The City was slightly smaller than Shodon City. Like always I told the Shadow Rancor to stay outside of the city and out of sight from the guards.

After paying for entrance we decided to go get some food at a local restaurant. We found a restaurant that sold steaks and I decided to give it a try.

In all honesty that was the worst piece of meat, I have ever tasted...The Steak was severely burnt and was spiceless which partially ruined the flavor. Even the bread they served as a side dish was as hard as a rock and even had some mold growing on it. To put it simply Kir and I only managed to take a single bite before feeling like we were about to vomit. We left the restaurant unsatisfied.

When we walked into the local Guild I walked over to the counter lady and asked for 2 Job changes for Kir and me. I did not know what it meant to get a Job change but I guess I will find out soon.

After paying 100 Gold Coins she led me into a room with a crystal orb sitting on a pedestal in the center of the room.

She directed me to the orb and told me to place my hand on it.

Before my eyes, a screen appeared.


Current Job: None

Available Jobs:







Force User(Unique)


I looked over all of them before seeing the last available Job. I selected it and a new screen appeared before me.


Force User(Unique)

Stats: Every level the user of this class Gains 5 Intelligence per level.

Skills: Grants the skill Force Manipulation.

Do you wish to accept this Job? [Y/N]


I clicked yes without hesitation.


Name: Lucifer Caebic

Level 37

Job: Force User

Health: 300/300

Mana: 1125/1125

Vitality: 60

Strength: 50

Agility: 50

Endurance: 50

Intelligence: 225

Unspent Stat Points: 0

Skills: Basic Force Manipulation (Novice), Identification LvMax, Bleeding Cut Lv5, Body of Iron Lv1, Photographic Memory(Novice) Lv1


When I looked at how much Intelligence I gained from my Class I became stunned. My intelligence went up by 185! I gained a new skill as well as I feel as if I gained a massive boost to my cognitive abilities!