi.

" So this is what you two have been doing for the past week." Lucas said as he carfully walked towards Al'lee who was reading a volume of the Tome of the First One and writting Notes as well but stopped when she felt her brothers Kyi.

"Lucas, what brings you up here?" she asked turning to face him her dark brown hair was all tangled up in a mess " we just wanted to see what you and Emma had been reading about." Lucas said then paused

" where is Emma?" Lucas said a tone of worry in his voice Nat gave a concernd look at Al'lee who smiled " i was just going to look for her." Al'lee said standing up Lucas huged his sister and said " thank you, just make sure she is ok and did not hurt herself like last time."

Al'lee nodded and using her Kyi teleported away

Nat placed a hand on Lucas shoulder "she is fine, Emma has more control over it." he said to Lucas who could only remeber a time when he almost lost his little sister forever.

Deep in the nearby woods Emma stood in a large open area a short dagger in front of her, " Foucs all of your Kyi on the blade and home your emontion into the tip of the blade" a voice that had been inside of Emmas since her birth said

Emma did so as she did the blade turned a dark purple she cut though the air as the slices made contect a form of blue fire shoot from the blade for two seconds then Emma fell to the ground panting out of breath

" you are still upset, mad that you can't control your inner feelings." the voice said

Emma replied " yes, i know how to use my feelings like love, fear, sadness and joy but learning to willingly channel them sepreate from each other." she paused " that is the hard part."

The voice replied " yes i know, i once never knew fear so i could not use the powers that it would have gave me. but you can i know you are able to use all of the powers that were gifted to you."

"Emma!" Al'lee cried out from a distance Emma got up and walked over to her " yes, what is it?" Emma asked

" did you come out here to.." Al'lee said her voice concered as she placed her hand on Emmas who replied " No, just to pratice by myself." Al'lee looked at her with slight conceren

" Al'lee i am fine now, back then i did not understand what was going on and overreated." Emma said to Al'lee who nodded her concern lessing

Emma sighed " you will not be happy until you check fine." she said lifting up seveal strands of her dark orange hair to reveal a jagged scar spanning across her forhead that had healed but the imprint remains.

Al'lee sighed " ok, i am not happy but at least i know you did not hurt yourself again. to be fair Lucas is the one who sent me here, he really is concerd for you," Al'lee said as they headed back to the castle Emma nodd " i know, i am concernd for him as well." Emma said

Al'lee looked at her " what, why? Lucas can take anything on, there is no need to be worried for him." Al'lee said Emma nodded maybe she was right and was worried for nothing.