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 When I entered the room I decided to go to my realm to meditate

I entered my realm , everything was as usual

But I was feeling a little yearning for Yama, her childish movements and mindless thoughts

And I miss to torture her

While I was thinking about her that way, a sign window appeared

Do you want learn know the ability to "summon Yama"?

Why did this appear now ? asked mu delf that but choise "yes"

"you had summoned Yama"

Suddenly, she appeared one metre from me , just as the first time I entered my realm, she was completely naked. I think she was taking a shower

(M. . What? Where am I now?) She said that while she turned around, it seems that she did not notice me yet

When her eyes came in my eyes, she closed her eyes and then opened it again , his face was so red

"Hi," I said so, as I look at her and raise my hand

" doooooooon't look.... "Many magic attacks came with this scream

I avoided those blows quickly and I said

"Calm down, I won't look at you," and then I turned away from her

I waited some time until she went to her building and came back to me while she was wearing some clothes

(FORGET EVERYTHING YOU SAW) She said so while she looked at me with anger and excitement

"Do you think anyone who is not crazy can forget this? Are you really a demon or an angel from heaven?"

I said that while I smile and look in her eyes

Her face turned red again

"How did you get me here and what do you want? " She said this As she tries to look angry

"I summoned you using a new skill I learned and I want you to help me in the next battle."

"And what will I gain from helping you" She had a simple smile on her face


Her body continued to vibrate because of electricity for 5 minutes

"This is what you will get if you don't help me,"

There were some wounds on his face So I approached her and put my hands on her beautiful face and whispered

"I don't like hurting your face like this. Why do you always make me do this to you?"

Although I said this nicely, she slapped my hand, which was on her body

"I really like this persistence that you have. You havent submit to me no matter what i do, so I enjoy more your torture."


This time her body was shaking more, and the screaming from her throat was louder

I was standing in my place and smiling, but suddenly she stopped screaming. Instead, he appeared on her bloody face with a strange smile, I don't know why . . . . But at that moment I wanted to feel the same pain she was feeling in order to understand the meaning of that smile

I left her and went to the palace of the King of Kings

I went to the black throne and sat and thought about "Meditation room"

I entered the rooms and decided to stay in them for the next 8 days

When I am in that room I do not need to eat, drink or anything else

In this room there was a light coming out and entering my body whenever I felt that my body was about to explode

Also, I felt a strange thing growing in my body every time go level up

.... .

After 8 days passed, so I head out of the palace

my level now is 60

When she left the palace, she summoned Yama and instructed her to prepare for the battle that will happen tomorrow

Yama: "Before I get ready for anything, I have a question."

"what's your question "

"What are you doing with zed ?"