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 Eteria, Year 2052.

A young child no more than 2 years of age was calmly watching the falling snow outside the window of his house, silently gazing through the window.

As he stared, his eyes started to change to silver-like saucer in one eye, and an endless darkness on the other. It was a whirlpool that had no bottom, seemingly like a black hole.

At that moment, a small tear appeared in space in front of the child and snow came pouring out, but oddly, before it even managed to reach the child, it rapidly changed from solid to liquid to gas in less than a second.

Seeing this, the child's eyes returned to normal green irises and smiled.

"Huh, total control of this ability is truly marvelous."

"I wonder if I can use this opportunity to travel through spacetime..." the child muttered, seeing the countless possibilities with his ability.

"Negative. Your current level is not high enough to resist the boundary effect of the will of the world."

A voice sounded out in the child's mind.

The child was named Xander. After reincarnating into the world of Eteria, the moment he could, he immediately checked his control over space and time. This caused a phenomenon upon his birth; different elemental energies were present nearby because he had opened the different planes of existence, allowing different worlds to interact with his world, leading to the manifestation of elemental energies. Basically, he connected multiple dimensions wherein elements existed in. And in those dimensions, there were beings that were quite different from the beings in the physical dimension where he, Xander, currently resides in.

Those who were present at birth misconstrued it to him being talented in magic, and even the magician with precognition abilities, a 'diviner' for other people, couldn't help but attribute it as an auspicious blessing. Both Xander's parents were quite proud and happy for Xander's potential as magician.

And truly, these people were not disappointed with Xander's growth.

At 3 months old, he was already able to walk.

At 6 months old, he was able to talk, albeit not continuously.

At 12 months old, he could read, write and understand nuances.

By 2 years old, he could already control the elemental particles around him, making them flow into his body and strengthen it, day by day. Upon seeing this talent, both his parents were quite excited at the future heights their son would reach.

Sadly they didn't know Xander was completely talented in the must abstract and archaic field of magic and modern science: time and space.

The child sighed, and stopped playing around and began to read the books his parents had prepared for him.

'Basic Theory of Relativity and its relation to Magic'

'Entanglement and the concept of Space'

'Historical Analysis: Breakdown of the most important figures in history'

'Basic Magic: Drawing an array in less than 20 steps'

'Magic: is it a particle or is it a wave?'


As he saw the stack of books, his eyes started to glow. He then started to slow down time around him, making the passage of time faster for him.

What was weird was his physical appearance wasn't changing at all even with the presence of time magic around him.

The answer was simple. He merely slowed the time around him and his time remain unaffected. Time in dimension A is twisted, but his time is in dimension B, so it isn't affected.

Time passed by for Xander. It took him 6 days to read the books from end to end, and digest and understand its contents, but for the world outside, only a few hours had passed.

What made it more of a cheat was that he had photographic memory, all thanks to the system granted to him.

He immediately summoned the system to check his status.

Xander Cloverfield

Lvl 3 (50% till next level)


Str: 5

Vit: ?

Int: ?

Dex: 5

Luck: ?


Time Mastery: Max

Space Mastery: Max

Basic Magic Foundation: 3/10

Intermmediate Magic Foundation: 2/10

Advanced Magic: 1/10

Legendary Magic: 0/10

Mythic Magic: 0/10

What's weird with Xander is that you can classify him as a magician already, but his basic foundations would not even let him pass the basic tests set for magicians. Generally, to be considered stepping into the ranks of a magician, the general attributes of the person should be above 10 for each category.

At the same time, he never had needed magical essences to use space and time magic, so technically he can use them infinitely and indefinitely.

Here is where it gets annoying for him. Everytime he casts a wide range time or space magic, he has to make sure he is strong enough to fight off against the will of the world, or more specifically, the will of the universe.

For example, he could cause a black hole the size of a penny to appear in Eteria and he would still be strong enough to fight the will of the world. Sadly, if he did that, he wouldn't survive long in outer space. He could accelerate the time within an area and receive no repercussions as well, as long as it is within the limits the universe can handle.

Combining space and time magic to break through the universe and traverse other multiverses? Far from it. The rebound from the will of the universe was enough to erase his existence.

According to the system, he needed to at least breakthrough the Demigod realm before freely traversing the wide wide multiverse.

Demigod realm? See, the people in the world of Eteria are divided into classes based on their magic cultivation:

Mundane, Elite, Master, Legendary, Mythic, Demigod, and Divine, Sage, and God.

Each class is divided into 9 levels, with each 3 levels being a minor breakthrough.

Majority of the people in Eteria are around Mundane-3 to Legendary-9. Rarely would there be someone beyond the Legendary class, as by the time they are Mythic class, they are able to escape the planet's control and freely explore the cosmos, and continue to strengthen themselves. However, most of these Mythic magicians would stay instead, because of the dangers that lurked in the starry skies; out of thousands of Mythic class magicians that left to explore the cosmos over the past millenia, less than 5 percent came back to tell the tales of their adventures.

The moment he breaks through Elite-9 and reach Master class, it would mean he has officially embarked to the road of becoming a God.