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 "Kyle isn't class 12 for the under 5's?"

Clara asked in confusion surely it would make more sense for Harris as a seasoned warrior to have some one on one training with one of their stronger members.

"Yes I believe that sounds correct."

Kyle responded with an innocent expression all he needed was for a halo to appear around his head with a *ping* and the image would be complete.

"So why are you placing him in the class then?"

"I may have forgiven him but it doesn't mean I shouldn't exact some revenge for him being a dick for years."

Just like that the holy image was shattered and the horns appeared again. Kyle could change tack at the drop of a coin and no one would know where he was going next. Rather than take out some malicious or violent revenge which would help and serve no one he instead decided to use his powers to annoy.

"*Yawn* Kyle can we go to bed soon."

Elena interrupted with a cute yawn and an easily misinterpreted statement reminding them all that they should get some sleep to be ready for tomorrow.

"Okay let's get to bed; I'll see you all in the morning."

"Sleep well."


"Hum sleep."

Kyle separated from the girls once they entered the bastion. Kyle received his usual welcome from his mansion in the form of a warm flow of magic when he entered. Heading up to his bedroom he took a quick shower before climbing into bed.

It had been a long day and with his teams patrolling at the moment and his bastion watching over him, he knew he could safely get some sleep. Kyle thought about all those people who try to be lone wolves and survive on their own and could only think to himself 'idiots' before comfortably drifting off to sleep.


In the imperial overseers office there was a meeting going on between Edith Miles, the overseer and the captain of the imperial garrison.

"What the hell happened how have you not crushed them already, with the men and resources at our disposal this should have been an easy victory?"

The overseer was enraged to apocalyptical levels. They had been receiving resources and finances from their contact in the capital for years. Creating the framework for this coup had taken so long because the other families were so deeply rooted.

With the traitor in the Powell family and the inclusion of the cultists they should have been able to push the forces of all three families and with the addition of gangs and mercs it should have been a clean sweep.

Suddenly the arrival of the Powell's secret forces had disrupted their plans that had been so carefully laid and now they were the ones being pressured. The overseer was staring at Edith waiting for him to speak.

Edith looked at the overseer and could barely contain his anger, he had been on the front line and it was his people who were directing this assault and were receiving the brunt of the counter attack but here he was being shouted at by this fop when he had done nothing but be a parasite.

Taking a deep breath Edith steadied his thoughts as currently he couldn't afford for the imperial garrison to turn against him. If they turned then any chance of coming out of this fur ball was almost nonexistent.

"We had no knowledge of the secret forces the Powell's had marshalled and with the current situation we still haven't seen their full capabilities. If you can release the garrison to fight alongside us we can turn this situation to our favour."

Edith responded in the hope of roping in the garrison only to be met with the stoic face of the garrison commander. The overseer spoke to the commander at this point.

"Commander will you sally forth and complete your duty as a soldier under my command."

The Commander looked between this pair of snivelling weasels with a sneer on his face before responding in a cold and clear voice which left no room for argument or even negotiation.

"My duty is to protect the imperial person; in this case it is unfortunately you "your Excellency". But my men and I will not partake in any aggressive actions on aristocratic soil as per our oaths to the empire and the agreements between the empire and the noble houses."

The commander was an honourable man and his duty compelled him to protect this worm of an overseer but he would follow his duty to the letter and wouldn't assist them in aggressive conquest of assigned territory.

"Damn it I'm the overseer you need to do what I tell you. I knew that bitch put you in charge of the local forces to hobble me. Just wait once this is over I'll have you flogged for your insubordination."

"Do as you will I'm sure you'll be able to find someone in the barracks who will carry out your orders."

The commander said the last sentence with a visible smirk on his face as he knew none of his men had any respect for this pair and was only still here as their orders demanded it.

"I'm done with you Edith we need to come up with some way to gain the upper hand, have the cultists begin raiding the civilians. This should pull the forces away from their operation areas and will also give us time to organise our forces for a counter attack."

The commander on hearing this could only lament the fate of the civilians in this city. Being at the mercy of cultists and these selfish pricks made him glad he at least had the strength to defend himself.

As if to block them from doing as they pleases a messenger arrived seconds after the overseer had stated his plan. The messenger rushed to the side of Edith and whispered in his ear before leaving in a hurry.

The commander on seeing this knew it was bad news and was curious as to what else this strange turn of events would show him. He was enjoying watching this pair scurry around trying to repair or recover their forces.

"What happened why do you look so pale?"

The overseer asked on seeing the look on Edith's face. It was a mix of shock, anger and fear. Edith returned the overseer's look before he repeated what the messenger had just told him.

"All of the cultists have been killed, there are no survivors and we don't know how they were defeated."

"What! Who killed them and how can you not know how they were defeated."

"It must have been the Powell's but all the cultists were burned so we can only guess as to how the battle went."

"Damn it okay let me think. We should use the mercs who just came along under the promise of looting. If we spread word about the wealth of the Powell family territory and pay some members to reinforce our statements they should all move towards their territory tying them up and we can use our forces to attack the other families."

As he said this another messenger rushed into the room and like before whispered into Edith's ear before rushing out. This time Edith looked confused and a little scared, the overseer seeing the difference wanted to know what was said.

"So are you going to share your intelligence or do I need to guess?"

The overseer stated with apparent irritation in his voice. This wasn't going how he envisioned in the slightest and with something else getting in the mix his annoyance was at breaking point.

"One of the merc groups has been annihilated and this has caused several other groups to quit the field, currently they are trying to leave the city but the gates are sealed and shielded so no one can escape."

"Why would the destruction of one merc group make the others want to flee?"

For once the commander actively joined the conversation as he was curious about this because hardened warriors wouldn't quit without a good reason.

The overseer looked at the commander but decided not to say anything and instead turned his attention to Edith wanting to get some more information.

"The few survivors of the band have all been traumatised but it seems their band was attacked by ghosts and shadows. These shadows have been attacking our men previously but they seem to have taken an active role now.���


Morning was rolling around and Kyle began to stir, feeling a weight on his stomach he figured Elena had crept into his room during the night and the bastion spirit hadn't awoken him as this wouldn't be the first time she had done this.

Lifting up his bed cover so he could wake her up he spied the figure laying on him and saw eye's looking back into his.

"Oh hi."