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 "Why do I have a bad feeling?"

Following a 30 minute cultivation session during which Kyle directed them and also allowed their breakfasts to settle the entire household was subjected to a harrowing hour and a half of brutal training. During which the apprentice who had the bad feeling could feel killing intent surrounding him from all sides and much like when a gazelle can feel the lion approaching he prepared himself to move.

Once the training session was over and everyone was released the apprentice ran for the hills while being chased by his peers and shouts could be heard all over the mansion.

"You and your feelings!"

"This is your fault!"

"Every time you say it something bad happens!"

"Come here I won't hurt you this isn't a club in my hands!"

Hearing the last one everyone began laughing before Kyle spoke to them again.

"Okay everyone well done, it looks like some still have some energy but for the rest of you take an hour rest and then start working. Randall will you and your brother clean up the shop in the basement and check what you're going to need. When I get a chance I'll form some arrays like what I did at your previous shop. Nettie can you get settled in and let me know what you'll need. If you go to the third floor along the east side there are a few rooms that should be suitable for you to use as your workshop."

Hearing Kyle's instructions everyone relaxed on the ground and decided to begin cultivating as this helps recover stamina as well. The apprentices who were running around the mansion rejoined them after a few minutes and began cultivating as well.

Kyle for his part looked at Bruno, Miranda and Ash and grinned at them which made them shudder. Ash had seen this smile before from his instructor when he'd joined the army and just swallowed as he had an idea what was coming.

"Alright team now we've warmed up let's get to the main course."

When Kyle said this with a smile like the sun his team stood up while grumbling and began sparring. The rest of the household were shocked seeing this and felt a deeper admiration for their new master as he had been front and centre during the training session.

Gradually everyone recovered and began to move under the jostling of Nettie and Randall leaving Kyle's team to carry on training. Ash was impressed by the combat arts they were using and as a vet he could see the uses in what they were training. Kyle assigned Ash to Krav Maga like Bruno as this was the more aggressive of the styles he knew.

While they were sparring all of them had also began to improve in their respective arts, this was due to their higher cognitive functions and better memories. It is unfortunate that nobody studied true martial arts because once they began to develop people in this world could progress in them far faster than in ours.

While they were sparring Kyle used this opportunity to study their attack style and personality to get an idea for which weapons would suit them but decided to carry on as is for a while as they may change based on their training and he didn't want to push them into one style of weapon or another.

After another hour and a half all four of them were tired but Kyle pushed them to do some circuit training which pushed them to their limit and they followed this by cultivating.

When they had finished this session Kyle approached Ash and said to him.

"I'm just going to check your body's condition so I can if there is any progress in your healing."

Not worrying about it Ash just lay on the ground and let Kyle do whatever. Kyle had told everyone that he had awoken a sorcerer ability which let him see people's cultivation which was an easy explanation for what he was doing.

Inspecting Ash's spiritual world Kyle could see further improvements in his mana system and considering this is only Ash's second day this truly showed the capabilities of his new technique. Kyle nodded his head.

"Looks as though you are healing up faster than I thought but we'll check after each session to see how it's going."

"Thanks Kyle and if you need anything just ask."

Even though Ash was Kyle's slave he truly was thankful to Kyle as he was healing him and had reunited him with his family. Kyle didn't worry about any of this as he liked Ash and wanted them to be more than master and servant he hoped they would be friends. While they were organising this Clara was approaching cautiously and when she was close she spoke up.

"Excuse me my lord."

"Hello Clara can I help you?"

Kyle didn't know why Clara had approached him but as the first of his new people to directly speak to him Kyle was curious as to what she wanted.

"Well I saw you training with Miranda and I was wondering if I could train with you as well. I'm not good in the kitchen but I want to help however I can."

Seeing Clara's earnest desire to help Kyle knew that she wanted to help her father. Thinking for a moment Kyle made a decision.

"Okay you can shadow Miranda. She will show you what you need to do and you'll be training with us as of tomorrow. Miranda once you're ready report to Lauren and Iris for your duties for the rest of the day. Bruno you go with Ash to get an idea of what the military men are like and Ash can you give him an Idea of military doctrine. Don't go to in depth because we will be using small unit tactics and I know the empire fields full battalions supported by a few stronger individuals."

When the empire armies are fielded they would usually use the common soldiers as fodder with lower cultivations to weaken and tire the enemy with a few strong mages or cultivators ready to destroy them once the opportunity arose. This meant the common soldiers would die in droves Kyle didn't want to use these tactics and was thinking he would operate on smaller units but each soldier would have a stronger cultivation and combat base.

Everyone nodded to Kyle's instructions and began to tidy up before Kyle thought of something.

"Oh Clara could you be a dear and ask Nettie and Randall for the names of their people so I can allocate rooms for everyone thank you."

Clara was happy to be of help and with a quick nod of understanding sprinted of in the direction of the house which made Ash sigh.

"Well at least she seems to be happy now but it seems as though this is the calm before the storm."

Hearing what Ash said Bruno and Miranda silently agreed with him and wondered what was going to happen in the next while. Kyle looked at their thoughtful looks and just smiled.

"I would say we are already in the storm and we just arrived at the eye so all we can do is prepare for the winds to come in again and fight against them."

Everyone found this to be apt considering the current situation and squared their shoulders for what was to come.

Once everyone had tidied up the equipment they'd used, they all took showers in their rooms to freshen up. When Kyle came out of the bathroom he looked at the bag Miranda had brought this morning and was feeling a bit depressed as he really disliked the clothes he had available at the moment. While he was bemoaning his current situation he heard a knock at the door and remembering Miranda's reaction this morning took a bathrobe out of the bag before answering the door.

Waiting outside of the door was a breathless Clara who had apparently been running around the mansion getting what he asked for.

"My lord here is the list of the new members of the household and also Madam Nettie asked me to give you this."

Clara passed Kyle a largish parcel. Kyle was wondering what this was and after thanking Clara and closing his door, took it to his bed and opened it. When he saw what the parcel contained he couldn't help but say.

"Thank you Nettie."

The package contained the first set of his formal wear and a set of his day wear. Kyle hung up his formal wear in his wardrobe and changed into his new day wear. It fit him perfectly which just showed how it paid to have a good tailor.

When he was changed Kyle was just deciding what he should do when the mansion let him know of someone approaching. Looks like the mansion is back on form, Kyle thought before heading down to the entrance. On the way Kyle asked the mansion to let in his visitor which the mansion did with no problem. Once Kyle arrived he was greeted with.

"What are you wearing?"