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 The fel had truly corrupted me; I had become a true denizen of the Abyss. Even I could barely notice the subtle changes to my mindset as I broke cleanly into the Qi Condensation realm.

I named my qi Elemental qi. My qi had the properties of the four elements. I could use this Elemental qi to convert it into any of the elements at will with the scripture.

This new way of cultivation was much better than the Elementalists. The Qi Condensation realm was an Esquire in the Abyss. After stabilizing my cultivation at Qi Condensation, I started on my path to Foundation Establishment.

For Foundation Establishment I would have to pool my qi into my dantian from my meridians. I felt like I was living in a true wuxia world! I remembered reading webcomics about people training and reaching qi condensation, then foundation establishment.

The scripture was very thorough. After another two months I cleanly broke into Foundation Establishment.

Only three months and I had fully converted the way I cultivated. I felt my techniques and skills would be much more powerful with this cultivation type. I now had a greater understanding of how Azon's crew effortlessly defeated the greatest powers in the Tutan World.

Better cultivation systems were naturally stronger in the same realm! The Elementalist system was too flawed. This classic elements scripture was a transformation of that system. It was like comparing a horse-drawn buggy to a car. They did the same thing, but the car was way better.

With my entry into Foundation Establishment, I was back to being a Knight. The next stage was Core Formation, it was the Baron Realm of this cultivation form. I knew I was still far away from reaching Core Formation.

It would probably take me the rest of the three months I had to break through to Core Formation. I could not go slack off though.

The ascenders would be at the high-Knight realm when they came. If I wasn't a Baron, how was I to boss around my new subordinates?

It was a good thing they would have to change their cultivation type too when they came. Young lord hasn't gotten around to generalizing the cultivation in the lower realm. All we did was set up a few fel shards to be rewarded for their yearly offering.

The fel shards would increase the cultivation speeds in the pocket world. They also had the relic to train in their Dao.

Onboarding and changing of cultivation paths was standard stuff for ascenders. I continued my closed-door cultivation. I wouldn't come out until I reached the Core Formation realm!


The amount of resources Wanfang requested surprised Kyle. It was within his budget though, so he approved it. The spoils from the Tutan World had made [Libra] very rich for a Knight-level organization.

Every week he would get a new delivery from the Tutan World and send down fel shards as compensation. The resources would sell to the highest bidder.

Kyle was sitting on a war chest, he had never seen so many fel shards before. [Libra] was developing at a fast pace.

Kyle's ambition had grown. He hoped to expand their business empire further when he had the war division's backing. Hudson City was too small. [Libra]'s businesses should expand throughout the entire Xertzul Abyss!

If James knew Kyle's thoughts, he would be proud. His lackey was enacting his will!


While Wanfang was working hard James couldn't fall behind.

I knew I would soon have many Knight followers constantly groomed from the Tutan World. I headed back to my two-room hut in the Hazel Canopy camp. After learning I had spent an entire year in the Tutan World and still had a year of confinement left Wesser forest, I was livid.

I thought when I got back my confinement would be over. Why did no one tell me time passed faster in pocket worlds? This young noble was supposed to skirt past his punishment! But now I am a year older and still forced to live in this dump.

My devilry had remained stagnant, though I knew and understood many more Daos. I was a much stronger Devil Knight, however; I was still a Devil Knight!

I now had a powerful organization under my wing, entire races follow my call! Yet I'm stuck here, unable to flaunt them around. For an arrogant young noble, this wouldn't do!

I lived in a hut, like some pauper. This young noble owns an entire world! A palace and everything, but I have to live in a hut. This is madness!

"Meow, this is Wesser Forest!"

"Shut up, you stupid cat!" I said as I threw a shoe at the cat, as he scurried away.

The only way I saw myself escaping my confinement was to break into the Baron realm. Then I would no longer be bound to this Hazel Canopy camp.

"Listen! You should learn the Curse Binding Scripture, it will help you break into the Baron realm."

I had not looked over the Curse Binding Scripture yet. It was my crowning prize of the Tutan World from the cheap book.

After reading it over, it intrigued me. This Scripture seemed to be perfect for my personality and strengths. To create a Curse Bound as the scripture instructed, I needed several materials.

I needed proficiency in Curse, Soul, and a Third unrelated Dao to create a Cursed Weapon. That was the first step.

I would carve this Cursed weapon with many runes. Whoever took it upon themselves to wield this weapon willingly would have their soul bound to serve me. They would amount to little more than a puppet.

Through the weapon, they could command the Third Dao that I carved within the weapon. For example, if I made a Fire Curse Weapon, the Curse Bound could command the power of the Fire Dao.

The method was insidious. They would have to willingly throw away their free will for power to become a Curse Bound. The curse weapon was beguilement.

Offering mortals power for their souls. I was on the right path to being a devil feared and respected by the masses.

I loved the idea. Besides Soul \u0026 Curse, I was proficient in Fire \u0026 Electric Dao. I could create two types of Curse Bound to serve by my side with my current Daos!

Though the initial investment and time to create the Cursed Weapons were strenuous. In return, I would have loyal slaves to serve by my side.