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 Have I really changed, have I become someone other than my evil sinister

What has changed? I no longer enjoy the torture of women, I am looking for friends ........ These are ridiculous things that have become new to me

I still kill and love to kill. I steal and enjoy it without fear

My hands are dirtier than swamps and my eyes are eyes of a monster who hasn't eat for a thousand years. I haven't do anything wrong

I just enjoyed life just as it enjoyed me

It's an equal relationship

Each one of us is a killer, but the difference here is that I kept going in the matter, i closed my door in the face of morals, values, dreams and friends, and opened it in the face of evil, deception, looting, and aggression.

I didn't believe in fate until I fell death from that time there. I realized that there was something called fate

And my destiny is so misery and full of suffering, so I am here now

I stood on the rock and behind me 4000 soldiers and 5 distinguished followers

Everyone is looking forward

I haven't changed, I still love blood and destruction

The time is approaching, it is time for war

I still have that damned smile, it is the enthusiasm of war. I know that in this place a massacre will happen in every sense of the word.

The heads will be cut off and the limbs amputated. A lot of people will die, and the emitter of hell and the dead king will pass from here

Suddenly as we look ahead, spiders emerge as a large army, the army of heavenly spiders were coming out from each side

Everyone was terrified of the quantity of these monsters. All were afraid. The bodies trembled and the weapons were falling.

And me

For me . . . . . .

I was laughing loudly, raising my voice, launching my aura, and smiling my damn smile

"Let the blood of rain make the entire world fearful of us and our weapons," I said that and ran forward with all my strength. I didn't care whether anyone followed me or not.

I don't care if I will die here. I don't care about anything I just moved forward

I use my mind a lot, but when the time comes for combat, the time blood, Then this damned monster will wake up inside me

I was completely alone approached monsters

No one followed me

I think everyone ran away

Suddenly, I decided to look behind me, but before that, there was a loud noise behind me

When I looked, I found Khaled and Shard leading the attack. I was just some steps away from them, they were leading the soldiers and shouting at their most loud voice and followed me

Then I noticed the toxic cloud of arrows flying over our heads, I have put poison on them all, I actually put poison on all swords too

It took me a long time but with the help of Mana potion I managed to do it

those arrows killed hundreds of monsters

But what surprised me most was the three big black arrows that came from behind

Each one of them killed a lot of spiders and hit a lot

When I looked, I found « Z » and a large black vapour coming out of it, and above it there were three large black arches

Slowly, an arrow was made over each arc

I didn't know that he had so much mana and so much control over it

Before we reach the spiders I noticed a red line on the ground

"Stop now !" "I said it that cause I don't want friendly fire

Suddenly, the land in front of us exploded and strong fire came out of it, many spiders instantly died

the arrows were still falling.

This trap was prepared by Hind,

Wow, she is smart and beautiful girl, these two things won't meet in the female except in rare times

After the fire become useless , the snow fell from the sky and silenced the fire

My army passed over the place of fire safely

When the snow fell , Khaled accelerated his pace

The arrows were still descending from the sky so he was forced to avoid the it, despite all that he was still fast

It looks like he's trying to get to the battlefield first but that's my goal


I used this skill and raised my sword heading towards spiders while still ...

Have That damn smile on my face