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"Mother fudging biscuits! Who was that are you trying to give me a heart attack, get out her so I can kick your butt!"

Kyle found from this that Susan didn't deal with surprises very well and it was fun to watch as she lost it to the unseen intruder. A shadow began expanding along the floor creating a pool of darkness, from within a pale hand reached out and grabbed the edge where the shadow turned to wood.

Another equally pale hand reached out and grasped next to the first and gradually a form began to appear. The shape of a head began coming out of the shadow with inky black hair which covered the face. The form continued to grow from the shadow until it resolved into a kneeling figure with its face fully obscured by the long and thick hair.

"Eeep is it a g-g-g-ghost?"

Susan shouted out before hiding behind Kyle's back. For his part Kyle's heart was beating a mile a minute because of the strange way the figure was moving and the way it came out of the shadow which was different than anyone else he had taught darkness magic.

Most people would exit the shadow as if they were walking through a door as it was what came most naturally. The figure however crawled out of the shadow like something from a Japanese horror movie and this would put anyone on edge and if there were any video cassettes about Kyle would already be screaming like a five year old girl.

The figure slowly stood up and then suddenly like a dog which had gotten wet shook its head vigorously. The darkness left their hair and was replaced with honey blonde locks and a bright disposition. Yup Elena had made her entrance in the most epic and bowel loosening way possible.

"Did you say pancakes?"

Elena asked while looking at the shaking pair. Kyle was shaking while trying not to laugh while Susan was still shaking from fear. There is almost no entertainment in this world and you can forget about horror for enjoyment so Susan had no defence against this.

"Why did you come in like that I almost peed myself and why did your hair stay dark like that?"

Susan said while waiving an accusing finger at Elena while hoping from one foot to another either in anger or because she had really almost peed.

"Oh the dark didn't want to leave so I had to shake it off anyway more important are you doing pancakes?"

"Pancakes, pancakes what about my pure heart you almost made it come out of my throat."

Susan was still raging but she was talking to the wrong person as Elena as always was in her "my pace" mode.

"If your heart was going to come out of anywhere surely it would come straight out of your chest wouldn't it?"

"What hey you....you know what I give up now I need to go to the toilet."

With that Susan rushed off while Elena grabbed Kyle's arm and began to drag him to the kitchen. She always said that Kyle's cooking was the best, Kyle couldn't see it himself but he decided to make her pancakes as she had given him an idea psychological warfare.

Due to lower light and the chance of ambushes the fighting in the city would dial down during the night with the various forces retreating within locations secured with arrays which would limit or block any magical or physical attacks when activated.

With Elena's scary entrance Kyle had the idea to mess with the people in these areas using sound manipulation and illusions. He would have their locations thanks to 'steel lotus' who were spying on the enemy and with his falcon he would be able to have an overview of the areas he was influencing.

He would have 'steel lotus' on standby and using light, wind and water magic's he should be able to create believable illusions and if they broke and ran 'steel lotus' would be able to sweep them up but if they didn't at least he would be able to unnerve them.

He began whipping up a batch of pancake mix while he was thinking about this while Elena was watching over his shoulder and they were soon joined by Clara and Miranda who also volunteered him to make them sweets as well.

Dark descended over the city while Kyle was playing at master chef and the various bands and groups returned to their secured locations while Kyle was letting his mind run wild. According to the intelligence Faye had brought him there were a reasonable number of merc bands holding up in an empty aristocratic estate on the border of the slums.

This would be the perfect place to strike as it appeared creepy anyway and with the tumble down walls he would have a good view of the proceedings he also thought it would be good to have some company while he was messing with these guys.

"Hey girls would you like to accompany me tonight I want to have some fun."


"Yes Kyle."

"Okey dokey."

Were the responses he received while the people around them were looking at them with differing expressions before Liam broke the silence.

"I knew my daughter would grow up but I didn't want it to happen this quickly."

And Ash also spoke up.

"Be careful with my daughter I don't want to be a grandpa yet."

While their wives merely gave their daughters a thumbs up. Clara and Miranda on the other hand went bright red understanding the meaning behind their parent's words while Elena added to the chaos as usual.

"Oh is it that time already, do I get to ride the pony first?"

Kyle could only rub his forehead at this and he did wonder if the people he was surrounded by did have something wrong with their minds or if he was just a bad influence.

"That isn't what I'm talking about, I'm going to mess with the enemies and it could turn out rather entertaining and thought they may enjoy the show."

"Oh." Everyone responded with some looking happy and some looking disappointed but Kyle wouldn't say which was which.

Before they decided to head out Kyle wanted to check on his mother as she wanted to speak to him earlier and he may be rushed again tomorrow. So he headed to the atrium in his bastion, he hadn't spent much time here but seeing the beautiful sky with a view including the city roofs he regretted not taking the time to enjoy the sights a little more.

His mother was sitting at a table with Shauna in attendance making her tea and keeping her company while she was reading a book.

"Hi mum, Shauna what can I do for you?"

"Kyle come and sit with me for a while, we haven't just sat and talked for a while and I miss spending time with you."

Maria responded as she placed a bookmark and closed her book before placing it on the table. Kyle noticed the title of the book and saw it was a guide book entitled "how to raise and care for infants".

When Kyle saw this title his eyebrows went up almost to his hairline and he looked at his mother with a slightly expectant gaze. This wasn't lost on Maria as she let a soft smile cover her face and held out her hands to him.

Kyle noticed golden bracelet on her arm with a green polished stone with a carving placed pride of place within it. This was the aid he had created but for his mother to be already pregnant didn't make sense to Kyle as that was only a week or two ago so she shouldn't be able to tell already.

"Kyle you're going to be a big brother so I want you to promise to look after your sibling okay."

"Absolutely but are you sure?"

Kyle asked as he wanted to check just in case. Maria knew what Kyle was thinking and also knew that he could check with his gifts.

"You can check for yourself Kyle but I'm sure I think it must be to do with my stronger soul strength as I can feel the life within me."

With his mothers permission he checked anyway to confirm there were no problems. He could see the life forming but it could only be recent as it hadn't even begun to take on a humanoid form yet so it looked like his mother was correct and the barrier from the bracelet was now in full force.

"You're right mother now whatever you do don't take off that bracelet."

Kyle decided he could now tell his mother about the special effect and need for the bracelet. So he gave her an explanation of what it did and also why he asked Landon not to tell her. Hearing what her son said she could only hug him and thank him again and again while Shauna quietly wept at this gift that was given to her friend.

"Congratulations Kyle but remember if it's a girl try to keep her from falling for you."