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 Chapter 162: One Hundred Times, One Hundred Times!

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The crowd immediately comprehended that Qian Jin was sending an invitation for a fight to Duren Burg. At this time everybody fixed their eyes on this young warrior who had a natural tendency for getting acquainted with others.

"No problem! I have no reason to refuse your invitation for a warrior's glory!" Under the staring of the crowd, Duren Burg suddenly straightened his back, lowered his body, covered his belly with two hands and shouted loud, "Ouch! My stomach is aching, aching sooooomuch...ouch~~~I cannot put up with it anymore."

"Qian Jin, my stomach aches severely, we shall have to fight some other day!"

After saying this, Duren Burg turned away with speed as fast as a leopard, without any traces of a stomachache. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared at the back of the military tent.

The people watching looked at each other and realized that this guy fled at the invitation for the fight by Qian Jin! The so-called glory and pride were total bullshit!

Qian Jin forced a smile and lowered his head to look at his foot movement. The past two years spent exercising [Innumerable Shadows] weren't wasted. The simplified move he created just now was not as striking as the complete version of [Innumerable Shadows], yet it was enough to threaten his opponents with a low profile.

Rodriguez eventually woke from his initial shock and rushed toward the battle ring to give Qian Jin a bear-like hug. "You boy! You've performed a nice shot! Do you know what you've just done? You defeated Fanta Kunge! Fanta Kunge! A descendant of the Fanta family!"

Rodriguez couldn't help feeling elated. The Fanta family had always been the idol of non-bloodline warriors having produced generations of elites who, while being able to compete with supreme bloodline warriors, stood as the only non-bloodline warriors who could rival those bloodline warriors!

Even the three supreme bloodline warrior families spoke highly of the Fanta family. Even those families who had bred ultimate warriors also applauded Fanta family greatly.

But this time Qian Jin had defeated a descendant of the Fanta family! Durk had was very ecstatic. Would anyone dare to look down on the Oakland Mage and Warrior Academy in this general exam?

"Incredible! Yogi, you cavalrymen emphasize speed. How do you feel about this guy's attack?"

Yogi ceased underestimating Qian Jin, rather, he wore a look full of appreciation, and said slightly, "His attack was direct and decisive, especially the dodge, which was extremely eye-catching."

"Definitely, we have to study it carefully."

"Yes. He started with a move void of any formal stratagem, which contained a murderous intent that made me feel that I was on a battlefield."

"That's right." Yogi touched his jaw, and turned for his tent, "He is already so powerful at such a young age, and his future is really promising...em?"

Yogi and the other thousand man captains felt that their robes were pulled by someone at their backs. Gabriella's shy voice rang immediately, whose little hands were grasping these three Chiliarchies' robes firmly, "I won...the profit ratio was one to a hundred..."

Yogi and the other two Chiliarchies looked into each other, and forced a bitter smile. They tried talking to scatter others' attention and seize the opportunity to flee so as to deny their loss. However, this seeming bashful mage apprentice behaved strangely courageous at this moment.

"Haha...how could we play dumb?" Yogi felt a little burning on his face under the gazing of the surrounding soldiers, and said loudly, "I'm on my way to fetch you the golden coins. Observed by so many people, how could I renege on the debt."

The soldiers nearby laughed out loud. Bantering such words as making a bet with a profit ratio of one to one hundred couldn't be taken lightly. These three chiliarchies might had to sell their underpants in order to gather money for this little girl.

Defeated? Fanta Kunge sat on the bed with a blank face, looking into the rippling grass amidst the breeze outside the tent as he recalled what had happened just now. He still couldn't figure out the reason for his loss as he was just about to win the fight, but all of a sudden was defeated by Qian Jin? The skin of his palm had already touched Qian Ji, but how did his strength disappear out of the blue?

Fanta Kunge was analyzing his reasons for the defeat. When he worked out the warrior power of level 3 demon fighter, he did feel the overwhelming strength inside him. There wasn't any loss in his power or strength, yet he was beaten down by Qian Jin. How did that happen? Did he use the magic? Impossible! He didn't possess any spiritual power.

The more Fanta Kunge tried to analyze, the more he felt puzzled. As a descendant of the Fanta family, what he learned first at his early age was fundamental knowledge about commanding. As to individual combat learning, he had always been tortured.

[Want to beat others? First, learn to suffer from their beating!] This was one of the Fanta family's parental instructions. Any warrior of Fanta family had to learn to take a beating in their early years. Apart from learning the right movements of taking the beating to reduce the attacking force, they had to do appalling exercises in order to increase their ability to take hits.

All warriors of the Fanta family were much better at taking hits than other warriors of their grade. The Fanta family grew up under the whipping of numerous wands. Even Fanta Rum once said that Kunge's ability to take the hits was passable.

Being praised by Fanta Rum as "passable" was enough to make Fanta Kunge extremely elated for a couple of days, but...this confirmation from his family Patriarch was even more feeble than tofu. Is Qian Jin a demon in human skin? Or did he have special abilities? The ability to activate the bloodline power without being sensed by others?

"No! It couldn't be bloodline power by any means!" Fanta Kunge shook his head fiercely, "A warrior mustn't cheat himself! A loss is a loss! It is obvious that that guy hadn't used his full power! He defeated me effortlessly by using strength equivalent to mine. I was totally defeated this time. If I refuse to admit it and face up to it, I do not have the qualification of being a great warrior, or be titled as a descendant of Fanta family, or climb the mountain of bloodline warriors in the future."

"That's it! Qian Jin's might was beyond imagination!" Fanta Kunge walked out of his tent and asked everyone he came across about the residence of the Oakland Mage and Warrior Academy on his way forward.

Soon he found the tent of Oakland Mage and Warrior Academy at the corner of the military camp which was filled with the voices of apprentices.

"Qian Jin is really strong! Even the Fanta family couldn't conquer him!"

"Our Oakland Mage and Warrior Academy will surely rise up!"

"It's a shame that we're not in Jinsey State. It would be such a proud thing to see Qian Jin defeat Fanta Kunge in the general exam."

Clattering! The flaps of the tent were opened with great force by Fanta Kunge. The apprentices of Oakland Mage and Warrior Academy were caught blank at that moment, gazing at Fanta Kunge who was wearing a faintly angry face.

"Where is Qian Jin!" Fanta Kunge was obviously angry. The students of Oakland Mage and Warrior Academy didn't dare open their mouths under the intimidating gaze of Fanta Kunge.

The tiger essence of Fanta Kunge in Qian Jin's eyes was just that of a big cat, but to others, it was bold and fierce, full of the might of a real tiger.

"Who is calling me?" Qian Jin was standing at Fanta Kunge's back, carrying a kettle of boiling water. Watching Fanta Kunge slowly turn his back, Qian Jin praised, "You have a strong body, your recovery speed is much faster than what I would have imagined."

The apprentices of Oakland Mage and Warrior Academy kept making hand gestures behind Qian Jin's back, hoping that he would go and find a place to hide himself. Though Qian Jin was strong, Fanta Kunge was backed up by the renowned Fanta family which was adored by countless non-bloodline warriors!

Qian Jin looked at Fanta Kunge, feeling it strange that although this young man was wearing an angry face as if he would explode like a volcano, he wasn't stained with any murderous intent.

It was so strange! Fanta Kunge had stepped onto the battlefield, so how could he generate no murderous intent? Though Qian Jin couldn't figure this out, he was not afraid of him, knowing that he could still defeat him as a level 3 demon fighter even without the help of innumerable shadows, but with the support of his unorthodox techniques and life-and-death fighting experiences. After all, he was a level 9 demon fighter, who could easily beat him down with a single hand.

"You?" Fanta Kunge wore a sullen-looking face, "Which academy will you apply for?"

Qian Jin blinked his eyes. He was the second person asking about the academy he would apply for during the short ten days. But obviously, this one in front of him was not asking for cigarettes from him since, for the Fanta family, obtaining packets of cigarettes were like picking up a low-hanging fruit.

"Punitive." Qian Jin replied in short.

"Punitive...ranks seventh among the super-class academies..." Fanta Kunge seemed to seriously meditate on this, "I see! I will also go to study in Punitive Expedition Academy!"

Students of Oakland Mage and Warrior Academy stopped their hand gestures, and stood there like sculptures, feeling terrible for Qian Jin as Fanta Kunge was determined to fight with Qian Jin. Had they known this just before, they wouldn't have said what they did. It seemed that they had caused trouble for Qian Jin.

"Besides," Fanta Kunge slowly lowered his head, placed his fist above his heart, gradually bent over and said, "Please instruct me on how to become stronger!"

Several soldiers who had just come to witness the incident and had said nothing were stupefied, standing straight without moving an inch. Being informed that Fanta Kunge, who had just recovered had come to see Qian Jin immediately, nearly all soldiers thought that he was trying to regain his fame. Armed with the principle that either side being injured was troublesome, several hundred man captains rushed there. However, the scene in front of them was even more eye catching than Fanta Kunge's challenging Qian Jin. The most illustrious young warrior of Fanta family in this generation had lowered his head to look for instruction from Qian Jin!

Rodriguez was anxious that Qian Jin might agree with his pleading. Fanta Kunge was after all a young offspring of Fanta family, and if Qian Jin said such words as "I'll instruct you", this was equal to humiliating the Fanta family to some extent. It might be nothing to the eyes of the leader of Fanta Family, but to the young generation of Fanta family, it posed as a trouble. Probably more and more warriors of Fanta family might plead for "instruction" from Qian Jin in the future.