The lady behind the counter then said: "If there is anything else you need to know or if you want to accept another quest than just ask me."

"We would like to see the available subjugation quests," I asked the lady behind the counter.

She led us to the board and showed us 3 available subjugation quests of our rank.

One was clearing out a bandit camp wich housed less than 20 low-level bandits, the second was to find a vampire inside a village and slay it, and the last was a Goblin Camp subjugation quest with an unknown number of goblins. The Second Quest surprised me because I did not think vampires would exist in this world, does that mean werewolves also exist here? I pushed that thought behind me and told the lady behind the counter: "We will take on the Goblin camp subjugation quest."

We left the guild after accepting that quest and we decided to go to the market to buy some food and other camping supplies.

I bought 3 bags of food and placed them into my inventory and I also bought 6 tents. When we left the city we regrouped with the rest and set out for the Goblin camp that is located north of the city.

After a few hours of walking the sun was going down, so we set up camp for the night. I had the rancor guard us against any local wildlife for the night while everyone got a good night's sleep.

In the morning we continued our journey and we reached our destination. In the distance, we could see a village with hundreds of small disgusting green goblins. Luckily for us, many of them were only wielding clubs as weapons. While we waited for nightfall outside of the village I inspected Seventh Sister stats.


Name: Seventh Sister

Level: 110

Job: None

Health: 560/560

Mana: 500/500

Vitality: 112

Strength: 211

Agility: 100

Endurance: 79

Intelligence: 100

Skills: Force Manipulation(Novice), Lightsaber Mastery(Novice) Lv 4, Regeneration (Novice) Lv 1, Time Acceleration(Novice) Lv 1, Photographic Memory(Novice) Lv 1, Strength Burst(Novice) Lv 1


Holy Sh**! How is she so OP! And what are those Skills!

After I talked with her I figured out that she received all the skills after Lightsaber mastery by having a stat at 100. So if I were to get my Strength to 100 I would receive the skill Strength Burst.

After a while, the night fell and the Goblins started going to sleep.