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 Divine Demon Beast Region

In the farthest region of the Divine Demon Beast Region's outer area existed a barren land. Here, the heaven and earth True Qi energy seemed to be non-existent.

Even the sky above was barren as no birds flew or sang, except for the oppressive heat that rained down from the infernal sun above like the breath of hell.

At the center of the barren land was a tall and giant mountain. Just like the immense barren land, the entire mountain was dried and tattered with no vegetation. It was as if it had been scorched by flames.

The entire region appeared to be deserted and isolated. This place was so bad that not even a trace of demon beast could be found anywhere.


However, at this moment, two figures suddenly landed on top of the giant desolate mountain. They were two young beautiful women.

While one of them looked like a human, the other had pair curly horns on her forehead and her hair was crimson red.

Standing on this mountain peak and feeling the dry heat assaulted her face, the red hair woman revealed an annoyed expression on her face before coldly saying. " I hate this place, I should turn it into Icy Region."

"I hate it as much as I do, but you can't keep turning every place you go into an Ice Land just because you hate the heat." Quickly answered the other woman as she prevented the other from turning to this place into an Ice Land.

The reason Ling Lei chose this place as their secret base was this place was so bad not even the weakest demon beast chose to stay there, despite it being safer than any other place.

The True Qi energy in this place was so sparse that it was negligible. Due to its desolate and horrendous condition, this place was like a graveyard that no demon beasts dared to visit willingly.

If Ling Bing were to turn that place into Ice Land, it would have attracted the attention of demon beasts and it wouldn't be a secret base anymore.

"Let's quickly entered the cave mansion and see that Ling Lei has to say." She added as she grabbed the other's hand and descended the mountain.

After a few minutes of descending the mountain, the two of them suddenly stopped at the entrance of a cave that was located at the bottom of the giant mountain.

The moment they appeared in front of that cave, they could feel a wave of powerful aura blowing out from within, as if multiple unrivaled and powerful people were dwelling in there.

"Ling Bing, Hu'er, why are you waiting for. Quickly come inside, you guys are the only left." Suddenly, a thunderous voice filled with power and authority rang out from within the cave.

Upon hearing that thunderous and manly voice, not to mention Hu'er, even the cold and emotionless Ling Bing revealed a slight smile on her face as she quickly entered the cave mansion along with Hu'er.

They recognized that voice. It was the voice of their brute brother Ling Wei.

It's been three years since they last saw each other and couldn't wait to reunite again. They might seem evil and ruthless in the eyes of others, but they really care for one another.

As soon as the entered the cave mansion, they saw five people standing there and looking at them with a smile on their faces as well.

Of the five of them, two of them were women while the other three were men. All of them had curly horns on their foreheads and red hair, except for one.

"Hahaha, it's only been three years since we last saw each other and you guys have already become that strong." Ling Wei said with a joyful expression on his face before he moved forwards and hug both Ling Bing and Hu'er with his massive muscular body.

"Are you making fun of me brother Ling Wei, your strength is already comparable to that of 5th Tribulation Martial Saint while I'm still a 2nd Tribulation Demon Saint." Answered Hu'er with a somewhat dejected look on her face.

It's true that her strength has been increasing by leaps and bounds due to their help, but her progress and power still paled in comparison to theirs.

Even though she has done the impossible as a demon beast and broke through the Demon Saint Realm in less than two decades, she still didn't feel a sense of accomplishment because she was living with a group of monsters whose power and progress far exceeded hers.

"Don't feel bad sister Hu'er, didn't Divine Father promise that he will grant you the same devouring ability that we have."

"Once you get that power, it won't take long before you catch up with us." Ling Wei added as he patted Hu'er's shoulder and comforted her.

"You're right." Hu'er commented: " Anyway, I miss you all guys. How've you been?"

Soon, they all started talking about their exploits and feats in the past three years they were roaming in the Divine Demon Beast Region.

They all looked completely different from when they were in the Heaven Desolate Region. Aside from becoming incredibly powerful, their temperament seemed to change as well.

They seemed to be more ferocious and bloodthirsty. Each one of their bodies was emitting a frigid ruthlessness capable of killing anything and everything. Not to mention a forceful and compelling momentum, making them feel unapproachable.

From their conversations, one could infer that they viewed both humans and demon beasts as nothing but food stocks and energy sources.

They talked about hunting them and absorbing their blood and life essence as a human would after eating a delicious meal except for Hu'er and Fang Lan.

After spending more than an hour boasting and talking about their great exploit, one of them suddenly asked. " I can't help wondering why brother Ling Lei has summoned us here today?."

The one who asked that question was Ling Shen. From their conversation earlier, one could tell that she was the one having the most fun along with Ling Zheng.

They never spent a month or two without hunting and kill demon beasts. It's probably because of that they both possessed the strength of a 6th Tribulation Martial Saint.

Unlike when they were at the Martial King and Martial Emperor, breaking though a single stage in the Martial Saint realm was not as simple as one plus one equals two.

The higher their realm was, the greater the quantity of blood and life essence required. Furthermore, it increased multiple times.

If they needed to kill and absorb the blood and life essence of three 1st Tribulation Demon Saints to go from the 1st Tribulation Martial Saint to the 2nd Tribulation, that amount practically doubled when they needed to reach the next level.

However, If they killed and absorbed the blood and life essence of Demons beasts that were stronger than them, it reduced the amount.

From this fact alone, one could imagine how many demon beasts the two of them have killed to reach their present stages.

"I don't know but it must be really important." Answered Fang Lan with a serious look on his face.

"Sister Ling Rui, you are the one that has been traveling with big brother Ling Lei, do you know that he wants to talk about." Ling Zheng suddenly asked.

At the same time, they all simultaneously shifted their gaze toward Ling Rui. She was the one traveling with Ling Lei, as such, they all believed that she knew something.

"Sorry but I am as clueless as you guys. Three months, big brother awakened another ability that allowed him to read the memories of his prey while absorbing their blood and life essence."

"After using to read the memories of a 7th Tribulation Demon Saint he has just killed three days, his face suddenly became serious as he hurriedly asked me to go back in the secret base and wait for him." Explained Ling Rui with a worried and anxious expression on her face.

The moment Ling Rui finished speaking, she and the others suddenly felt a powerful and extremely deep aura surge at the entrance of the cave mansion.

Looking up, they saw a tall red hair young man walking into the cave mansion. He wore a crimson red robe similar to the color of his hair. His posture was straight, his looks perfect, his skin as clear as jade, and his demonic temperament incomparable.

" Sorry for being late guys." He said in a cold and emotionless voice.