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 "No problem and welcome to the family."

Dinner was a joyous affair. Kyle spoke to Bruno's parents and they agreed to join the morning training, he also spoke to them about staying in the mansion as he would be able to give them protection, they however were afraid to leave their store alone for too long. Kyle however came up with a solution for this, once he had a chance he would install arrays within their store to give it protection when they were away. With his new portfolio of previously unknown arrays Kyle would be able to make the store one of the most secure buildings in the city. Once this had been sorted Bruno's parents agreed to move over once the store was secured.

Everyone else was having fun with some people singing and dancing while Randall and Zak got really drunk and spent almost 40 minutes toasting everyone including Kyle before they passed out and were handed to some of the blacksmith apprentices so they could carry them to bed.

The older women in the house were gossiping and giggling together while the men were speaking about fights they had seen and how they hunted. The younger generation ended up sitting together and spoke about how things were going on their side. To his surprise and gratitude Miranda dragged him and Bruno over and included them in the group while Clara was already with them.

Eventually the family began to disperse and everyone either went to do their own hobbies, cultivate or just sleep. Kyle returned to his room and cultivated for a while before he got ready for bed. Once he lay down in bed Kyle turned his soul sight to his body to check if there had been any further progress.

Inspecting his flesh first Kyle could see his body was strengthening at a ridiculous pace. The infusion of mana was causing a controlled evolution to his bones and organs. His muscles and bones were denser than previously while what they were composed of was changing into something stronger but also lighter. His organs and veins were much stronger and more resilient but it was his heart which had the biggest change. It had grown in size a little but he could see the chambers were changing it looked like it would gain an extra few chambers probably to act as a backup if it was damaged and need time to heal.

Diving further into his spirit realm Kyle was pleased by the progress he was making. His level 1 nodes had begun to clear and his channels were getting continuously expanded and reinforced. Retrieving his sight Kyle thought about what he should do tomorrow.

He had queued up everyone for training and Zak had allocated rooms and resources to everyone. Kyle had to admit that placing Zak as his manager was probably the best decision he had made so far as it freed him up to continue experimenting and grow stronger without having to waste time on the little details.

After morning training Kyle would upgrade the forge under the mansion with the new array plans he had and he would show the staff how to use them. Unfortunately they wouldn't be able to produce the alloy he could or forge weapons like he did straight away and it would take some practice but thanks to the discovery of the resources within the mansion they would be able to practice without worry and with the arrays he was going to install there would be very little material loss when things were re-forged for another attempt.

Secondly Kyle decided it was time he headed into the city and got himself registered with the array masters guild. As he could already use array projection he could immediately take the masters test without having to go through the tests for apprentice, adept and journeyman. This would mean he would have a say in the functioning of the local guild, further strengthening his position. He would also use this time to gather various seeds from the market to plant in the grounds at b3 as he knew there was a combination of arrays down there which he didn't know all of their functions but he suspected they were used to accelerate the growth of plants down there.

Finalising his plans Kyle let sleep take him. He slept without disturbance and was only awoken when sunlight streamed through the window and onto his face. Getting up Kyle hopped into the shower and after brushing his teeth got dressed and ready to meet a new day and the new challenges it would bring to him.

On opening his door he was greeted by Miranda who was waiting for him. After greeting each other they headed down to the Kitchen to grab breakfast with everyone. When they arrived they were greeted by a small number of people who were already up which included Liam, Iris, Bruno, Ash, Lauren and Clara. The rest of the house began appearing shortly after and gave their morning greetings to everyone. Randall and Zak were amongst the last to arrive with Nettie following after, which was making a lot of noise behind them as they winced whenever something clattered.

As they sat down Bruno's parents arrived. Bruno had slept in the mansion but they had returned home after dinner. Kyle dismissed their apologies as he knew until they moved over it would be a struggle to get everywhere on time. As everyone was preparing to dig in Kyle told everyone to hold on for a minute while he looked to the entrance. After a minute four people arrived, at their arrival everyone except Kyle scrambled to their feet and bowed. The people who arrived where Shauna, Isaiah, Maria and Landon everyone had to show the respect due to the family head and they began to panic. Landon looked over everyone and was surprised when he saw Kyle sitting amongst his people as an equal. He and Maria headed over and sat on either side of Kyle while everyone else made room. Kyle could see Landon was nonplussed at the way everyone was acting as he had looked quickly before they entered the room and was happy to see the way everyone was acting at the table. Kyle decided to speak up to help everyone in particular his parents as he felt they needed to connect with some ordinary people.

"Everyone calm down and sit, this is my house so remember my rules. Everyone at my table is equal so what happens here goes no further. Understood father, mother?"

Hearing this Maria just nodded before digging in. Landon on seeing Maria's actions could only smile as whatever happens she would move at her own pace. Landon turned to his son and spoke calmly.

"Of course Kyle this is your home and we are guests so your rules are the ones we will follow."

Hearing Landon everyone began to calm down and began to think like father like son but it was more Kyle was teaching his father and he was a willing student.

"So father I'm assuming you didn't just come for breakfast, so what do I owe the pleasure of your company."

"You little brat why can't a father just come and see his boy."

Hearing Kyle speak to him like this Landon was first surprised because Kyle had always been quiet and serious so he wouldn't make fun of him like this. Landon grabbed Kyle in a headlock and started messing with his hair.

"Do you admit your faults, do you surrender."

"I will never surrender to an old man like you."

Maria scowled at the both of them while she had her cheeks full of food which when they saw her made them unable to stop laughing. The people around the table were looking at this domestic bliss with wide open mouths. Where was the aloof and commanding patriarch all they saw was a father playing with a messy haired son while the mother looked on. This diffused the previously tense atmosphere and everyone began eating and laughing together. Only a few people could must the courage to speak to Landon and Maria, these being those Kyle had brought on personally but with these leaders speaking it wouldn't be long before everyone became friends.

"Seriously dad why did you and mum come over today?"

Once breakfast was almost over Kyle asked Landon why they truly come over. Landon turned serious and gave his reason.

"We've come over because Maria and Shauna had told me about the new technique you've developed."

"Well you can now train in it as I'm sure it won't hurt a second stage now but if you're training in it you must do it here, oh and if you're training with us you must come for breakfast before. Isaiah, Shauna this includes both of you as well. This technique will help strengthen you as well."

"Okay Kyle that's reasonable, when do we start?"

Landon was raring to go as he really wanted to see this technique in the flesh.

"Well we start after you help cleaning up."