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 The first combined server tournament Part 3


Shin Jiao saw the two players being gobbled up by the two large beasts, but it was not enough to buy the rest of the group time to escape.

The snake suddenly whips its long tail and hits two players at the same time sending them flying towards the trees. The two also didn't escape the claws of the panther-like beast as they were immediately turned into wisp before their body could be shredded to pieces.

Upon seeing this, Shin Jiao took this opportunity to attack the snake which has now exposed its back towards him.

With a quick movement, he appears on top of its head, but before the snake could react in its surprise, a sharp sword has already entered its right eyes.



A loud roar coming from the snake's mouth reverberated through the dark forest. It tried to trash around, but Shin Jiao suddenly sent a slap at the butt of the sword sending it flying out at the other end of the snake's head.

The wakizashi sword planted itself beside the head of one of the already stunned players which were sent flying a while ago.

This made that player almost pissed his pants in shock.


The loud falling sound of a heavy body got everyone's attention and Shin Jiao jumping down from the snake's head slowly walks towards his short sword.

The snake didn't die yet as its body involuntarily twitches as the life in its large body ebbs away.

The green-scaled panther looks at Shin Jiao with caution and it bared its pangs towards him.


The panther snarled as it made the long sharp claws in its paws appear. The claws look like razor-sharp knives that can cut Shin Jiao into mincemeat if he is hit by it. So he didn't let down his vigilance and drew out another of his wakizashi swords from behind his back.

The panther suddenly jumps towards him like a crazed animal as it uses its claws to attack Shin Jiao. However, with a quick movement, Shin Jiao suddenly appears on the far left side of the beast, but the unlucky two players with their HP already in red immediately turn into wisps in just a single strike from the razor-sharp claws of the panther.

They can only grumble and blame themselves for not being fast enough to dodge.

And of course, they blame Shin Jiao for getting them in this trouble. They didn't realize that it was them who had sought for this trouble and just wanted to blame it to someone else.

As Shin Jiao appears to the far side, the panther didn't stop and quickly rushes towards his location. Shin Jiao ran backward and when he saw a tree, he steps on it and runs vertically on the tree trunk.

The panther followed, but suddenly...

Shin Jiao somersaulted and using his two swords struck the back of the panther.

Critical strike!!!

But the damage is insignificant to kill the panther.

Shin Jiao landed and quickly rolled away as the panther suddenly angrily pounces towards his previous location.


The panther roared as he chases after Shin Jiao.

Shin Jiao uses his spiritual sense to check the body of the panther for weakness and found something. So without a second thought he suddenly turns around and headed straight towards the panther.

The beast seeing its prey going towards it immediately opens its large jaws and stretches it two front paws towards the incoming figure of Shin Jiao.

However, to its surprise, Shin Jiao suddenly disappear from its sight.

But before it could reach, it felt its lower body in pain.

When the panther fell to the ground, its stomach is already bleeding having a long gash which should be enough to let its entrails fall. But since the game does not permit this gory scene, only the wound and the green blood were shown.

The panther wobbles for a while and then fell to the ground and turn into a wisp.

"That was exhilarating." Shin Jiao thought as he quickly harvested his gains in the fight.

He then turns around and left the area.


Meanwhile on the stage, everyone was watching a lot of happening in the forest, but suddenly the fight that happened on Shin Jiao's side was shown.

When the other players saw what happened, they were all stupefied. Everyone could not believe what they are seeing with their eyes.

How could a single-player defeat two high-level beasts?

Even though the game said that realism is applied, but who would waste their time trying to hit their opponent's weak points with precision.

Almost all the players would work together and slowly takes down the beast's HP little by little using attacks and spells. It is their first time to see someone move like that and kill a beast just like that.

Even in the real world, the people watching this scene was stunned after seeing the live feedback of the ongoing tournament.

However, Susan Tang and Shi Anne Li are now showing a stunned expression on their faces. They could not believe that Shin Jiao has secretly entered the tournament without telling them.

"Central, what is happening? Why didn't you tell us that Shin Jiao is joining in the tournament? And why is he in the North American server not Asia?" Susan Tang quickly asked.

"Master did something that I didn't expect. However, since he didn't break any protocol by using any cheats or hacks, I deemed that he is fine in joining the contest. I am also confused as to why the Master appears in that server. It seems that the Qi in his body has affected the Qi produced by the visor."

"That's something we cannot control then... What if the employees discover this?" Shi Anne Li asked.

"Nothing to worry about this, it is said that Master is not the one who created the game but I, Central, is the creator. Plus he is in the North American Server. Most people in this country will not see the things that are happening in that server. They will only see him in the finals if he can enter."

When the two heard this they felt a bit assured.

Then they turn their gaze towards the screen once again and saw Shin Jiao looting the corpses and then proceeded towards the dark forest.

Meanwhile in every guild all over the North American server a commotion happened. They began to do research on the person which garnered a lot of attention in the contest.

Many guilds wanted to recruit such a player that can do something that a single strong team can do on his own. They knew that if they can get such a player, their guild's popularity would skyrocket.

Right now, the value of the artist playing the game has already increased by several folds compared to having them acting in series or dramas. So the influence of the game has already changed the way entertainment media path in the future.

It is even said that some movie producers are making their dramas and movies in the game itself. Though they still hire a lot of people for props, makeups, and clothing, the way everything is being done becomes lighter and less stressful than it was before.

So the guilds are a great source of new artists and famous figures. That's why the guilds are fighting over to obtain new star players and would-be superstars in the future.

And right now, all of their eyes are on that one man which is being shown on the big screen in the North American Server.

The thing with Shin Jiao didn't last long as another interesting scene happened. The famous singer Ellen Yi or 'White Reaper' appears once again on the scene. She was seen dancing in the middle of a fight between a group of lizard men and the Valkyrie group.

Her graceful attacks and movements captivated each and every viewer. Her half Chinese and half American features made her look like an angel while dancing in the middle of the battle wielding her two swords.

But to the monsters on the battlefield, she looks like a white demon as she claims the lives of every beast she hits.

"That's my goddess for you."

"Yay! Go! Go! Ellen Yi! I love you!"

"Go! White Reaper! Go Valkyries!"

The crowd of players began shouting in excitement. Even in the real world, everyone was exhilarated at the scene before them. If Shin Jiao is the embodiment of a really scary player that can kill his enemies with precise strikes, Ellen Yi is the embodiment of a graceful assassin, taking the lives of the monsters in an artistic way.

The two contrast which looks like night and day made a lot of news media compare them. They suddenly gave Shin Jiao the nickname 'Dark Reaper' in contrast to Ellen Yi's 'White Reaper' game name.

Not long later another team rose up and gained attention.

This time, this team is different from the rest as this team is a group of PvP players. The team is actually hunting both beast and humans at the same time.

The scene was shown where the team suddenly entered the combat that's happening between a small guild and a large wolf-like monster. The PvP guild killed the monster along with the small guild. The PvP guild is the notorious guild called 'Man Hunter Guild'.

As the people saw what happened they were full of anger and booed the stage. They wanted to throw something towards the screen as they loathe the action of that guild for shamelessly attacking and backstabbing others.

However, what happened next on the screen made everyone turned quite.

Because right now, in the path towards the elven kingdom. A famous guild is going to cross path with the 'Man Hunter Guild'... the 'Crimson Crown guild', and a single figure... the player named 'Shin'.