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 Vi'hane did not know how long or where he ran in the darkness of cold heartless world that he had been thrust into by an act of a destiny that even he was unaware of at the moment.

a long flash of golden lighting ran acoss the sky stralled by the sudden flash of the godlike light and the boom of the thunder this caused Vi'hane to loss balance and in a intest as the skys opened up sending a flood of rain down upon the world.

Vi'hane could only lay there on the cold hard dirt not knowing what to do. His father, Dead, the home that he had lived in all of his life most likely gone.

Vi'hane did the only thing that he could do and that was cry.

" Hello little cub. what are you doing out here in the rain?" a tall man wearing a dark green cape and hood said as he reached out his hand to Vi'hane. Slowly Vi'hane grabed the mans hand and stood up

"what is your name little cub?" the man said

Vi'hane replied " Vi'hane, why are you saying little cub to me?" the man smiled and said " oh, force of habit. My name is Skar." he paused and said " where are you trying to go this late at night?"

Vi'hane told Skars about what happened after the story he nodded and said after a few minutes "would like to come to my home i will shelter you there i will take you to Adam in six days."

Vi'hane replied confused " why not tommorw?"

Lanster pat the empty spot on his horse and said " because there are a few things i need to do before we leave to have you talk to Adam." He said

As they rode into town Vi'hane could see pepole shying away there eyes and going inside as they rode down the street towards his manstion with was at the top of a massive hill.

upon reaching the house Skar turned to Vi'hane and said " come inside when your ready." Vi'hane nodded as he walked towards the door Vi'hane felt a tight grip on his shoulder Vi'hane turned " By Karas good graces don't!" a young girl said her cloths torn and worn her face was scared with cuts from a blade Vi'hane could tell that the rest of her body had been whipped to death.

" do you live here?" Vi'hane said turning around to the girl she paused after a moment said " kind of." Vi'hane nodded " what is your name?" the girl paused again

" well i guess my name is Little Cub that is what he calls me the most." she said Vi'hane eyes widend " who is your mother?" Vi'hane asked

Little cub replied " what is that?"

Vi'hane may not know much about the outside world but one thing his father did teach him that there are people who treat there children with love and then there are those who are the one that think of only hurting others and have no remose for there wife or there children.

Vi'hane could hear his father in his mind " These people deserve no symphey for they have been corrpoted by the darkness when there heart and there for most be destoryed before there evil is to spead to anymore. so my son if you come across such a person do what you must to save the victoms but if they are beyond help, think of it as a mercy to send them to Overworld where they will feel no suffering from there overlord for there chains will be broken and they will be freed"

Vi'hane ran a hand though the girls hair and placed it gentlely on her back, she winced. " Is Skar your father?" Vi'hane asked

Little cub nodded

" does he do this all the time?" Vi'hane asked praying to Kara he did not

She replied timbly " yes but only when i am bad."

Strike two

Vi'hane took a deep breath in and said " ok, i want you think very hard and tell me honsetly." Vi'hane said

She nodded Vi'hane paused and asked the most import question " how offen are you bad?"

there was a long silence then Vi'hane gritted his teeth as he heard what he wished was not true

" All the time some times three or four times. i try to tell people about it but Dad just tells them i am lying and then he hits he again after that i get sent to the basement to heal my self and will not let me out for the longest was two years with very little food and water.

Vi'hane stood up he had never expected to meet such a horied man so early in his quest but Vi'hane had to save this girl. if not him then who. Vi'hane grasped his sword that Bane had given him on his birthday Bane called it Demonsong.

Vi'hane not looking at the girl said " Cub, i will go and kill your father is that ok with you?" Cub replied immedley " yes, Vi'hane i want him dead."

Vi'hane looked at her she showed no sign of remose or sadness " as you wish Cub." he said as Vi'hane walked towards the door he could hear Cub say in a weak voice " thank you brave hero."

No i am not a hero, i am just saving a little girl from the dragon that has been keeping her captive for so long.