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World: My Well-Wishes.

Task: Evaluate the Story

Genre: Female-Protagonist

Difficulty: ★★

Synopsis: Lucy Hale is just now starting her new life, in a new town, and with people who don't know her. He parents had a messy divorce and she left with her Dad, while her mom started a new life with another family. Watch her Weave and Wave through life in the small town of Sandersville.


A sweet-sounding cheesy story on youth, falling in love, moving on and even going for a happy ending. I Would say it is a story more based not on reality but an idea situation. The female lead who was supposed to be the image of a relatable teenage girl, turned out not to be relatable at all. The book seemed to have wanted to stress that she is and ignored or 'fluffed' the details that so obviously showed she was not.

Yes, I know what I said, "Fluffed"

Regardless, thought the book does do a way better job of creating a heart-warming tale of youthful love. Its just that it does not translate well in reality, the female lead is gorgeous, but, not average. She is prideful and arrogant, but in the book, she is innocent and new too love. She is also a true southern belle.

She won beauty pageants not because of her looks but her truly kind nature.

And it only looks like she did that to appear better than she actually is, which total thrown off the how things where supposed to be.

As for the male lead, he was the most real character in the book and his character was the only one that translated well from the book. He loved someone and was unable to save that person from herself and her own sadness. He wanted to help her but had no way of doing so, and he acted out because of it. Becoming something like a playboy.

So, that he can get passed his affections for another person. He wants to move on but as that same time does not. The female lead did help him move on, but, the relationship allowed him to walk out the better person.

Now to say that in the book it was a beautiful happy ending by the lake, but in reality, when the story ended the coupe did not stay together and get married.

One years after the install ending, the male lead caught the female lead in bed with another. They broke up and both lived separate lives. What's interesting was that the male lead didn't let her cheating tear him down. He moved on, married, got a decent job, and is a loving family man.

The female lead, on the other hand had continuous failed relationship, and eventually she understood why. But, did nothing to change herself. She got married to a rich man and is the bane of her own Son's existence.

Evaluation Points:

Story: ★★★★

Characters: ★★

Setting: ★★★

Plot: ★

Rating: ★★

Ending Comments: None