With most of the Goblins asleep the first thing I did was have Seventh Sister use her ID9 Seeker droids to scout out the camp and inform me of how many enemies there are.

An hour passes by and Seventh Sister informs me that there are a total of 304 Goblins within the village. Most Goblins are using rusty weapons and clubs for weapons. I had everyone get in position, Seventh Sister, Kir, and the Shadow Rancor will be the vanguard to defend the Nite owls and me who will be behind them shooting the Goblins with blasters. With everyone in position I told the Shadow Rancor to roar loud enough for every Goblin within the village to hear.

A loud bestial roar flew throughout the village waking many tired Goblins from their sleep. Due to this many of the Goblins became blind by rage and gathered to see who woke them up. Upon seeing us the Goblins all had smiles on their faces and some even had drool dripping from the corner of their mouths. A few...brave goblins stepped forward with menacing gazes. Suddenly a light flashed and those very goblins that stepped forward fell down to the ground with a smocking hole in their heads. The Goblins all became fearful when they looked over at the...brave...Goblins lying dead on the ground.

Suddenly a Goblin twice the size of the Goblins came out and I started hearing murmurs from the Goblins.

"Its the boss!"

"The boss came out!"

"These people are done for!"

This so-called boss was carrying a large club and was wearing hide armor. The large Goblin stepped forward and said "Don't worry, everyone charged and whoever kills that beast will get to have more food tonight!" The Goblins eyes glowed upon hearing their boss and many of the Goblins charged at us with their clubs and rusty weapons.

I ordered the nite owls to open fire. Seventh Sister, Kir, and the Shadow rancor prepared for battle. Dozens of the Goblins were falling down to the ground dead. Any of the Goblins that made it past the blaster fire from the Nite Owls were cut down by Seventh Sister and the others. Slowly only a dozen Goblins and the Goblin boss remained. The Goblin boss became fearful when he saw that all of the Goblins were killed in such a short time.

"I can give you anything you want! Please let me live!" The Goblin boss begged.

and before anyone could answer the boss I stepped forward and shot him in the leg with my blaster.

"Why should you be spared?" I asked.

"I can give you money!" he begged again.

"Filth like you just pisses me off," I told the Goblin boss.

Without wanting to hear any more I shot the Goblin boss in the head with my blaster, ending his life.