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 The moment Ling Chen was done with his gruesome torture as well as absorbing the life essence of Yan Zuntian.

\"That was truly a great show little brat. However, you are still too green and too weak to scare this king. You are indeed right! In front of absolute power, all skills become meaningless and that also applies to you.\"

At this time, a loud majestic voice resounded throughout the sky and it spread thunderously far and wide.

The moment these words came out;


There was the sound like that of a piece of paper being ripped apart.

In an instant, it was as if space was being torn apart by a mysterious power. There was a huge crevice in space, about one hundred meters wide that appeared.

At the same time, a majestic figure walked out from within that crevice. This figure was about a meter and eighty centimeters tall. His skin was white as snow and he appeared to be extremely slender.

His pair of scarlet eyebrows appeared like sharp swords. Underneath that pair of scarlet eyebrows was a pair of cold and emotionless looking pair of eyes.

The figure was dressed in an Emperor's robe and was wearing a crown. He had an aloof expression on his face as if he was made of ice itself.

There was not a shred of emotion in his eyes, and from the moment he appeared, a shocking presence spread from his body like a tsunami. It was like a flood of pressure was rushing and wailing forward directly to the grand earth.

Under the suppression of this immense pressure, even Ling Chen had to take several heavy steps back.

He was like a Divine Being descending upon the mortal world and the ruler of the universe. With just a command, he could decide the life and death of every single living being in the world.

His domineering presence was one of utmost dominance and majesty.

The moment the middle-aged man appeared, Ling Chen's heart violently thumped against his chest. Looking at the middle-aged man, Ling Chen felt as though he was facing the might of heaven itself.

When he was battling Yan Zuntian, he had spread his spiritual sense and detected that a powerful expert as strong as Yan Zuntian was watching him from afar and didn't notice that second person.

All the show he was putting was in order to scare that bastard away. Not because he was afraid of him but because he didn't want to constantly fight left and right and making a bunch of enemies.

Little did he know, his taunting words and his little show had attracted the attention of an uninvited and unwanted guest!

He just wanted to kill that and bastard Yan Zuntian and saved the Heavenly Demon Sect. After that, he was planning on spending some time with his six new children.

Ever since they were born, he hasn't had the time to spend with them and talk to them like a real father.

Till now, he still didn't know shit about Ling Lei, the firstborn, and that little bastard was already the same height as him already.

That alone was a mystery he wanted to solve. How the heck that bastard grew so fast. Though he had an idea, he still wanted to be sure by asking Ling Lei himself.

\" Demi-God Ye's projection...\"

However, Ling Chen wasn't the only one that was shocked by the appearance of that deity-like figure, Evil Dragon Saint that was watching the fight from far away almost shit on his pants when that person made his appearance.

\"Don't tell me that the God of Thunder Ye was Yan Zuntian's backer.\" Murmured the Evil Dragon Saint with cold sweat dripping down his cheeks.

\"I don't think that's the case otherwise my master would have mentioned that to me. Not to mention he didn't even bother to save him when he was being torn to shreds by Ling Chen.\" He added as he was trembling with fear.

\"Fuck that shit! I'll have to get out there quickly before I become collateral damage.\" The Evil Dragon Saint said before he quickly ran away.

At this moment, he wished he had two more legs so he could run faster.

The God of Thunder Ye was someone that even his Master, the Hundred-Eyes Demi-God, didn't dare to mess with, let alone a small Martial Saint like himself.

Not only the God of Thunder Ye was one of the ten Human Half-Gods throughout the Great Luo Word, but he was also among the to top tree most powerful Demi-Gods.

Besides the other two, he was invincible. He was also the one closest to break through the legendary Martial God and breakthrough the constraint of this world.

\"So, You are the Fatless monster.\" Demi-God Ye spoke flatly while looking as Ling Chen with his cold and emotionless eyes.

His voice was not loud. However, when his words tumbled out of his mouth, they sounded like thunder and spread in all directions, sounding as if the heavens itself was speaking.

When he spoke, it felt like heaven itself was interrogating all the living. And Demi-God Ye, especially dressed in that Emperor cloak and that unique crown on his head, looked as if he was the ruler of this world.