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 Somewhere within the inner area of the Divine Demon Beast Region, there was a land completely covered in ice, a stand-alone region.

Two years ago, this piece of land that was comprised of multiple huge mountain peaks and giant trees was the same as any other places within the Divine Demon Beast Region, a place that was filled and infested with ferocious and powerful demon beasts.

However, a Nine-Tails Fox and a red hair beastwoman abruptly appeared two years ago out of nowhere and slaughtered every single demon beast in the area. Not even the ruler of the region which was a 1st Tribulation Demon Saint was spared.

At the same time, they've turned the entire region into an ice land. The entire area had become like the dead winter, Icy coldness filled the area, as well as an astonishing cold qi.

Whether it was the green grasses, the small plants, and the trees, they were all frozen solid. Freezing ice covered the entire area. One could only imagine the strength and the power required to completely freeze an entire region.

Hence after that, no demon beast dared to venture into that area. And the ones that were brave enough to do so never came back.

However, at this moment, a peerless beauty with simple white clothes slowly descended from the sky with a seductive smile on her face, landing outside the icy region.

The moment she appeared, the Icy coldness of the frozen region felt like a summer breeze. Even the words peerless beauty were not enough to describe her.

She was so stunning that anyone who met her would immediately think that she was a goddess from the heavens.

She had a tall frame and a slender body with a snow-white skin that was completely flawless. Her blue eyes, like the sea, were calm and emotionless.

Her long, wavy black hair, so smooth and silky, almost as if it was tailored from the darkest ink.

Not only she was absolutely and indescribably gorgeous. She also had a graceful and slender figure that was accentuated by magnificent curves.

That otherworldly beauty and that seductive charm were enough to make any man in the world go crazy. She was simply a beautiful temptress.

After landing outside the icy Region, the peerless beauty didn't stop there but slowly walked over into the deeper part of the icy region with a smile on her face, walking over like she was walking on clouds.

As she ventured deep within the icy area, the frozen corpses of countless demon beasts could be seen littered everywhere like ice statues.

Giant snakes, demon wolves, monstrous apes, two-headed tigers, golden lions, there was a variety of them. They all have one thing in common, they were all turned into ice sculptures.

Not only that, the deeper she went inside the cold icy Region, the colder it gets. The intense cold was enough to freeze and kill any Low-rank demon beast who venture that deep within the icy Region, yet the coldness didn't seem to affect the peerless beauty at all.

Furthermore, she didn't use an ounce of energy to protect her body from the bone freezing cold.

After walking for about twenty minutes, the peerless beauty finally stopped by a small lake. The water of this lake was emanating an azure light as well as a freezing aura

At the surface of the lake, there were cold winds, white frost floating around with an intense chill surrounding the entire lake. Aside from that, there was also numerous giant block of ice floating everywhere within the lake.

"Bing'er, Are you there?." The woman shouted out while looking at the lake. Though she only uttered a few words, anyone who heard her voice would imagine that this girl was a supreme beauty even without seeing her face. Her voice was completely charming and pleasant to hear.


The moment the charming voice of the peerless beauty rang out, the surface of the cold freezing lake rippled a little before a dazzling scene appeared right before her eyes.

A red hair woman with a pair of curly horns on her forehead slowly walked out of the cold lake but naked.

Not only were her facial features stunning, but her figure was also flawless. Slender shoulders and a thin waist, and a pair of long and healthy legs that only accentuated her peerless beauty

Her lack of clothes revealed a beautifully tempting figure. A pair of snow-white peaks, full and round, each so perfect and molded to her form. There's nothing more bewitching than that red hair woman naked body.

Anyone that saw her would lose their mind and be filled with a desire to ravish her and feast on her.

However, the murderous intent being exuded from her body as well as her ice-cold expression would be enough to snap them out of their fantasy and dreams. Not to mention her pupils that seemed to be surging with an unquenchable fiery bloodthirst.

Crack! crack! crack! crack!

With each step, a chain of ice crystals condensed on the ground beneath her foot. At the same time, the air in the surrounding seemed to be freezing due to her presence.

Her body was also emitting a chilling aura that spread throughout the entire region. Anyone would shiver after sensing this cold and heartless aura. She was like a walking evil and heartless weapon.

"I thought you were going to hunt the Azure Snake in the Northern Region. Why are you back so early?" Coldly asked the Bing'er. Her voice was chilling to the bones.

With her sensual and seductive aura, The peerless beauty chuckled in response: " I thought you would be happy seeing that your big sister Hu'er came back so soon."

"Big sis misses you, that's why. Have you missed me?" She added with a pleasant and alluring voice that could stir the heart. At the same time, she took out a white robe from her inter-spatial ring and covered Ling Bing's naked body.

"Hmm." She coldly uttered after a brief second.

"Wow, It makes a big sister very happy knowing that you've missed her while she was gone." Answered Hu'er as she let out a charming smile capable of inciting lust as well as causing any man to be forever enchanted.

"I know you wouldn't come back for such a trivial matter. Did something bad happen that caused you to come back so early." Asked Bing'er again as she was looking at Hu'er with her ice-cold expression.

"Don't worry, nothing bad happened," Quickly answered Hu'er. Even though Bing'er looked cold and emotionless, Hu'er could clearly tell that she was worried about her.

They've been close friends ever since Bing'er was a little girl. At that time, she was just a 5th rank demon beast, unable to take a human form or talk. After spending more than four years together, they've become very close to the point where they knew each other's deepest secrets and habits. They knew what the other was thinking without saying a word.

"I've received a message from big brother Ling Lei and he's asking for all of us to come back to the secret base as quickly as possible. It seems like there's something major going on." She added with a serious look on her face.

Even though Ling Lei didn't tell her anything specific, Hu'er could clearly tell that there was something major going on which concerned the safety and the well being of all of them.

It's been three years since Ling Lei divided them into pairs to roam the Divine Demon Beast Region and hunted demon beasts in order to train and increase their strength.

Unless they were all in grave danger or Ling Chen came back, he would never call them back to the secret base. And from the tone of Ling Lei's voice, she could tell that it wasn't for the latter he called them but the former.