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 it all happened in a intest Mavis came up behind Draco and with the swiftness of a trained master thrust his sword into Dracos chest. Her screams came out long and loud as her brother fell to the ground hard

" You Bastered!" Na'tara cried out as Mavis walked closer to her his face scared and bloody " Do you know what i hate must about little bitchs like you?" Mavis said as he swung his sword towards her face she blocked it as it landed hard sparks flying in every dirction

" you belive that you are specal. that you can save the world." Na'tara screamed and dropped her sword as Mavis sword sliced though her arm cutting it clean off

"What did Draco do to deserve you killing him?" Na'tara cried as she screamed from as second blow to her other arm that was cut clean off " Nothing, i was just told to do it by Jin'ra."

Na'ra fell on her back her head becoming fuzzy " But he saved you from Crimsonblood and this is how you repay him with his death!"

Mavis bent down to Na'tara face " you know what you remind me of your mother, the fear in your eyes." he smiled " i puts such a smile on my face seeing that both mother and datuer both will die at my hands."

Na'tara cried out " Mavis Blackheart may your desendents die a death as burtal as my own." she said as Mavis sliced her head off.

" Stand back Jacky!" Bal'gar said as Nina had began to go into convolsions her heart rate rising " i don't know what happend she was fine until a minute ago then she just went into a stroke" Bal'gar said

Jacky stood there silent as she watched her lover suffering, dying and she could do nothing about it.

Nina stood in a massive white station the walls were a pure white and all around her was blue fire " where am i?"

a voice she know from long ago said " you know where you are."

Nina replied " i don't want to stay. i want to go back"

"NINA! NINA!"she could hear faintly from the far distace "Oh Kara please let her be ok! I don't know what i would do with her!"

"Then you may leave" the voice said

Nina began to walk but her desires began to take hold did she really want to leave, she could be with Draco forever, her mother if she stayed.

" I don't want to go." Nina said

Nina could hear louder as a shape formed into Jacky laying on the ground next to her " i can't. she needs me. I need her."

she felt a warm hand on her shoulder and a fimaler voice " Go back to her. she is as imporant to you as i was. "

Nina stood up she could feel him next to her " go. she is waiting."

Bal'gar placed his fingers on Ninas palm " Damn, no pulse."

Jacky stood up and cried out " what do you mean no pulse she is the last Quinn! if she dies we are dead!" Jacky fell to the ground defeated

" she is the love of my life, if she dies i am dead." Jacky said

slowly there was a beep from the machine, then two beeps sudleny a heart beat

Bal'gar stared at the machine " By Kara. it is a mircle."

slowly Nina opened her eyes and saw Jacky laying her head on Ninas lap

" i thought i lost you forever." Jacky said her voice soft and weak Nina could sense her sadness, her fear, terror of lossing someone she loved."

Nina smiled and said " i know." Bal'gar you are awake. i have bad news, some how when you were in your comoa" Bal'gar paused

Nina looked confused " Coma? no it was real. i was there, i was Na'tara. what happened her, me dying was real." she paused " i actlery dead and almost didnt come back." she said

Bal'gar replied " so some how in that other life both of your arms and legs got cut off and we are taking you to a friend of mine a cybernetics by the name of Quix and he will give you the most cutting edge cybernetic skeltion in the Multiverse."

Nina nodded " ok. once we are done there, i have one faver. can we go to Stardragon Outlook?" Bal'gar nooded with out asking why.

it took two years for Nina to become acusmed to her new arms and legs but once she was able to walk Bal'gar took her to Stardragon Outlook

Nina looked up at the flat area that overlooked the stary sky of the Vermillion Region " i will be a few minutes." Nina said as she walked up to the top

Jacky moved to asit but was pulled back by Bal'gar " trust me, she wants to be alone."

he looked up at the outlook " i promised her i would not let any harm come to her and i intend to keep that promise until my dying day Princess Na'tara."

Once Nina reached the top she bent down and placed her right hand on the ground channeling her Quinn Kyi into the ground forming the ground upward into that of a gravestone made of unbreakable dragonstone.

"Draco." she said as she bent down on one knee her eye teary " i am sorry i don't know about you sooner." she paused

" i am sorry i can't stop him." she said her voice breaking

"Na'tara, it is ok. Rember i promised i would never leave you and i intend to keep that promise." Draco said from beyond the veil.

as if Nina heard this she stood up and said " i know."

after sevearl minutes Nina walked back down to Jacky and Bal'gar

"now what?" Nina asked

Bal'gar replied " well" he paused

" i am not sure. any attampt we make now to destory the Crimson Tower will be pointless, we have no army, all of our allies are dead or in diffrent locations in other words it is mostly just us three and if we try to attack him with the three of us."

Nina sighed and said " then were dead."

Jacky heard a beeping sound come from the ship " we have a message." Jacky said they ran in Bal'gar looked at the transmission

" this is odd." he said

Nina replied " what do you mean?" Bal'gar motioned for her to come close Nina gasped when she saw who was sending the message

Captain Luke Siverstar

Before Jacky or Bal'gar could stop her or even she could stop herself Nina turned on the transmission the screen buzzed on and there sitting in a chair was Luke Silverstar

" Luke." Nina said amazed to see the clone that was her brother still alive. " hello Nina. it has been a long time since i have seen you."

Nina replied " what do you mean?"

Luke paused " well it is better if i expleion to you in person, the details are rather confusing."

suddlenly a beam of green light engulfed them Jacky could feel her body becoming lighter then air as all of her cells were being broken down

" Amazing celler transportion this is Eons ahead of our time"

in a matter of seconds the green light faded they all were standing in a massive dark blue room

"Where are we?" Nina asked

Luke replied " we are inside my ship the Dra'ghoul."

Nina looked at him susspley " i know you are a clone and not my real brother, Draco was my brother, the one true Dra'ghoul."

Luke nodded " yes, you are right. but as you know history has been altered." Nina paused and said " Ah shit! he's right Draco was supposed to use Demonsong to kill Lupine, but Mavis killed Draco so that means when Lupine get released there will be no stopping him from covering the worlds in darkness."

Jacky replied " but what about the Rings of Light?"

Nina paused " i guess that would still stay the same but it Jaco would longer to get to Brick so in thery by the time Jaco killed The Dark Lord. Terra may or may not be destoryed by the Rak'gars making it impossible for Adam to exist causing a time paradox where Adam existed in one timeline but in a second timeline he does not exist. meaning that two times exist simtensly one where the Multiverse is covered in Darkness and Lupine won creating a world of his own, and a second time being this one where everything went how destiny wanted it to go. wait that would also mean that there is a third time line were i don't exist being the fact that i am a clone of Na'tara so if i don't exist then Adam can't go into his Guardion of Light form the prophecy can't be forfilled and with that Zargorwarth the Demon Lord will then merge with the Cosmic Hourglass activinting the Crimsion Tower with will awaken the Crimsonblood and if i am not alive then i can't kill him with means that the CrimsonBlood with means that there is nothing stopping him from using the Crimson Tower to destory all life in the Multiverse."

Jacky looked at her " are you done?"

Nina had fallen onto the floor her whole body shaking in fear " yes i am done."

Jacky sighed " the short version is that because History has been alterd two diffrent timelines have branched off from this. one where the whole Multiverse is covered in Darkness and we are all screwed but they may be a chance we can surrive."

Luke nodded " ok, what is the second one."

Jacky replied " well according to my girlfriend." pointing at Nina

"she has expliend in great detail that the second Timeline is essetly where we are all fucked and it is game over man."

Luke sighed " i was afreid of this."

Jacky looked at him " wait you knew about all of this?"

" well i am not from this timeline, i am from a alternete reality were all of this darkness never existed. i was sent here by my master to come and retive you."

Nina stood up " who is your Master?"

Luke paused " Draco Dra'ghoul."