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 "Congratulations Kyle but remember if it's a girl try to keep her from falling for you."

"What do you mean by that Shauna a younger sister isn't my kink."

"Oh really if you aren't into younger sisters aren't your cup of tea what is?"

"Well I think a non blood related person who acts like an older sister is more my speed."

While Kyle said this he was looking directly at Shauna with a suggestive smile playing on his lips, Shauna was pretending to look bashful while also having a teasing look in her eyes. These two would often play about with innuendo and suggestive comments but nothing was intended by this it was just how they interacted.

"Shauna, Kyle what are you saying. Shauna if you try to seduce my son I'll stop speaking to you for a month and Kyle no sibling relations. We aren't one of the coastal cities am I understood?"

"Sorry Maria/Mum."

For once Maria had put her foot down on someone other than her husband. Kyle considered taking his mother and Shauna along for tonight's entertainment but with his mothers condition he thought it would be best for her to relax and have a quieter time.

"Well congratulations again mum and I need to get on I have a mission to execute tonight."

"Ok be careful and make sure you come back safe."

Kyle bid Maria and Shauna farewell before heading to where his falcon was located. He hadn't taken it out for a few days and when he approached it the falcon immediately approached him and began rubbing it's head on him.

In the short time since he had taken ownership of this falcon it had grown in size far beyond the normal size of this species according to Susan and the others weren't far behind. Kyle believed this was due to several factors including the availability of mana and also the strengthening of their souls due to the blood contracts.

Since Kyle's soul was far and away the most powerful his falcon was able to absorb the most soul energy with Elena's following closely behind, this was the reason for his belief as like him Elena was special and not from this world.

Kyle had named his falcon Rih as he felt this was a suitable name for him. After rubbing Rih head for a while the girls appeared and were ready to go and cause some trouble. Kyle mounted up with Clara while Miranda and Elena rode Elena's falcon.

Elena still hadn't named hers as she couldn't think of anything good and according to her a name is very important and she should take her time over it and it wasn't because she couldn't come up with anything.

Kyle merely shook his head at this and they took off to see what problems they could cause for the merc group they were targeting. According to Clara 'steel lotus' had already left so they would be in position by the time they arrived and began causing problems.

Kyle had decided that for this excursion it would only be him and the girls under the pretence of only him being able to cast and maintain believable illusions but in truth it was because he hadn't been able to spend as much time as he'd like with the girls and this was a good opportunity to have some fun.

Kyle made them approach the estate from high altitude so they wouldn't be easily seen by the enemy and he and Elena shrouded their falcons in shadow to further hide them from observation from below.

Gradually they circled lower until with their enhanced vision they could see what was happening within the estate. The mercs had placed a heavy guard around the perimeter and on various walls there were men armed with bows checking the sky for potential threats as they now knew that the Powell's had flying beast mounts which caused further problems for them.

Kyle was thinking how best to start before finally settling on a trope from horror and that was creepy kids. Now the best kind of horror at least to begin with is the kind you can't see so for this he began with wind magic and created sounds.

The first victims were a group who were stationed near a broken section of wall. They had a fire in the middle and they were all sitting around it with only two men keeping a watch. They didn't think they would receive any attacks as there were bigger fish out there.

While they were chatting one of the sentries thought he heard something and focused out on the darkness trying to see if there was anything out there.

"Did anyone hear that?"

"No what was it?"

"I'm not sure but I think it sounded like kids laughing."

"Ha what would kids be doing round here? I don't think you really like those chesty ladies you say you do and are already fantasising."

As the sentries were arguing a slight thump was heard and more children's laughter which made the sentries freeze before taking a couple of steps closer to the fire which drew the attention of the rest of the mercs.

"What's wrong is there an enemy?"

The leader of this group asked while standing and looking around carefully but he was unable to see anything.

"We heard something, it sounded like kids but there shouldn't be any kids stupid enough to come here."

The sentries responded with a disturbed look on their faces. The unknown is a scary thing and even though these men would fight beasts and monsters with no fear, suddenly facing something which appears supernatural put them on edge.

There wasn't really a belief in ghosts and the like in this world but there also wasn't disbelief either as the strange and inexplicable happens often.

While the men were looking around cautiously laughter could be heard from the left of the leader just out of the light of the fire. As they all turned to this source the laughter changed location and came from directly behind making them quickly swing around.

This was really getting creepy and suddenly all of the men heard a voice just by their right ear. Some could even see the other men and knew there was nothing there.

"Come play with me."

The childish voice said before laughing and sounding like it was moving into the distance. The reaction was immediate with some men swing their weapons trying to hit the intangible while others simply tried to scramble away.

Kyle and the girls who were sitting on their falcons watched this in amusement. No one used magic like this before and using wind magic without any attack potential Kyle was able to bypass the protection given by the arrays.

Thinking he should step this up a bit Kyle was thinking about what to do next and a malicious grin spread over his face. Clara who saw this was curious as to what he was going to do.

"Kyle what are you planning?"

"Full torso apparition."

"What's that?"

Kyle simply smirked before he began to use a combination of wind, light and water magic. The wind was of course for the sound while the light and water were used to make the illusion with water refracting the light to create the illusion.

As the mercs were still in panic mode the leader saw a flash of white from the corner of his eye followed by the laughter once again. Turning his head in that direction he just caught a figure in white disappearing behind a wall.

Looking at his men quickly he saw the looks of fear on their faces as they had caught a glimpse at the same time. The same figure appeared at different points around them but so fast they couldn't see it clearly.

The men were already close to breaking and running at this point so Kyle decided it was time to give the final push.

As the men were frantically trying to see around in 360 degrees there was suddenly a soft breeze with a little laughter. Turning their heads they finally saw their tormentor. A little girl in a white dress was approaching them.

She looked around six with long brown hair. They didn't recognise her style of dress and she also was holding a doll in her hands. As she approached one of the men shouted out while pointing.

"She's got no legs!!"

Looking at where her feet should be only a light mist could be seen and there was nothing else blocking their view of what was behind her. As she was approaching her face and body began to change. Her eyes began to darken and visible wounds and sores began appearing over her body.

Gradually parts of her hair began falling out and a wound appeared on her face destroying one of her eyes and revealing a part of her skull. The leader at his point was at breaking point but still needed to lead his team.

"Okay lads we can do this on my signal we need to go."




"Get her!!"

As the leader said this he moved towards her with his weapon drawn and the men behind also followed due to their training.


As they rushed forward the little girl swelled and took on a demonic look to her face and ended up towering over the men with a torn dress and her doll also took on an evil look. With her fangs and glowing red eyes looking down on them the men screamed before running into the dark away from this demon.

As they ran they reached some of the outer buildings and were dropped with a series of thumps caused by 'steel lotus' that were in waiting. They hadn't seen what had occurred and merely picked up these deserters.

"What did lord Kyle do?"

"I have no idea but these men were terrified."

The members of 'steel lotus' spoke quietly before disappearing with their prey leaving the rest of their team to cover until they returned. Kyle and his girls who had seen everything from their vantage point were laughing at the way the men had run away.

"That was fun."

Elena was saying with a glint in her eyes as she had some ideas she wanted to try out but currently she didn't have Kyle's skill or control so she decided to train properly from now on.

"Yeah but who would you call if you really had ghosts in your house?"

Miranda always the practical maid was asking with a questioning look.

"Well it wouldn't be these idiots."