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 "Aaagh... me too... I'm glad I'm back!" he replied, waiting for his enormous Master to put him back down.

"What the fuck happened to your right eye? Did it change its color?" Dargeon continued, attracting the attention of Egill, who having watched Dag out of the way, had not noticed that particular.

"Yes, one morning I woke up and my comrades made me notice that it had turned purple! I don't know exactly why, but I think it's related to the growth of my powers!" replied Dag, trying to make his answer seem as convincing as possible.

Both Masters looked at each other, convincing themselves that that was the truth, and then continued to play dumb.

"Then, Dag... how did it go?" asked Egill, who, with his usual elegance, looked to Gridd, curious to know her identity.

When Dargeon left Dag, he took his breath back and announced: "Masters! Clan brothers! The name of this Shieldmaiden is Gridd, Master Of Offense of the Sons Of Freya! In addition to covering such an important role, she also has the misfortune to be my sister!"


All the warriors laughed, at the same time amazed to met personally the Master of another Clan.

"Continue, Gridd. I want everyone to hear your voice" said Dag, proud of her, who stepped forward, thinking of the best words to make the important announcement.

Despite the agitation of the moment, Gridd took a deep breath and began to speak: "Hammers Of Thor! I am honored to make your acquaintance and to be able to see with my own eyes your magnificent Temple, far superior to the descriptions given on the ancient texts. As my brother anticipated, my name is Gridd and I cover the role of Master in my Clan. It is with pride that I bring you this magnificent news: our two Clans are finally allies!"

At these words, the warriors screamed in unison, cheering Gridd and Dag, enthusiastic about the news.

Gridd smiled, looking at the people in front of her, in disbelief that she had aroused such joy in the crowd.

Egill raised his hand, trying to bring silence again, to allow Dag and Gridd to continue, though he could not hide his happiness as he watched them proudly.

"That's right, brothers! The Sons Of Freya just signed the contract that establishes the union of our Clans. This contract is based on several principles, including a non-belligerence pact, the sharing of weapons and troops, and the right of passage in allied territories. Soon you will know every detail, as soon as our Masters will put the official seal of the Hammers Of Thor on the parchment. At first, I too was in disbelief, but apparently, my dream begins to take shape! Thor and Freya will celebrate, seeing us toasting together in their honor!" shouted Dag, adrenaline-pumping, galvanizing the crowd of warriors, who repeatedly cheered his name, treating him like a hero.

"Our Masters? Hahahah, well... in this regard, we too must make an announcement!" said Egill, continuing to look at Dag and positioning himself next to him with Dargeon, addressing all the warriors of the Clan.

"Master Dargeon and I, during the absence of Dag and his team of explorers, have pondered much about the future of our Clan, which after the death of the great Magni has been subjected to stress and confusion. Nevertheless, some of us managed to restore order, as well as giving the Clan a new hope, a bright future" he continued, drawing the attention of all, who kept quiet, hanging from his lips.

Dag looked at him in surprise as Gridd and the others listened in silence, and Dargeon stood standing beside him, arms crossed and a smile painted on his face.

"This young warrior, after being exiled, returned here to the Temple Of Orn, alerting us about the threat of the Fangs Of Jormungadr and proving to be capable of being in charge of a large troop, which defended the Temple's entrance with tenacity and strength. Usually, when there's an opening as Master between us, a tournament-like competition is held to elect a new one. We, Master Egill and Master Dargeon will make you a different proposal".

Egill put a hand on Dag's shoulder, continuing to look forward, while he couldn't believe what he was about to hear and his legs trembled with emotion, imaging what it was.

"If the majority of you will accept, Dag from Earth will become the Hammers Of Thor's new Master Of Offense, elected on merit, avoiding the tournament for once" Egill replied, turning his gaze to his pupil.

Dag opened his eyes wide, turning to look back and then at the warriors in front of him, who were also surprised by that proposal.

After those words, for a few seconds, at the Temple reigned the absolute silence, leaving room for the chirping of birds that fluttered over the walls.

At one point, a Berserkr made his way through the crowd, approaching Egill.

Dag looked intently at his face, which had something familiar.

In astonishment, he noticed that he was Aslan's training partner, who had attacked him incorrectly was wounded by him, causing his exile.

"I was sure this asshole would oppose... I hurt him hard at that time, but I think I paid enough for my mistakes!" thought Dag, sighing.

The warrior stopped a few feet from them, attracting everyone's attention.

He drew a sword from behind his shoulders.

Immediately Dag placed his hand on the head of the hammer, ready to grab it in case of need, but unexpectedly, the young Berserkr turned his weapon with the tip down and thrust it into the ground, under the astonished gaze of Dag and Gridd, who were already ready to defend themselves.

With one hand resting on the hilt, he knelt, looking down.

"Long live Master Dag, the Exiled!" he yelled, after catching his breath.

Dag did not believe his ears, continuing to look at that warrior with an astonished air.

Soon after him, another Berserkr and a Shieldmaiden did the same, kneeling next to their companion and shouting Dag's name, preceded by the 'Master' title.