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 I headed to my apartment, bought by my parents. I was quite confused about what to decide, concerning the mysterious person that Xander introduced to me.

After all, I watched the live video. I'm not stupid, and so are the rest of the girls and Faykes. They knew that the mysterious being that made a deal with James was the same being that caused the eradication of the Corde clan.

I sighed to myself. I wonder, being born in a family of researchers, can there be something more in life than just researching? Although I like to explore and discover new things, the idea of continuously researching on and on was quite bothersome.

Can that mysterious being offer me more in life with the information he had?

I made dinner as soon as classes ended and I reached my apartment. After that show, classes continued on, unaffected, and it was already the last day of classes for the week. I already got a good grasp of Elemental control within the body as well as continuously applying my cultivation skill while I do different tasks, such as cooking, reading, and even exercising.

After eating the dinner, I headed to the couch in the living room and began to watch the shows available on Metflix. Ugh, how would I ever live without Metflix?

They have this good drama ongoing called The 1%. It's basically a group of people from the lower class entering a very prestigious school for the rich and famous, and drama ensues with their interactions as soon as a murder had occurred on the campus.

After watching a few episodes, I paced around my room, a bit undecided. I already sent a message to my parents using the most classic way possible: bird couriers. After all, my family had plenty of them, and in the age of technology, this can be considered untrackable by normal means. It's been 2 days, yet no response had been given.

Taking an evening bath, I managed to calm my tense nerves and wore my night robe afterward.

I sighed and decided to message my parents directly. However, to my surprise, it wasn't my parents who answered, but an unforgettable face: my grandmother.

"Lala, how are you? Are you recovering well? Where's mom and pops?" I asked, curious. When the magic wave appeared 2 weeks ago, my grandma and grandpa were one of the demigods that were seriously injured, and thus had to be placed in intensive care for the past 2 weeks. I'm quite surprised to see her looking well and even answering mom's communicator.

"My dear hija, I'm fine. Your parents are quite busy and weren't able to answer your courier because of their location. However, their response was to follow your heart rather than your mind. After all, sometimes the two don't conflict with one another." My grandma responded, showing me her classic smile. Feeling energized, I nodded back, saying,

"Thanks, Lala! Love you lots! Please tell my parents I love them too! Get well, ok?!"I said, making a smooching sound before ending the call. I stared at the blanket in front of me and giggled for a bit. Lala's advice was truly something I didn't expect. I took a big, calming breath, entering my rational, cool mode. Oof, that sounded quite cringey. But hey, oh well.

Ensuring that I was in a place that was secure and without surveillance, I dialed the number Xander gave to me. After a few seconds, there was a chuckling voice at the other end.

"Who did that boy give my number now? Who is this? Hmm?"

"U-uh, hello sir! I'm Alexa, Alexa Cordonez. Xander said you might be able to help me with my p-problem?" I asked, stuttering a bit.

There was a deep sigh at the end of the line, before the call ended, surprising me. I'm sooo confused. Did the person accept? Or did he reject it?

Before I could even overthink the situation, a figure began materializing near my bedroom door, causing me to jump into alert mode. Although I'm from a family of researchers, I learned how to defend myself against surprise situations.

After a few more moments, the figure was clearly visible, but the facial expression of the person standing wasn't. I then heard the same voice from the call earlier.

"Alexa Cordonez, primary elements of Air, Water, and Thought element. An Elite-6... I'm assuming you need spells for the Thought element?"

"Yes sir. The database that I can access is quite limited and none of the spells caught my fancy."

"Hmm, ok, I have 64,634 spell models related to the thought element. As always, you have 30 minutes to check it and select 3 spells."

Immediately, my communicator buzzed and saw a large file transfer and I accepted it. It was the list. I was quite elated; finally, the skills I can use for reference in the master class!

"Your time starts now."

When I heard it, I calmed down rather than be excited. I began to filter the spell by rank and quality of the spell model and saw the list shrink down, allowing me to choose what spells to select.

I began browsing the list; Morbidity, Confusion, Angry thoughts, Anxiety Blast, etc...

Oh, this seems good. Insidious Insertion. It seems quite strong, allowing me to send thought suggestions through airwaves. Only a Mythic-class spell array? That's good then.

I continued to browse and saw an AoE spell matrix called Dreamland. It was quite interesting because it literally brings out the subconsciousness of the targets, and allows me to play or twist it, affecting their actions and thoughts.

I after a few more minutes of browsing, I saw a Demigod-rank spell matrix, titled Depression. The spell was quite strong, as it brought out the negatives and worst feelings on the target. Not only that, but you also become a part of the spell and play a part in conducting where it would head.

Ok, these three spells then. I looked at the time and saw I was finished earlier than expected. I signaled the mister that I was done. The latter, seeing my chosen spells, looked at me quizzically, as if I was a new species in the display.

He then smirked and asked, "Are you sure with your selections? These spells are quite hard to integrate on a Magic seed due to the complexity."

I thought about it for a moment, before nodding in response, finalizing my decision.

"Ok then." After saying those words, the list disappeared completely in my communicator, and a set of new files appeared in my communicator.

"Those are videos of the spell being cast and notes concerning the spells. Included as well is the spell design, so you can slowly inscribe it to your magic seeds. As usual, sign the non-disclosure binding contract, please. Use your blood."

I quickly read through the contract and saw that there were no iffy notes such as slavery and the like. It really just wants me to keep my mouth shut about his existence and the spell information he just gave me. Got no problems with that.

I quickly signed it on the appropriate section of the contract, and immediately, I felt the elemental particles and energy around my apartment thicken to an astounding degree, before heading towards my body and quickly be absorbed by my body, surprising me. I was in a daze before the man shouted to me,

"Quickly absorb and refine the elemental energies. Use it to create your remaining magic seeds and expand and compress your seeds!"

Upon hearing his voice, I jolted awake and began to direct the actively running cultivation skill in my body. Absorption, transformation, improvement, release, repeat. This happened for a total of 1080 cycles or around 30 minutes, allowing me to reach a stabilized Elite-9 cultivation with my magic seeds as large as a mango fruit.

I was surprised because it was even bigger than my two hands combined. Then again, I do have small hands. I looked around and saw the mysterious being was still standing by.

I quickly thanked the person, who just waved his hand.

"No worries, it's part of the contract. Anyhow, the deal has been completed. If you want more information or guidance, ensure you have the proper amount of Universal currency before calling. Also, stop calling me sir, I'm not that old. Call me... Homer." Homer smiled in response to my statement.

"O-ok, s- I mean, Homer. Will do. Do you know where to get the universal currency?"

"Exchange it with any of the universal empires..." Homer's voice trailed off as he slowly vanished from his position. After a few seconds, the whole place returned to normal, as if nothing ever happened at all.

"Huh. That was one interesting person. Homer, eh? I'll probably talk to you more in the future."

I began to read the articles and videos of the three spells that I have selected, trying to digest and understand their power and complexity for the next few days.

H-huh? It's already Monday? Damn, I was so absorbed! I need to take a bath, eat, and head to school quickly!