Kir and I looked at the Bandit city in disbelief, How could this possibly be a C ranked quest? The only person that we could ask this question stayed at the city when we left to do this quest, that person was Anna.

I then received a system notification.


'New Quest!'

Kill every bandit within the bandit camp!

Reward: 2 System Draws, 10,000 EXP, and a Random Skill.


My eyes glowed at the rewards I get when I completed this mission. I accepted the quest and Informed Kir and the Rancor that we will kill the bandits located within this base. When I looked over at the Rancor I noticed it drooling at the sight of the bandits.

"Do you guys want to do this the smart way or the loud way?" I asked Kir and the Rancor.

The Rancor let out a loud bestial roar.

"I guess we do this the loud way then," I said aloud.


Inside the bandit camp near the gate sat a group of bandits, these bandits were laughing and bragging about various things.

Suddenly the bandits heard a loud roar off in the distance and then the ground around them started to shake. Bam! A large black creature burst through the gate. Everyone became alarmed at this and prepared to fight the large monster before them, but then two people appeared behind the large monster.

(Back to MC POV)

Before my eyes laid at least 20 bandits all armed with weapons. When I inspected the bandits their average level was around 25. Suddenly the bandits charged at us.

The Shadow Rancor charges at the bandits and began tearing them apart and even eating them! Kir and I could only stare at this scene in disgust.

More and more bandits rushed to the scene because of the noise and we were surrounded by many bandits, The Shadow Rancor was fighting at least a hundred bandits by itself while Kir and I were facing a group of 40 ourselves.

After I killed many bandits I reached Level 36 while Kir reached Level 42. After killing many of the bandits that were attacking us Kir and I had a moment to place down our points.


Name: Lucifer Caebic

Level 36

Job: None

Health: 270/300

Mana: 190/190

Vitality: 60

Strength: 47

Agility: 50

Endurance: 50

Intelligence: 38

Unspent Stat Points: 0

Skills: Identification LvMax, Bleeding Cut Lv5


My body felt like it was brimming with power, my body felt stronger, lighter, flexible, and durable. I then looked at Kir's stats


Name: Kir Kanos

Level 42

Job: None

Health: 150/150

Mana: 150/150

Vitality: 30

Strength: 68

Agility: 60

Endurance: 70

Intelligence: 30

Skills: Spearmenship Expert Lv 3, Outdoor Survival Lv MAX, Marksmanship Expert Lv 1


I noticed how he did not place any points within his vitality and intelligence. We kept fighting the remaining bandits until we heard someone from behind the bandits yell "Stop fighting! Who killed my men!" The voice was rough and coarse. A buff bandit then walked forward from the group of bandits. The bandit was riddled in scars and had many burn marks over his body. When I examined him I became stunned.


Bandit Leader

Gender: Male

Level: 87


The bandit leader was stronger than the C class adventurer that examined us at the guild, but what shocked me the most was once the bandit stepped forward the Shadow Rancor charged forth and ate the man in front of our eyes leaving us wide-eyed and stunned at this scene. It simply burped before looking over at us while confused by our expressions.