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 "Welcome, Minister Hassan," I said, and I see the person entering the door

Everyone stared at me with great surprise

(Why did you give me these black gems of medium quality which you want?) He said as he stepped forward

"I don't want anything from you, but you are the one who wants something from me."

"What will I want from our dear guest?") He said, looking up at the room behind me

"That you become the king," I said, and I went to the king sitting behind me and showed his face

"This is ... the king is this king," he said so as he headed to

And before he approached me, I told him

"He was the king, from now you will become the king of this city," I said that then I carried my sword and placed it in the head of the foolish king.

(M..what did you do? Are you crazy?) He said so and his body was shivering

Everyone was looking at me with great horror and amazement at what I did

How can I kill a city king so easily? And without hesitation? These people have not known who I am yet

Who is me and what is my true personality

When I decide to do something i do it without looking back,

I approached Hassan. His face was white and he was very afraid

I approached his ear and whispered:

"King Hassan, do you not like this name? Now you have all the wealth and power and nobody can stand against you

Instead of this fatty king who does nothing but have sex and sleep while leaving you all the work, be the king or die here with your king. Die here and people will remember you as the loyal dog of the king. "

Really, humans are easy to manipulate, greed, wealth, power and vanity, when they meet in one person, you will not be able to save him from the bottom, no matter what happens, so I try to benefit from that.

"Are you crazy? I will not become the king easily," he said so nervously, while he looked at me

He fell into the trap, there is no greater trap than words

"Yes, I am crazy, but listen to my words. You were the one who gave orders to the army and you are the closest person to the king.

Your words are considered the words of the king and your actions are his actions. Therefore, when the king dies, the people will have no choice but to take you like a king. You will only say three things to become the king.

1 - The king killed by a monster

2 - The prince of the clouds tribe came to save the city from an attack that will happen after 10 days, his men killed some of the monsters that killed 100 soldiers and that they will be responsible for the army and the city until the battle against the spiders is over.

3 - Give half of the king's wealth to the people and build some of the building for the residents to live in while the city is being renovated, this is so that no revolt will come upon you from the people.

Trust me, after you announce that, no one will object to your words but rather you will become a hero and everyone will chant your name and ask you to be the king. "

Everyone was looking at me with astonishment

Was this plan really issued by a 15-year-old child?

I think this question wanders their mind

But who was on his face the most surprised was Hassan, he was looking at me and did not know what he was saying

"What do you want in return?" He said that as he looked at me

"I want to control everything in this city so that we can destroy all monsters, King Hassan."

"Are there really monsters?" His gaze remained attached to the king's body behind me

"Did you think I was lying?" I just had to raise the sword just to get the answer I wanted

"No .... I didn't mean that," he said, looking at the sword and shivering

"Khaled took the king's body to his room without leaving anyone and mutilating his body before that, just so that no one could see the impact of the sword."

Khaled loaded the king's body and went to the palace

" go behind him and I want you to be the first to discover this matter." I looked at Hassan and said that,

"Take these black jewels, give it to anyone who tries to object to what you do, and if someone doesn't accept what you do, tell me his name. I will make him go on a long holiday."

I know that these jewels reward a great fortune but that doesn't matter, I got a lot of them so I didn't think about it, and I can kill it and get it again after we finish the fight against spiders

I get out from the air a bag of jewels and give it to hassen

"I thought about it when I saw you pulling the sword out of nowhere, but I said I thought it was a sword's special ability. Now you took out jewels too, do you have a legendary inner realm) Z was saying this while he was shocked

"Yes, I have one."

Everyone would fall to the ground from shock

"You can use magic and use the capabilities of a warrior and you have a lot of rare skills and also the ability to sense, heal and mythical inner range, what kind of monster are you?"

Are you really a child at the age of 15, with all this cunningness and the strength that you have? I will believe if I say that you are an old monster who is not getting old. "Hind said that while in a state of confusion due to the successive shocks she got

"I am Gray ,i am human but the worst and most dangerous monster that your eyes may see. I know only one way, the path of victory and the wining."

Everyone who stands in a way has no choice but to die. "I said that, and I released my aura and aura of my sword

Everyone was shocked and afraid, but on their face I looked at respect as well. I know this view. These people respect power above all.

The next day, Hassan announced that he had found the king killed in his room by a monster

The monster mutilated the king's body and returned it to the palace. Until now, no one has yet known the type of this monster who killed the king in his bed so easily and no other king will be chosen until the prince's team kills the monsters (this means my team ) that will come after 10 days

The people were screaming in the name of Hassan, who announced after that that half of the king's wealth would go to the people and began building some new homes, renovating the old and renewing the shape of the city.

Everyone used to hate the old king, so no one cared about how he was killed, but they are happy to kill him and they may give a gift to those who killed him too, so they went through this simple trick.

He also told them that everything in the city would be under the command of the prince and his followers until the danger of monsters disappear. Also, the choice of a new king will happen after that

Hassan was crying as he talked about the 100 soldiers who died and to whom the prince's revenge was revenged, how great his battle was, how he protected the city from danger, and about the size of the next danger that we must prepare for

I am now sitting in the king's chair

"You are really very smart, how did you think about all this and when did you manage to invite Hassan to the place here?" Khaled said, smiling hard and stupid, sure he was confused.

"Do you remember when I said I wanted to go to the toilet? I asked the soldier who went with me about the conditions of the city and asked him if there was a certain person the king trusted

The soldier told me about Hassan and how close he is to the king and that he is the one who gives orders to the army and he always gives the speech to the people

In his voice, I felt that he hated the king, so I took advantage of that and gave him a black essence, and his eyes shone - I did not know that she had such a magical effect - after that, I instructed him to go to Hassan and tell him that we want to meet him and take out another jewel and told him to give him this essence and bring it to us and You know what happened next.

I said that while looking at everyone and explaining to them

Shard looked at me and said

"You are really smart, I did not expect you from all this intelligence and strength. For the first time we met her, now I think I saved these people from you instead of saving you from you" He was smiling as he spoke

Lina was sitting quietly and looking only at me, I don't know what this girl is thinking

"What will we do now? We have no time for this talk. Only 9 days remain of the attack," Z said, in a tense voice.

"Who told you that I'm just sitting? We are waiting for something to happen."

"What are we waiting for?" Hind's voice is really beautiful

Before I answer the soldier knocked on the door and said

"Sir, the 4,000 soldiers outside the palace are waiting for your orders," he said as he looked at me