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 "Oh is this what yandere means?"

Elena said while looking curiously at Miranda while Clara looked a little scared at this as due to Kyle's influence she knew what a yandere was. Kyle looked Miranda straight in the eye before calmly responding.

"No I don't think so; Miranda just got angry on my behalf and went a little over the top."

While Kyle said this he was in fact thinking of various exit strategies just in case. The best he came up with so far was that if she did go full yandere he would run for the hills, find a nice cave and live like a virgin hermit for the rest of his life. You don't mess with the yandere.

"A little over the top Miranda was about to *muggugh*...."

As Clara was trying to tell Kyle what Miranda had done Miranda had placed her hand over her mouth with a sweet smile on her face which made Clara have a cold sweat on her back.

"Now sister Kyle doesn't need to know all the boring details does he?"

Clara quickly shook her head when she heard this while Kyle began thinking that he may have to enact his escape strategy if this got any creepier.

To distract himself from this disquieting feeling Kyle addressed Faye who was still standing to the side watching their interactions like she was watching a soap opera.

"So Faye barring Miranda's little.....hiccup how did the mission go any problems?"

"No problems sir we succeeded in disabling or kidnapping several key figures with the merc bands. Currently those captured are receiving their slave seals and will be dispatched to help the guards until the troubles are dealt with."

"Good carry on in the same way until you hear otherwise, I want as many of these groups weakened as possible. If you find any groups separated pass the details to Ash as the 'death watch' is now clear to assist in capturing any weakened groups."

"Yes sir oh and Lady Susan wanted to speak with you. She looked unusually....serious; I've never seen her with an expression like that before. She's currently in the library if you want to see her."

"Okay I'll head up and see her now. Elena, Clara, Miranda are you going to continue assisting Faye or are you doing something else?"

Kyle asked as his girls were only assisting 'steel lotus' at the moment but could help almost anywhere else they choose to.

"We were planning on going and helping Alena now we've finished the mission unless you want us to stay with Faye to help out."

Miranda was the one who responded while Clara was still watching her from the corner of her eye and Elena was openly staring at her with undisguised interest.

"Okay I'll probably come by later to check on the infirmary and see if I can help out as well."

As Kyle was getting ready to go and see Susan, Landon and Harris came down the staircase. They had been using the meeting room to plan their next actions in Kyle's meeting room but were now heading back to the main manor to issue their orders.

"Kyle when did you get back?"

Landon asked with a smile on his face as the news from the various battlefields showed that with the assistance of Kyle's forces they were beginning to push back the enemy and with the loss of the cultists which would be used as shock troopers the Miles family had begun to pull their lines back.

"Just now dad my mission was completed successfully and the cultists have been fully annihilated."

"Yes we saw from the movements of the enemy that they were expecting reinforcement but it wasn't coming so they began retreating."

Harris also commented and with Kyle's confirmation they could now begin going on the offensive rather than being passive.

"Be careful and don't overextend my teams have also begun weakening the merc groups but the remaining members of these groups may get absorbed into the other bands strengthening them."

This was Kyle's major worry while using this strategy but he couldn't see any better way of doing this so he had no choice but to use this method.

"Okay we'll try and break apart the different groups and prevent them from forming up."

Harris responded while Landon was really happy seeing his brother and son working together for the betterment of the family.

"Where is Clyde is he around or is he off doing something?"

Kyle suddenly asked as he realised his cousin wasn't with Landon and Harris, he did worry about his cousin and the current situation he was in.

"Clyde's fine he took some guards to reinforce Neil and coordinate our combined forces. I'm just amazed at the number of enemies we have to deal with."

Landon responded with this as he didn't think his family and city had offended this many people. Kyle however wasn't surprised as he knew that they didn't hate them or anyone in the city most of them were just after money and resources.

"Dad they don't hate us they're just looking for a pay day, anyway I have to go and speak to Susan."

"Okay oh can you also go and speak to your mother when you get a chance; she was in your atrium last time we spoke."

Kyle nodded to his father before he began making his way to see Susan and to find out what had made this cheeky little chipmunk become serious. It must be something big to make her lose her cheerful demeanour and as far as he knew only one thing would make her like this.

Reaching the library in short order Kyle opened the door and entered. Looking around he saw Susan standing at the large windows with her hands behind her back surveying the city outside. It struck Kyle how lonely this view was and how difficult it must be to be what accounted as a prophet.

"Hi Susan how are you doing?"

Kyle asked Susan with a bright voice and a smile on his face, his mother had told him about some of the things Susan had been forced to endure as a seer as some people would blame her for her visions and this had made Susan put up a stoic face whenever she was other people.

She only let loose when she was around Kyle's family and now she had dropped her facade completely as she now felt free. But now she had regained he mask when facing Kyle.

"Kyle I have something to tell you, I have received a prophecy and it is a double locked prophecy."

"I'm sorry Susan I never really looked into future sight and prophecy stuff, what's a double looked prophecy?"

Kyle didn't like foretelling and the like as he felt this was some means of subtle manipulation from an outside source and Kyle didn't like being forced into doing something.

"Some prophecies are fluid and their meaning is ambiguous enough that they can be interpreted in a great number of ways. Other's such as those that relate to natural disasters and the like can be highly specific."

Susan explained some of the basic forms prophecy can take, even though Kyle didn't like or want to adhere to any prophecies he listened regardless as he didn't want to upset Susan.

"Double lock prophecies are different as they are usually keyed into a specific person or location. The meaning of the double lock is that according to the prophecy you must do one thing or another and these decisions are almost always painful."

When Susan said this she looked at Kyle with an uncharacteristic look of sadness and pity on her face. Kyle saw this and knew that this prophecy could potentially be really bad.

"Susan does this prophecy give any specifics about time, place anything like that?"

"No it doesn't but the possible outcomes will affect you forever."

"If that's the case I don't want to know what the prophecy is. I won't let my actions be dictated by something simply saying "this will happen". If I make mistakes they are mine to make and no one else's."

Susan on hearing this opened her eyes widely and a look of confusion flushed across her face. In all the time she had been known as a seer no one had refused to hear a prophecy from her and they had even pushed for more while Kyle had straight up rejected even being told.

"If you don't know what��s coming how will you be able to prepare for it?"

"I'll plan for everything I can and will do the best I can with that. If you have a vision with specific information like about a disaster or an enemies location I'll take that as intelligence but prophecy man what a load of bull."

When she heard Kyle's opinion of prophecy Susan became happy again as she knew he wouldn't blame her even if the worst happened.

"Hey Kyle any chance I can get some pancakes for dinner I've really got a hankering for some."

"I don't see why not."

Kyle responded with a smile when from out of nowhere.