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 Chapter 587: Soul Realm Infancy

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"Then the Bhang Family will be waiting for Master Feijing!"

Saint Items! Qian Jin only saw the names of these items in the books written by his ancestors, then he saw them in Uncle Blake's notes, and then...

Qian Jin was glad that his luck was so good. He got a Saint Item in the Ancient Desert Sea, and it was the Dark Demon Armor that belonged to the Lucifer Demons.

Now, he was able to see a new Saint Item, [Rhythm of the Stars], the bow that had killed numerous powerful human warriors.

Qian Jin lied on his bed and caressed his special bow with three bowstrings on it. He thought back to the Saint Item he saw in the Jinleng Family and wondered if he could remake and strengthen this bow of his. Even if he couldn't remake a real Saint Item, he could at least make a Soul Weapon.

That was right! Even though a Soul Weapon couldn't beat a Saint Item, it was still better than Warrior Weapons.

After some thinking, he made a plan; he decided that he was going to refine his bow when he got back to the headquarters of the Bhang Bandit Group in the Frontier.

After that, he took out his mage hat and entered the Endless World.

Qian Jin still couldn't understand what was going on with his third Warrior Heart. He knew that it wasn't a Golden Warrior Heart, and that strange power looming around it was making Qian Jin uncomfortable.

Also, his injuries! Although the mutation of his third Warrior Heart healed most of the injuries on him, there were damages that could only be healed by a real Pharmacist.

Adams looked up at Qian Jin who just walked through the door and sighed. "Can you come here without being so injured every time?"

Qian Jin didn't have a response. He didn't want to injure himself, but which warrior could escape from wounds and injuries? The only thing was that the frequency of his injuries was a lot higher compared to others.

"Study Pharmaceuticals after you done drinking the potion," Adams said as he was busy running experiments. "You have to rely on yourself at the end of the day. If you are this injured in battle, you won't have time to come here and heal up."

After Qian Jin chugged down the potions, he didn't leave to find Uncle Enlak immediately. Like what Adams had asked, he patiently studied and learned how to make high-level potions for several hours.

"You're here again?" Enlak looked at Qian Jin, who had been coming to him every day, and said with a smile, "What do you want today?"

Qian Jin walked into the center of the building and instantly unleashed all of his power; his three Warrior Hearts spun inside his body.

"Another challenge? Ok, I will... Huh?" Enlak just used the technique, [Thousand Warriors], but he instantly took it back. As he stared at Qian Jin's forehead, he asked, "When did you get a Diamond Warrior Heart?"

"Diamond Warrior Heart?" Qian Jin was stunned and forgot to control the Warrior Power running loose in his body.

"You know that a Warrior Heart would advance to a Golden Warrior Heart, right?" Enlak waved his hand and signaled Qian Jin to sit down. "But there are exceptions. When the quality of the Warrior Power surpasses the Golden Warrior Heart, one might be able to get a better version of the Warrior Heart after meeting a dozen other criteria. We call that a Diamond Warrior Heart."

"It's better than a Golden Warrior Heart?"

"Not entirely..." Enlak thought about it for a while and said, "A Diamond Warrior Heart should only exist in Uncle Blake's theories, and it shouldn't actually appear. But you do have one now... surprising."

"So what is a Diamond Warrior Heart?" Qian Jin was still confused.

"In simple terms, it is a mutated Golden Warrior Heart," Enlak nodded and said. "Theoretically, it should still be considered a Golden Warrior Heart, but it is a more advanced version."

"Advanced version?"

"A Diamond Warrior Heart isn't just capable of purer Warrior Power; it should theoretically contain an incomplete Soul Realm as well," Enlak paused a little before continuing. "Only Saint Warriors are capable of having Soul Realms. Saint Warriors are able to control a power that is similar to a natural law, and warriors with Diamond Warrior Hearts should be able to do the same, but..."

Enlak shrugged and said, "The Saint Warriors have a complete Soul Realm, but warriors with Diamond Warrior Hearts should only have miniature Soul Realm. Don't you feel anything special?"

"I do!" Qian Jin nodded and said, "That is why I'm here. I want to ask you about this after I win."

"You don't need to defeat me before asking," Enlak said after giving it some thought. "Close your eyes and look at that Diamond Warrior Heart. Ask it what law it contains."

"Ask? How?" Qian Jin was a little speechless. Although the Warrior Hearts were said to be alive, they weren't actual life forms. In addition, Warrior Hearts didn't know how to talk, so Qian Jin was confused.

"Close your eyes and ask!"

"Oh," after getting no answers, Qian Jin had to close his eyes and follow the instructions.

Shiny and flashy! Qian Jin observed his third Warrior Heart that was emitting colorful lights and felt like it was definitely superior to a Golden Warrior Heart.

"Diamond Warrior Heart, can you tell me what law you contain?"

Qian Jin thought of this question in his head, and the Warrior Power inside his body started to surge violently.

At that moment, the Diamond Warrior Heart also started to rotate. It unleashed that strange force Qian Jin felt before and this strange force got into the other two Warrior Hearts in Qian Jin's body.

Boom! The Warrior Power turned berserk! As if the soldiers heard the war drums and got their morale hyped up, Qian Jin's Warrior Power was being ignited!


His Warrior Power was almost exploding and his physical strength was also skyrocketing!

"Kid, show me the power your Soul Realm is giving you!"

Enlak's shout pierced through Qian Jin's head and rooted in his soul.

At that moment, Qian Jin could no longer suppress that erupting force. He punched out. this punch instantly sucked in the air around it and created a ton of noises that sounded like the roar of dragons.

It tore through space and it felt like this punch could destroy anything in its way!

Boom! The air in front of Enlak exploded and his clothes fluttered a little before calming down.

Qian Jin was shocked to see this. "Uncle Enlak's clothes are moved by my strike? How? Was my punch that special?" he thought.

"Oh my god!" Enlak started at Qian Jin's forehead and murmured, "Kid, how... how did you get this Diamond Warrior Heart? How did you get this Soul Realm? I thought the Soul Realm would be like Uncle Blake's King of Fire Soul Realm or other Soul Realms... How did you get a Destruction Soul Realm?"

"Destruction Soul Realm?"

Qian Jin was surprised by it. He never experienced the power of Saint Warriors except for the power of softness that Box Lee used.

Although that softness seemed useless at the moment, Qian Jin realized that it was a hard Soul Realm to deal with. Having the ability to turn anything soft, he could turn his opponent's armors, weapons, and attacks soft easily!

Softness may seem weak, but it was terrifying in terms of defense.

Softness may seem week, but it was great at tying people down.

After experiencing the power of Box Lee's Soul Realm, Qian Jin had been envious about it for a while now.

"That is right! Violence Soul Realm!" Enlak said excitedly. "In simple terms, this Soul Realm would increase the strength of an entity to an extreme until it really matched its name - Destruction!" Enlak snapped his finger as he said the last word.

Qian Jin started to understand the situation. No wonder when he asked his Diamond Warrior Heart what law it contained, his physical strength and Warrior Power both got destructive, it was all due to this Destruction Soul Realm.

"Kid, the Destruction Soul Realm isn't as simple as you think," Enlak continued with envy in his eyes. "What should you do when someone injects their Warrior Seal into your body when you are injured?"

"Expel it immediately!"

"What if your opponent is more powerful than you?"

"Then..." Qian Jin's eyes lit up as he said, "Use the Destruction Soul Realm to empower me?"

"That is right!" Enlak snapped his fingers again and said, "This Soul Realm could protect your life! Although every Soul Realm could somewhat protect their owner's life, one of my favorite Soul Realm is this! The only thing is that this Soul Realm rarely appears."

Qian Jin nodded again; he was having trouble processing the information. Normally, only Saint Warriors were capable of having a Soul Realm, but he got one before becoming a Soul-Power Warrior!

"Too bad this Soul Realm is still incomplete," Enlak sighed, "If it is complete, its power would be through the roof! Your Soul Realm is in its infancy!"

"It's ok!" Qian Jin comforted himself. "This is already a big surprise. Even if it is only in its infancy stage, I'm happy!"

"Strange, how did you get this Diamond Warrior Heart though?" Enlak asked, "Did anything special happen?"

"Special?" Qian Jin thought back to the fight between him and Warrick Lifeng and said, "Yeah, very special. I met an Undead, and he was also an Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline Warrior. He injected his broken Warrior Soul into my body as a gift."