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 The Capital,  Empire of Terique.


"My king... Queen Mother ..... He survived."

Answered a 40 something year old man, who was kneeling to the annoying young king before him.

King Lecter Parcely III (the third)

Lecter was the 13th son of his 'father', Former King Michael Parcely.

Even though Lecter was the 13th Prince, his oldest brother the 1st prince was just 19 years old.... while he on the other hand, was  17 years old.

His father had 7 wives, 4 concubines and 9 live making vessels in his haram.

Lecter's mother Queen Kamara, who was the 6th wife I'm the haram....  had schemed her way into giving him the position of King.

She had poisoned her husband, and had forced him to agree upon his wishes.

She had gotten one of the renowned apothecaries from the continent of Morgany... to concoct this toxin for her.

At first, former king Micheal thought that he would be able to cure himself... but after verifying from his royal apothecaries that this poison was strange and had no cure, he had no choice but to follow her wishes.

Their deal was simple.

Everytime he agreed on her wishes, she would give him a small dose of the antidote as a reward.

But of course how could Kamara let him become fully cured?

Mixed within the antidote, was another deadly poison that would slowly kill her husband.

This poison was similar to the poison that Landon previously had.

The only difference was that this one would take several years to kill its victim.

And all through these years before the victim died.....the poison would leave the victim weak and bedridden, with no strength to even get up from their beds.

During July last year, she had began her scheme... and had poisoned her husband very swiftly.

And within that time, she had successfully executed 4 wives, 2 concubines and all the lovemaking vessels within the haram.

She had killed them... alongside their own children under the farce of treason.

so far, only the first and 4th wives had managed to escape with their children.

She had been searching for them ever since, but sadly... they were nowhere to be found.

From the looks of it, they had probably escaped out of Terique... but where could they have gone to?

It's been close to 8 months since she last saw or heard from them... and right now, the entire empire was under her control.

Although she was worried, she knew that she had a strong backer...so she never really bothered with them.

Her backer was her super wealthy and ridiculously powerful elder brother, Master Nopline.

It was he, who had invited the apothecary... as well as worked out her entire plan.

Apart from him, she also had the full support of her true love and the real father and her children, Raul Parcely.

Yes.... Raul was former King Michael's junior brother.

Before getting married to Micheal, she and Raul were an item in secret.

But when Raul saw that Michael liked her, they both devised a long standing plan to take the throne for themselves.

Raul had to get married as well.

But even after marriage, no one had ever taken the title as wife... they were all just concubines.

No one knew the reason for this, but she knew that it was preserved for her.

Anyway, she, Raul and Nopline had been planning these schemes for years now.

Michael Parcely had too many loyal supporters in power, so they had no choice but to wait for the opportune time.

Finally, her chance came and she had successfully placed her son as king.

At first, the ministers were furious, as they knew that the 1st prince should've been the one whom his majesty had decided on.

But when they saw Michael who was bedridden to the point that he couldn't even talk or write... .. they knew that he was dying.

Some of them even had a hunch that it was poison, but they dared not speak... lest theur new king kills them alongside their entire families in a fit of rage.

If his majesty could speak again, then they would want him to testify against Kamara.

Even though they had shut their traps, their hearts still couldn't accept that they would have such a king.

Lecter was a good for nothing!

He was terrible at swordsmanship, and also bad at understanding or commanding armed forces.

In short, what he did most of the time was to eat, play with women, throw parties, and so on.

His life style was nothing similar to that of a king.

His mother and her forces were the real brains of the operation.

They did everything in his name... so even his enemies from far away thought that he was the one who issued several orders.

And to make matters worse, this chubby pig liked cutting people's hands off for the smallest grievances.

The ministers felt like crying everytime they thought of the empire's future.



How is he still alive?

What good are you all?" Kamara yelled out angrily.

"I thought you said that it was a done deal?" Lecter spoke while chewing loudly and holding a large piece of chicken's leg from his plate.


The knights who were kneeling on the floor couldn't help but frown in disgust.

'What a pig', they thought.

"My King, Queen Mother... we had followed your orders and sent 24 assassins strategically to Eli Barn during the border wars.

But it seemed like he was also prepared as well." One of the men replied.

Kamara looked at the man and sneered.

"Are you saying that it's my fault then?

Tsk!... I gave you a simple task, yet you're blame your failure on a woman?

And what about the other task?

Why haven't you found those traitors yet?

Are you going to day that I'm to blame for that one as well?

Huh!.....let me give you all a word of advice.

You all are just useless dogs that are meant to serve my royal family..... So Never Forget Your Place!!

Now.... I'm giving you all 4 more months to send out your spies around the Pyno continent.

I want news, and I now at it now!!!!"