I walked towards the girl and she raised the weapon in her hand towards me and screamed out "Stay Back! Don't come any closer!" I could see the fear in her eyes and I slowly put my weapon onto the ground and raised my hands.

I looked her in the eyes and said "I mean you no harm, I heard your scream and came to help. Can you tell me what happened?"

The girl slightly lowered her weapon and said "Bandits attacked our village. My family and I ran...but...they caught up. My father and brother fended them off and told me to run...the...they didn't make it..."

"I am sorry about your family," I told her.

"It is not your fault..." she replied.

"Can you save my village?" she asked me.

I simply nod and she led me to her village, it took us an hour and a half before we could see the village.

When we reached the village I noticed that they had all of the villagers in cages and had men patrolling the village, I would have started advancing towards the village but I received a system notification.

'Mission Completed! You have completed mission Starter Quest, do you wish to accept the rewards now or on a later date?'

I completely forget about the mission I was assigned and was only reminded about it now.

I mentally accepted and the system asked me 'Do you wish to use the System draw now or at a later date?'

I accepted and a slot machine appeared before me the system told me to pull the lever and the 3 pictures flashed over many items that I found familiar and have only seen in the star wars universe.

When the first slot stopped the system told me what my 'prize' was.

'Congratulations for the first prize you received broken droid parts!'

I mentally cursed upon hearing that "What could I possibly even use that for!?!"

I ignored that horrible prize and the system then announced my second prize that made my eyes shined

'Congratulations for your second prize, you have earned the Elite Emperor Royal Guard Kir Kanos!'

I instantly became happy upon hearing that name because if anyone knew the story of this man they would be surprised.

Kir Kanos was a member of the elite Emperor's Royal Guard during the Galactic Civil War. Kanos, like all the other guards, held an unwavering loyalty to the ideals of Emperor Palpatine.

Managing to evade the destruction of the superweapon Death Star II and the planet Byss, where much of the guard was stationed, Kanos was the final loyal member of the unit after their ultimate massacre at Yinchorr, under the orders of fellow guardsman and aspiring Emperor, Carnor Jax. Kanos swore a "blood oath" against the traitor and those who had a hand in Palpatine's ultimate demise. Kanos's actions led him to become the most wanted man in the galaxy; a massive bounty was put on his head by the Imperial Remnant. His efficient skills in combat allowed him to stay alive.

Kir Kanos was someone so powerful that most bounty hunters that went after him ended up dying by his hands.

Before I could become even more excited the system told me my last reward.

'Congratulations for your finale prize, you have received a Tames Shadow Rancor!'

I remembered in the lore the rancor was a semi-sentient species used for a plethora of different things throughout the universe. I never expected to find that the shadow Rancor could be tamed because they are known to attack most things in sight.

Before my eyes, a man in red robes wielding a double-sided spear appeared kneeling in front of me and to the side of him, a 16ft tall beast with black scales was sitting in front of me, in its gaze I could see pride and respect.

When I looked over at Kir Karnos the system showed me his stats and it absolutely stunned me.


Name: Kir Kanos

Level 1

Job: None

Health: 60/60

Mana: 35/35

Vitality: 12

Strength: 10

Agility: 9

Endurance: 10

Intelligence: 7

Unspent Stat Points: 0

Skills: Spearmenship Expert Lv 3, Outdoor Survival Lv MAX, Marksmanship Expert Lv 1


I felt massively cheated when looking at his stats when compared to when I first got here. He was incredibly strong when compared to me and when I looked at his skills I felt jealous.

Kir Kanos stood up and saluted towards me saying "What are your commands, my lord?"

I was unbelievably surprised because in his lore it says he was immensely loyal to Emperor Palpatine and his loyalty went so far that when the empire fell he chased down those that caused its destruction for years.

When I looked over towards the Rancor it looked like it wanted to know the answer to the same question Kir asked me.

I quickly forgot that the girl was next to me the entire time and witnessed the entire scene.

I quickly tried explaining to her what happened but she beat me to it and said "Are you a noble?! How do you have such a strong beast and warrior following you?!"

I'm not going to lie but she actually helped me out here by giving me a way to explain.

"Uh...Yea I am a noble..."

I told her to wait here and then said to the Rancor and Kir "Follow me, Its time to go kill some bandits."