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 Chapter 295: Limitless

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Barbarians were different. Even kids who were about ten years old were able to drop their toys and pick up axes and bows. They were born fighters and they were all qualified.

Rule over Humans, Demons, and Barbarians? This wasn't only the dream of Yuan Kylie. Past Demon Kings, Zence Emperors, and Clan Heads of Barbarian all had the same dreams.

However, as if the gods liked to tease everyone when an impressive emperor take over Zence a great Demon King would appear in the Demon Empire and an intelligent Clan Head would be born into the Barbarians as well.

Those eras were the times when the warriors fought the most and the wars were the cruelest. It was impossible to conquer one another.

"The one who rules over all three races would definitely be our Zence Empire." Duren Burg said as he swung his fist. "In this era, because of me, the Zence Empire would have one more bloodline warrior who achieves Ultimate Awakening. I will rise to the top and beat the other three Ultimate Bloodline Warriors!"

Yuan Kylie sneered at this. This line was said by almost all other bloodline warriors who's bloodline had never achieved Ultimate Awakening, just like how the Fanta Family said that they would defeat Bloodline Warriors, there might be one or two warriors from Fanta Family who defeats bloodline warriors, but they couldn't defeat the top ten bloodlines. Although this was the fact, their goal of defeating Ultimate Bloodline Warriors never changed.

"In terms of bloodline awaking." Qian Jin patted himself to dust off the sand and said, "Burg, aren't you going to have your second awakening? Let's go to Hydra Family to complete your awakening first then return to Ancient Desert Sea when it is about time for my duel."

"Now?" A hesitant expression appeared on Duren Burg's face as he said, "The Hydra Family calls itself the leader of the top ten bloodlines of Zence, right after the three ultimate bloodlines..."

"It's ok, anything can be negotiated." Qian Jin shook off the sand in his hair and continued. "The stronger the family, the more rigid it becomes, However, there is still chance."

Duren Burg fell into a silence as he didn't have much hope in it. The Pam Family had a set of strict family rules. Other than changing the family name back to Pam and going back to the family, why would they help an outsider?"

Lucifer Lucy looked at Qian Jin curiously. "Doesn't this young man know his limits? Is he too overconfident? The Hydra Family is named the Snake Emperor Bloodline and they had a regal-like pride and honor. Even when they were faced with Ultimate Bloodline Warriors, they never admitted defeat. The stubbornness was engraved into their souls, how can this be negotiated?"

"Anything can be negotiated." Qian Jin patted Duren Burg's shoulder and said, "Trust me."

Fanta Kunge looked at Qian Jin with his squinted eyes as he laughed at Duren Burg. Duren Burg cared about this topic too deeply and it caused him not to think clearly. The water in Qian Jin's Warrior Dimension that could activate the bloodline awakening to Hydra Family members was like the greatest treasures of the Hydra Bloodline Warriors despite the fact that it was useless to other bloodlines. The Hydra family probably would be willing to trade it with a city!

Any kind of strict rules can be bent when the profit was large enough.

The words of Qian Zhanxuan was still resonating in everyone's ear after this many days. The ones who would need to battle in the future at the Qian Family would include Duren Burg as well. After his reckless language, he was targeted as well. Now, Qian Jin was invincible when faced with most Demon Capturers. The one who was in danger was Duren Burg.

"Let's go! Target location, Limitless City in the Qian Region! Where the Pam Family is located!"

Qian Region, to people in the Qian Family and outsiders, Qian Family was like an independent kingdom who ruled the region.

Although the Qian Family didn't directly control the economy of the region and the taxes were taken according to the rules of the empire, many people viewed it as that Qian Family was too lazy to get involved.

Of course, not everyone thought that the Qian Family controlled the entire region. The people who lived in Limitless City didn't believe so.

Every top ten bloodline family had a territory that was given to them by the emperor of the empire. As one of the top ten bloodline families, the Pam Family was given Pam City in the Qian Region which wasn't far from Qian City.

From the east side of Qian City, one was able to reach the territory of Hydra Bloodline Family, Pam City which was now named Limitless City, in little more than a day with a fast horse.

The tall defense walls of Limitless City looked very different from the Qian City's no defense wall structure style and it had another different majestic feel to it. Other than the flag of the Zence Empire, there was also a flag of a Hydra. Both flags fluttered in the wind.

"This is Limitless City." Duren Burg looked at the city gate that wasn't far away and said, "It was rumored that this city came with this defense wall when it was given to Pam Family. Some people suggested to the leader of Pam Family at that time, Pam Zefi, to take down the walls to show that Pam Family wasn't weaker than Qian Family, but he didn't stop it."

"How much energy and resources went into the building of these defense walls? How much energy and resources would it take to destroy it? Since it is already here, then let it be. Defense walls can't capture and imprison the honor and pride of the Hydra Family!"

Duren Burg repeated the words of Pam Zefi as admiration appeared in his eyes. "There is a reason that he was called the most outstanding leader of the Pam Family."

Qian Jin nodded as he turned around and looked at Duren Burg's expression. The records in the Qian Family were filled with appreciation when it talked about Pam Zefi. Both enemies and friends would give a talented person fair comments.

"Wish we can get to meet the current leader, Pam Honzi. He is almost said to be a great leader."

Qian Jin hushed his horse and charged towards the city at the front, Duren Burg roared as he followed. Yuan Kylie was little nervous as she held her horsewhip tight. Even though she had the magic conductor to hide her identity, she was still nervous as she was about to meet one of the top warriors of Zence.

Delicate Hydra Engravings and statues were on the gates and the defense walls. On the soldiers who were guarding the gate, they also were wearing armors with hydra patterns engraved on them. One of the soldiers was only fifteen years old, but he had a golden Hydra badge on his armor.

"Descendants of the Pam Family?" Duren Burg looked at this young warrior a bit more. This young man had awakened his bloodline this young. After all, it was the rule of the Pam Family that all members who woke up their bloodlines would get a gold badge.

When Duren Burg woke up his bloodline, he received a golden badge from the Pam Family as well, but he threw it out right away."

"Hydra Bloodline?" The young boy also looked at Duren Burg with a surprised expression. He sniffed as he got more confused. He waved his hand and send the soldiers who were about to inspect the fleet and asked, "You are a Hydra Bloodline Warrior, where is your badge?"

Qian Jin was a little surprised. Outsiders couldn't tell if someone was a bloodline warrior unless the bloodline warrior used this bloodline power. Today, this young Hydra Bloodline Warrior was able to see through Duren Burg.... could he..."

Qian Jin looked at Yuan Kylie behind him with a concerned expression. She was a royal demon, if someone discovers her real identity, they won't be able to take her safely out of here even if Pam Honzi doesn't show up.

"Your bloodline power is....." Duren Burg looked at the young warrior with a surprised expression. "Is..."

"Pam Monzi of the Pam Family." The young warrior knocked his own chest with his fist and said, "Primary Awakening, Level 7 Demon Fighter, ability..."

His expression dimmed as he said with an unconfident tone. "Able to identify snake type bloodlines and if the warriors had an awakened bloodline..."

Duren Burg curled his lips. Level 7 Demon Fighter at this age... when he was at this age, he was still a kid who played with his snot. If this young warrior had a better bloodline ability, he would be focused on by the Pam Family.

Identity if snake type bloodlines had achieved awakening? This ability can only provide more information on the warriors of the similar types. no wonder he was sent here to guard the gate.

"Duren Burg, Primary Awakening, level 8 Demon Fighter..." Duren Burg sighed and said, "Bloodline Ability, confidential."

"Confidential?" Qian Jin suddenly realized that he didn't know what ability Duren Burg got from his Primary Awakening.

"Duren Burg?" Pan Monzi's voice suddenly rose as he said, "You are the one achieved natural awakening? The one who threw family badge into a dirty river?"

Qian Jin laughed as he looked at Duren Burg. He didn't expect Duren Burg to be this famous. Even though this warrior was young, he had heard of Duren Burg's name.

"Level 8 Demon Fighter?" the soldiers who were guarding the gate had disdain on their faces. Level 8 Demon Fighters can be looked up by the people in small cities but at Limitless City? "This is the core of Pam Family, and how dare this young warrior throw away the Pam Family's badge?" They thought.

Level 7 Demon Fighter? Qian Jin nodded as he looked at Pam Monzi. This was the frightening characteristic of bloodline warriors. They were able to get stronger at such as fast speed that they would be the strongest warriors in their age group.

Pam Monzi fixed his helmet and looked at Duren Burg's clear face. "Are you planning to come back to Pam Family this time?" He asked.

Duren Burg jumped off of his horse and shook his head: "No, I want to see the leader."

"See the leader?" Pam Monzi felt like his ear was malfunctioning. "Is the leader of Pam Family that easy to see? Even the members who woke up their bloodlines had a hard time meeting the leader." He thought.