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 "Amon, Bamon, get your members in position," I said quietly, communicating through the private, encrypted channel.

"Copy." Both responded, and I nodded, before looking at my own members. They looked a bit tense, as this was the second major operation they had participated in within 1 week.

"Calm down. The essence of this operation is one's capacity to think and react in tense situations." I said to them calmly.

"C-1 and C-3, both of you will head to the west quadrant. C-2 and C-6, head to the east quadrant. C-4 and C-5, head to the south quadrant. I'll be in charge of the Northern quadrant with the other leaders of the operation. Space yourselves around 10 to 20 meters to cover more ground. You will be interacting with other team members, so remember to identify between friend or foe. You are to kill the stragglers that might escape." I briefly explained to them their roles, ensuring no one will be a headless chicken once the operation began.

"If your communicators all beep twice at the same time, you are to head towards the building and complete the clean-up process. Do you all understand?" I asked them in a stern voice, my face looking serious. They quickly saluted, indicating they understood their roles and orders.

"Move out," I said, and immediately, the 6 members of his team rapidly dispersed into the targeted positions.

I wasn't any bit worried about them, as all of them were Demigod-1 magicians.

I called my two brothers, asking if they already dispersed their members to the appropriate spots.

"Yep. Gammon, this is the second operation concerning those that tried to harm our family's interests. We still have 13 more to go, right?"

When I saw his question, I merely shook my head and we three met in the designated spot.

"That's right. It seems the Cloverfield family has been hiding its fangs for too long that people seemed to forget that how we managed to gain power in every country in Eteria," Answering Bamon's question about the succeeding operations.

"The goal for this operation and the next 10 operations is complete elimination. The last 3 operations will be focused on killing the heads of their clans, as a sign of revenge. The specific heads are going to be those who were in direct involvement with the situation in Nema last week."

Both of them nodded, and after a few more clarifications concerning the mission, we began to rush at into the headquarters of the 2nd medium-sized clan, Hippolis and began their slaughter.

We couldn't utilize large-scale demigod spells, mainly because they were doing a covert operation, illegal in other country's standards.

I began to cast small-scale area spells, killing tens of Legendaries and below in the span of a few seconds. The same went for my two other brothers.

After our initial slaughter, the powerhouses of the clan appeared, who were roughly the same stage as us, Demigod-5 magicians.

We began to exchange blows, and although we were outnumbered by 2 people, we still managed to even out the fighting field.

The fluctuations from our fight caused the nearby Mythic and below to suffer grievous injuries, and rather than stay in the vicinity, they began to evacuate in different directions.

This was the escape plan of the clan: If they faced an opponent they couldn't beat, escape and regroup in the future, before rebuilding the clan!

The demigod facing me was sweating a bit, probably because she didn't expect our arrival.

"Who are you? Do you know you are going against international laws by attacking our clan!"

"Hmph! You should have thought of that before conspiring against us, the Cloverfield clan! Do you really think we didn't know who were the ones that participated in the situation in Nema a week ago? Foolish!" I sneered back, causing the faces of the Hippolis elders to pale a bit.

However, this didn't weaken their momentum but rather increased the vigor and ferocity of their attacks. They knew they were in a dead-end situation. They can either win or lose, their clan completely eliminated. Thank goodness their clan members followed the escape procedure rather than wait for their deaths, they thought to themselves.

Before they could sigh in relief, they heard the screams from the outside, causing their faces to change once again, and their concentration to stagger for a bit.

I evilly smiled at them, saying,

"Did you think we didn't know your escape protocols? The whole place is surrounded. Just accept your fates, like the members of your clan, and pay for your foolishness to try and go against us!"

The female magician in front of me raged, not caring whether or not she would be detected, she began to prepare her strongest demigod rank spell. The same went for the others, but my brothers and I continuously launched our own attacks, disrupting the casting processes of their spells, causing a backlash to occur.

"Haha, did you think just by stopping me from casting, the spell won't activate?" the woman sneered, before I noticed a change in the elemental and magic energy flow in the surrounding area, causing my face to change and warn my brothers.

"Quick, activate your strongest defensive spells!"

In that split second, they activated their defensive spells, allowing them to mitigate more than 80% of the damage from the spell. However, that spell was indiscriminate, targeting the other demigods of Hippolis clan as well, severely injuring them.

We, on the other hand, sustained light injuries. The female magician that cast it was already dead, so there were 4 more magicians to take care of.

We began to launch our own set of offensive demigod spells, ranging from long range to close-combat attacks.

After a few more minutes of fighting, we finally eliminated the elders. One attempted to self-destruct, but for some reason, he failed to activate it, confusing the three of us. However, when we investigated the corpse, it seemed that an old wound of the magician flared up, disrupting the self-destruct process.

I guess, they were a bit lucky, then?

They called for their members to come inside and clean up the area, before disposing of the headquarters, completely burning down everything to the ground.

In a clan retaliation, such operating procedures were common knowledge. Not only that, in that short amount of time, but assets of the clan are also transferred multiple times to different offshore companies and groups, all owned by the opposing clan.

After everything had been destroyed, we began to evacuate the area, heading to the next location: Nema, in Drump City.

There were two clans that they had to eradicate this time: The Camaras and Guimar clans. Hopefully, we would be able to ambush one of them before the other could react.

Their approach this time was quite different. They had to get rid of the guards and assume their positions. They couldn't kill them, but only incapacitate them, as they have a technique handed down to their families about a method to check whether one is still alive or not: A Life Signature.

The Cloverfields had something similar but uses dolls that are capable of receiving a trace of life essence. This was both a defensive and monitoring item. The clan can use it to monitor if their members were still alive or not. The one who put a trace of their life essence in the doll can redirect an attack that targets their life essences to it and it will take the brunt of the attack, before dissolving.

That was what I initially thought when I made that pinky swear with my nephew... and he was sadly correct. The doll was still intact, which meant that the vows they made affected their actual life essence dolls.

I shook my head, getting rid of these thoughts. What's done is done. At the moment, my brothers and I can't divulge anything, at all about what happened with Xander in Nema. All we can say is that the fiasco was brought about by the list of clans that Xander had given us.

Thank goodness grandpa Veirhardt didn't ask anything else.

He also seemed happier... could it be, he finally found a solution with his problem? Thank goodness if that's the case, the clan will have another powerhouse.

For now, what they can do is accomplish the task at hand.

After the planning was completed, the members were quickly dispatched, immediately replacing the guards covertly, while the real ones were placed somewhere else, guarded by other members.

My brothers and I immediately stormed the compound, launching several attacks, killing tens of mythic and legendary magicians in the building.

We began to attract the attention of the elders, who, when they saw us, paled a bit before they launched their attacks.

They obviously know why we are here, huh. Damn, the remaining clans will be a bit harder to deal with then.

Oh well, I'll ask for reinforcements after these two clans were eradicated.

We were caught by surprise by one of them, which launched 3 artifact attacks. However, it suddenly collapsed on its own, and the person controlling the 3 artifacts spewed out blood, his skin turning pale.

I couldn't help but look at my brothers, who shared the same look as I did: This was too coincidental.

Could it be...? That brat, huh. So this is the 'blessing' he mentioned to us.

The fight continued on, and when my brothers and I have slain two elders each, an overwhelming power suddenly appeared in the area, causing my face and my brothers' faces to fall.

"Damn it, there's a Divine magician in their headquarters? Everyone retreat! Send the report to the clan about the situation!" I shouted into the communicators, causing the members to disperse, while I and my brothers retreated together as well, hoping to attract the attention of the divine magician.

Damn it, Divine magicians were supposed to be in seclusion! Why did they have one in their headquarters of all places?!

We began to fly quite fast, reaching Fargrow in a matter of seconds, and heading to the training room, not caring if our trails were exposed. The moment we closed the door, it was bombarded by a strong force, causing it to momentarily shake, but stop after a second.

I heaved a sigh of relief. We planned to isolate themselves here until the divine magician had left or was confronted by one of our grand elders beside grandfather Veirhardt.

This was the very same training room that Xander had previously enhanced, and left enhanced when they left Nema last week.

Ugh. Guess we're stuck here in the meantime. At least there are glass ceilings. They'll know whether or not the magician had left.

They could see from the window the figure of a middle-aged man whose hands were quickly moving, launching several attacks towards the building, all of which dissolved and dissipated into nothing upon touching the building.

When he saw that the attacks weren't dealing with any damage, he attempted to use reinforced physical attacks, but he actually broke his left fist, causing him to glare at us inside the building.

He couldn't do anything since, at their stage, they didn't need food or water, but just the elements.

He contacted the government of Nema concerning this matter but was met with silence and washing of hands. They didn't want to do anything related to Xander Cloverfield, who upended their government just last week and they were still recovering.

Seeing the angry face of the divine magician, I could already deduce what had happened: The government will not intervene with the matters of the Cloverfield clan.

This is great, haha!

I immediately contacted the remaining members and other team leaders to begin their operations toward the other clans involved with this matter.

Finally, no need to hide in the shadows, hehe.

Of course, I warned them not to be overboard with their spells and attacks, and limit it to targeting the area of the respective clans to avoid any future issues.

Let the fight begin. I calmly watched the divine magician continue to cast his spells and all kinds of attacks, even using an artifact, but all of them had no effect whatsoever.

However, he didn't leave, he only sat down and meditated in the entrance of the building, surrounding the entire building with his magic perception.

Sigh. It seems we're going to be here for a long time until the others complete their missions.